Monday, June 24, 2019


An inspiring film that is inspired by the real lives of rappers.

Never a dull moment would be tough for me to say as this film has some uncalled for subplots, which didn't add up at the end. Perhaps the subplots were there to add some lines like "Meri boyfriend se golu golu karegi toh ghoptungi na" (This is pure Mumbai accent and watch the film to get the line). I didn't like a sub-plot of Kalki (Sky) getting into Ranveer (Murad) and also the job aspect of bringing in Vijay Maurya. But apart from a few of these moments, the film is terrific.

The streets of Dharavi, the behavior of the people living in slums, the dialect of the place and the hearts of rappers are captured in a realistic manner. The ebb and flow of the film are fine, barring a few uncalled for aberrations. The writing is as real as it could get at least for the characters, the dialogues are like those we hear on Mumbai streets. It has a vibe and energy that is so infectious and so affable.

The acting is really good, loved Siddhant Chaturvedi (MC Sher), Vijay Raaz as Murad's father and also Vijay Verma as Moeen. But the heart and soul of the film is Ranveer Singh as Murad and boy, he delivered a terrific performance. He just played with ease and the comfort level he exhibited is really commendable. Murad was ably supported by an energetic Safeena played by Alia Bhatt. I loved Alia in 'Udta Punjab' and respected her in 'Raazi' and I am amazed now by her energy and the natural way of portrayal in 'Gully Boy'.

The technical aspects are great, the cinematography, the production work, the locations, the costumes and above all the music. This is perhaps a definitive and a go-to film for a rapper in India for many years to come. Ranveer Singh sang 'Apna Time Aayega' like only he could and that is currently something I fall back as I am growing over it now.

A 4/5 for a good film that is perhaps the year's best from Bollywood. 

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