Friday, August 19, 2011


Originally Written 29th September 2009

I am struck in the reeks and I am searching for a fragrance...a fragrance that will make my soul relieve. Now what I am going through is no body's concern, it shouldn't be any one's life, my wish. But, I ain't taking life seriously life is not gotta be taken seriously. Have fun, do your thing and keep up the smile. To derive these from one's act or others jokes is each one's own prerogative and each one can choose his means to get that smile. I say a joke on myself, I smile may be a cynical but I am smiling nevertheless.

But what to do when its tough to get a smile when we are stuck with qualms of being deprived of promotion in office, love at home, girls denying proposals etc... some take it as a passing cloud and some can never ever digest that and keep weeping. This frustration might even transpire into agony, envy and other flaws but the fact that there should be a smile each day is what is missed.

I am a lost soul for now and am pushing hard to find my own place and do my own thing. Hardly I found anyone like me. I see men run around the bushes of name, money and fame and I am running around my conviction in a circle knowing that the point where I begin is the point where I'll end.

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