Saturday, August 27, 2011


Originally written - Nov 24th, 2009

We are born, we learn to walk by falling. And were we reprimanded by mothers for falling when we took our first step? Does she say, "son, don't fall, hold tight and walk firm, don't leave the support unless you learn walking when we some months old", she would have never said that coz she used to enjoy even the fall before we take that tiny first step? But now, we are grown up. I am writing this crap and you are reading it, we know how to walk. That is, we are mature enough but still, we falter.

And on my path, there are hurdles at times I want to run away into hiding and then die off. But as long as I am alive I just want to do my own thing. I just want to write my stories and see them unfold, simple that's it ain't it? But to do even that, it needs more than just talent. O, do I have talent? I doubt myself that and even if I do, does it matter?

If anyone doesn't have the talent it's easy to attain by start doing something. Be active, write, sing, drink, eat or even bitch about in the cell phone but just be lively (I am preaching again, sorry guys). It's easy to do things actually.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A movie that begins with the line "Dream is Destiny" ought to be compelling and thought provoking and so that's what Waking Life is.

It's a hugely compelling and thought provoking movie without doubt and it makes us ask very very poignant questions that we have even forgot asking ourselves or anyone around. As we grow and get lost in the crowd we tend to keep away from the philosophy of life and seek only materialistic things, the money, the name, the prosperity while our purpose of existence and purpose of doing something still remains in question. 

We tend not to do a few things as we grow up due to fear and few things remain undone because of our laziness which essentially means that we are taking life for granted we are becoming complacent and certain of a tomorrow and even tomorrow we might not do it. That's just a part of this movie where i's said. 

There are many dialogues and of course this movie is nothing but dialogue driven, acting scope is minimal as it's a love action movie that makes you feel at first a bit bizarre coz it's neither animated nor a normal film and we are not used to this kind of presentation. 

If anything then it's editing and the animation that I restrict the technical departments to with art direction that will help what has to be there in the scene figuring out and all are apt. But I love the dialogue more than anything else. Be it a conversation of a couple, a interview on TV or in theatre, a monologue in jail, they are so prominent and one after another they keep the mind on the run and if there are questions that will run through the mind as we see it as ' what are we doing?,what are we here for? what is life after all?' I never get even for a split second what is the plot of the movie, what is it's story who are the characters and what are their motives, these things are not important here.

It's terribly difficult to comprehend what it feels like after watching this movie except that as and when I watch it I just feel so happy and relieved but stil questions keep boggling. I am very grateful to Richard Linklater  the writer director of the movie for giving this film. It's one of the best gifts I had. 

It's 5/5 for the most thought provoking movie ever that I saw. I saw it precisely 5 times all my life and will surely watch many more times as this movie has to be experienced and can't be just seen and forgot, you need to keep asking the questions.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I could have chosen the regular Theatrical release poster as I have been doing but this ought to have Joker coz Dark Knight is all about him. 

It's a Batman film that is derived as imminently as any other comic book movie but what is brought in here is a maverick who has all the madness to fight and that's the joker. And as aptly a dialogue "This is what happens when an unstoppable foce is hit by an immovable object" and thus Dark Knight happens. It is surely the most entertaining movies I had watched all of 2008 and even when I did it now, it's as enthralling as ever and when ever I saw Joker I was happy happy and happy, I want to be the JOKER the ruthless criminal who wants not money not power but fun. 

The screenplay is terrific as an Christopher Nolan's movie and the music is stupendous by Hans Zimmer but all and above it's Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker that has brought in the entertainment factor into the movie. Yes, he was taken for granted too by other characters but when he unleashes himself it's so terrifying. Confrontation with Batman when he says, You complete me or what will I do without you, you are so much fun is ah, a great one. Another one with Harvey Dent in hospital where the two faced is shown, must appreciate the make up for that, it's just so horrifying for a moment and there too the Joker says Do you think I am one of those, a schemer again a ooh. 

Watch it please just for JOKER. It's 5/5. 


This movie has one of the best conversations ever.

The best part its like the icing on the cake and while the cake is just the temptation to have, we have a delicious taste of a fine icing. And all through it asks one pertinent question that can a man and a woman be friends without the sex coming in between.

We all beautiful movies, romantic movies and we shall surely love this one coz it's both beautiful and romantic. It's romantic and it speaks for the most part about sex and then later on to the small things that we surely appreciate about the other person. It's the small things that make the big picture of life and those are shown beautifully like Sally ordering a dish at a restaurant. Also, this one has of the best embarrassing moments in cinema that is Sally faking an orgasm in a restaurant and situation of Harry. Immediately the woman on the other table tells "I'll have what she's having".

Screenplay by Nora Ephron is just wonderful; the poignancy is maintained by bringing in elderly couples that have held on to each other for years and letting us know how they had met or got convinced  to tie the knot.

More than anything it simply works because of the chemistry between the two leads. Bill Crystal (Harry) and Meg Ryan (Sally) are wonderful in their roles. It's a treat to let them be the characters and giving them space and time to know each other, to understand and then realize what they truly need.

It's 4/5 for a cinema that celebrates romance but it in a funny way.

Here is the conversation I loved.

Harry: I've been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is, I love you.
Sally: What?
Harry: I love you.
Sally: How do you expect me to respond to this?
Harry: How about, you love me too?
Sally: How about, I'm leaving?
Harry: Doesn't what I said mean anything to you?
Sally: I'm sorry, Harry. I know it's New Year's Eve. I know you're feeling lonely, but you just can't show up here, tell me you love me, and expect that to make everything all right. It doesn't work this way.
Harry: Well, how does it work?
Sally: I don't know, but not this way.
Harry: How about this way? I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
Sally: You see? That is just like you, Harry. You say things like that, and you make it impossible for me to hate you, and I hate you, Harry. I really hate you. I hate you.
(They kiss)

Saturday, August 20, 2011


The only predictable thing in life is it's unpredictability, a dialogue in this movie stands so true to the spirit of Ratatouille.

A rat loves food, wants to become a chef so to have better food and does. Now this storyline is showed in the best way it could have been. The backdrop is chosen to be Paris, the best place where lifestyle is on top, and food is a priority. And rats which in actuality I suppose are few in number in the city are shown to be thieves and one of them who has a certain sense wants to have it the best way possible that is to cook.

Written and Directed by Brad Bird this is one of the best stories to come on screen. The music too complements the screenplay and thats why I believe academy has awarded them with oscars.

Many things can be learnt from this, how defiance helps even when the chips are down, how selfishness to have the best quality to one self in turn may help others but ultimately it satisfies because it's done for self and not for others. But yeah this being a film we may demean them as life is still a different ball game altogether.

One of the best movies of the decade and it's 5/5.


Perhaps, this is my first telugu movie review and I am not so happy by this being my first one.

There is a lot that could have been corrected, the photography, the unnecessary digressions to the plot,  and the songs are are few and a couple of them are misplaced but the strong point of it is dialogue as any other Jandhyala movie. The story is a routine love story just that here the boy is from america which was still an alien land for telugu movies at that time.

Gummuluri Sastry must be acclaimed for his performance and Jandhyala for his dialogue.
Apart from this there is nothing much commendable in this. But yet, it still makes a movie thats worth a watch purely for the dialogue.

Just average if not for dialogue . 2/5.

Friday, August 19, 2011


Originally Written 5th November 2009

In my childhood, I was told that when a cloud is moving, it doesn't know where is it destined to but knows that it's on the move.

Yes, it's a non living thing from which an abstraction can be taken but there are many many clouds in the world that wander aimlessly and squander time ruthlessly. And I, what am I doing but writing a blog on those souls. I am on the move , wait I am on what? I am on move, what move? Where I am headed to? Oh, oh its a nowhere to many its a land of doom for some who do not have the gut to write a script of their own lives.

I begged God for a job, he gave me and I am doing it and I am earning a 50K man, I am happy now, it's the best gift. Have you met people like these, and look up to them? Think that man he is rocking. He has got quick promotions, does everything right. Yes they are great but are they greater to you who want to write your own script of life. I don't think so.

The most important being in the world is yourself, it's I for me. I am the king, the minister, the slave for myself and not to anyone else. To do a job is in a sense submission of yourself to an authority. I hate that part of it and keeps you safe but not moving. So to move, one must have faith in one's own spirit that stands for himself and convinces his own conviction. It might take him to that glorious shine or that darkness but nevertheless makes him walk. So move, with your damn conviction and thats the only path to tranquility.


Originally Written 29th September 2009

I am struck in the reeks and I am searching for a fragrance...a fragrance that will make my soul relieve. Now what I am going through is no body's concern, it shouldn't be any one's life, my wish. But, I ain't taking life seriously life is not gotta be taken seriously. Have fun, do your thing and keep up the smile. To derive these from one's act or others jokes is each one's own prerogative and each one can choose his means to get that smile. I say a joke on myself, I smile may be a cynical but I am smiling nevertheless.

But what to do when its tough to get a smile when we are stuck with qualms of being deprived of promotion in office, love at home, girls denying proposals etc... some take it as a passing cloud and some can never ever digest that and keep weeping. This frustration might even transpire into agony, envy and other flaws but the fact that there should be a smile each day is what is missed.

I am a lost soul for now and am pushing hard to find my own place and do my own thing. Hardly I found anyone like me. I see men run around the bushes of name, money and fame and I am running around my conviction in a circle knowing that the point where I begin is the point where I'll end.


Written on 23rd September 2009 Originally

Its very very tough to contain an ambitious man who wants to achieve something...its more tough to contain a man who wants to do things for himself....but if they contain themselves and hold back then just nothing needs to be done...just watch them loose the battle with time

Its a bright morning with clouds here and there, the sun is just peeping out now...and I am thinking of a man...a man who thinks too much of himself..who feels that he is not being given due attention..a man who is shy and is afraid to go out and seek what he really wants...and for him its tough to say no to any god damn thing even if its not right..a man who is afraid of the world as he thinks that he too may die like many in the stampede of spirit...he stops there and even he stops thinking....he just lies on the bed and looks at the things happening outside the window or may be watches T.V. for passing time but still nothing would please him....coz he wants to go out to do things he wanted to...but..but.,..but...this but stops him...this but kills his spirit..this but has no answer how much ever one may seek....but its a very powerful but....or may be an IF it doesn't really matter.

But, it's a but that is holding him back...he thinks he is buying time...he is juts letting things to happen ad in the meanwhile save himself something for the rainy day...but nothing is working...he is just getting a day closer towards death and a mile away from his dream..his passion..his work...and there are many many men like him.who want to do things...but but but...have held back themselves and just got laid in the grave peacefully.........Am I one of them????


Saw this long pending film that had been kept aside as I believed that this would have been a monotonous account of Hitler. But finally, did see it coz I had wanted to write something on a revolt. 

Now this film, adds nothing much in terms of differentiating hitler and neither does it portrays him in a sympathetic, empathetic light and thus the monotony still prevails. This gruesome criminal still is shown in the same light of what he have learnt of him since our childhood. Having said that, it brings in a closer perspective of him from the witness of Frau Junge who worked as his secretary in the last days. She seems to have had great belief in Hitler and that even in the hopeless days, expects Hitler to turn the tide and bring a win to Germany. The monster only in few scenes is humane but again when he utters that he is proud of the Jewish killings, the monter returns.

Admiration I do have on the account that it so grippingly presented with so many characters all have a different view on many things and letting us know few unknown german history things. We know the end, its a matter of time for that to be shown as  well but the way it was done and the entire movie was shot is commendable.

More than anything, I have not seen a better portrayal of Hitler in any film till date and also never saw a better gripping depiction of the world war specifically final days of the war. I can clearly say this coz neither I paused nor got bored at any instance all through the film and watched it in one go.

This deserves a watch to see how it is enacted by all the actors and for the profound authenticity that clearly depicts how germany really was. All the technical departments did their job well.
It's 4/5 from me for a really well made film that despite having monotony to it, was showed in a tight vein.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hooo Hoo....saw it for 4th time in my life and its still such a revealing experience. Nolan with this script unleashed the potential of him and what a good screenplay can do even to a straight forward story.

The story is of a man who is tangled by his own deed of following people and then from a culprit becomes a witness and a victim too. The progression is so non linear till the very end its hard to realize what is actually happening and when did it happen. Like in the beginning, the protagonist falls on the ground and a cloth comes out of his mouth, we wonder what would have happened and this is revealed in the climax. There are many scenes that come and go but have a lot of meaning later and just keep us hanging in delirium.

It's a tough one to decipher or construe the whole story happenings in a linear way so that would just take out the fun, its better to be watched and enjoyed the wau it is. The acting is fine but there are not many emotions displayed and mostly they are told with a straight face and a bland expression. Had it been done with professional actors, it would have been much more joyful. But, this movie has to be acclaimed hugely for it's all newcomers approach.

The cost is minimal because of no remuneration to actors, it's all done in natural lighting and now additional lighting used. Its done on a 16mm film camera as against a 35mm so to reduce cost and the best part, this movie was shot all in all within 6000$ and the shooting was done only on weekends as actors were working on week days. Nolan has to be appreciated for his patience and perseverance and the actors for giving their time and making it what it is today.

Great thanks to Nolan for making every aspiring film maker believe that if we have the content right, the budget or the lighting or the camera do not matter, what matters is how we shall present it at the end of the day.

Nolan rocks with his first movie and though his other movies made him bigger, this was the firm beginning of a great director. It's 5/5 for the best independent and the lowest budget movie ever.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Watched it many a time and still can't get off it. There are so many new things observed this time too. The use of lighting when Bhootnath explores the hums coming across in the Palace. It was typical Guru Dutt style the narrative being told from the perspective of a servant (ghulam) and it is conveyed as if only what he sees and not what happens when he is not there. Even the typical item song of the dancer (if I may call so) is showed as an observation of Bhootnath.

Acting is so superb and so into the character. Bhootnath is the innocent bihari villager who does not have a great deal of worldly knowledge. He does have a dialect of the villager who is fascinated by the city life. The enticing and naughty girl Jaba played by Waheeda Rehman is so endearing and charming. In one confrontation between Guru Dutt and Waheeda, he tells "Haan toh maine soch liya hai" to which Waheeda retorts "soch bhi lete ho, batao kya socha hai" or the scene where he explains "Aurat jaat ke liye itna bada apmaan, itni badi lajja aur koi nahi" and when she asks who it is about, he escapes giving a silly reason because actually Bhoonath does not know what it actually meant. The conversations of Waheeda and Gurus Dutt and very lively and enthusiastic. The chemistry for sure is so great and in subtle nuances there is a huge lot of meaning.

Music is actually not up to the standard if I can say, expect for very two special and exceptional songs Bhawara Bada Nadaan and Na Jaao Saiyyan.

All the performances are apt but one that stands out and is so very awesome that I like to watch it again for it, that was Meena Kumari's Choti Bahu portrayal. So royal, that it hid the pain so gracefully but she wants to give her wish, a chance and since she could not, she resorts to a much terrifying habit that later ruins not just her but the whole family and the palace.

Meena Kumari had the royal grace and presence and Guru Dutt had that innocence charm. This acting was extracted mostly by Guru Ditt as he could only derive such expressions. Another notable thing is Make Up. The first scene and the immediate next scene are so much contrast that it took a while to realize what make up can do if used properly.

The art direction is superb as the movie transcends from the once royal to the now bereaved family, the soul of palace also diminishes. The climax scene in which Bhootnath finds truth speaks a great deal of what happened to place and also the first scene where construction is happening.

Watch it for the dialogues, the expressions and yes for Meena Kumari.
My rating is 5/5 for one of the best films ever made.

I have a compliant, I need more detailing to this movie for this movie has a soul so beautiful that it deserves much more impeccable presentation. Though I saw it in DVD, I want a Blu ray so that the detailing is intact and the print is enhanced too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The climax song and the expressions of the soldiers sum it all of how much dreadful pain a war can bring.

The sound and the visuals made with terse verbiage and tight screenplay consummate this film to be the best war film ever made that highlights the corruptness of the superior officers who presume they can get away with anything. It takes us through the military trenches filled with nothing but men willing to fight, the gore war landscapes where men will fall in the attack by the enemy. The court martial that is closed even before it started, all this done and the emotions of those accused just resonate of what gruesome magnitude can the war become and the worse part is being killed by their own men. Have mercy, have them killed by enemy let them die like soldiers I was craving within.

Impeccable vision of Kubrick has brought this movie to state from where it actually was, the story as such has nothing much to be proud of but the way it portrayed with such raw energy from the actors has to be acclaimed.

Art direction, Oh my god what it could have taken to set up those trenches and the war space is really commendable given that in those days, they had to set these up manually.

Kudos again to the vision of Kubrick for a war film that can be considered one of the best ever. My rating 5/5.


Saw it finally, was postponing my view because I had to watch it with great care coz its a Coen Brothers movie in which the style had to be observed keenly.

It's a simple story to start with but what entices the most is characterization and their feelings towards each other. A 14 year old girl goes on a journey to avenge the death of her father and todo this, she employs a marshal and is later accompanied by a ranger who also is the enemy of the killer. But don't miss it coz it's one of the best westerns made in a long long time.

It's a simple story and remains simple in presentation too, having said that Coen brothers remain so true to their style they show violence in a very humane way. To kill is a must if to forgive hurts us is what this movie is about. The journey the 14 year old girl and her marshal take through the landscapes of the dry forests where each one learns about the other and share a good deal of memories is enjoyable though some may say irrelevant to plot.

Cinematography is marvelous expectedly and so is the background, there are no flaws technically nor aesthetically and the non complex, straight forward characters makes this movie one of the most accessible Coen Brothers movie till date.

Hailee Steinfeld performance as Mattie Ross stood out.

Watch if for Coen Brothers view of the story that includes dark humour in many places and for Hailee's top notch performance. Not seen a girl play so stubbornly at such young age in the recent times. My rating is 4/5 for the best western made in a long long time.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This cult classic which is now become a hallmark of indian film industry stands tall in story telling in hindi films.

There is not much that is new in this film, its a straight forward narrative, a conflict between the lower class Indian farmers and the higher class British men. But what is new is the perspective, depiction, bring life to each character and then evolving them in a relatable way on the celluloid. Ashutosh Gowariker has shown brilliance of how simply a grand movie such as this can be made. This film boast of many great things, that Indians were aware of till that point but never really realized it on the big screen.

The love Indians have for cricket when all were ga ga ing Bhuvan Bhuvan at the climax of the cricket match, which I thought would come out only during world cups, but we seemed having a natural affinity to cricket. The triangular love story of Bhuvan, that involves Britihs princess is told subtly without much dramatics, the emotions are mostly imaginary or simply in dialogue and expression. There is no big sacrifice done to exhibit emotions.

The music, oh my god Rahman gave was so apt that even today, 10 years later it still is one of the best soundtracks of Indian cinema and this will get better I think with days to come.

And for the then first time producer Aamir Khan, all my accolades to have faith and belief and this story and investing all he could to make it as director Ashutosh wanted it.

Whichever country you are from please watch it, it showcases human spirit and the gut in a beautiful way.
Rating : 4/5


Martin has always been a hard worker, an honest man who never lies or cheats.
He has been an epitome of many good things right from punctuality to honesty and trust in an office that has been occupied by many corrupt beings. It was a Corporate Bank Office; he used to be nearly the first who used to reach the office on or before 9 AM.

On his desk, there was a computer and nothing but a piggy bank box in which he used to drop whatever he had saved the previous day and a calendar kept on his desk for which he promptly changed the date as and when he came in. These were his most primary duties before even switching on to his computer.

Christmas was nearing, he decided to make celebrations at his home which was filled by none other than his wife who was as normal as any other housewife except that she was very calm and always had a peaceful look on her face that exuberated endurance.

A week before the Christmas, on 18th December, he broke his piggy bank, counted how much he had. And it came to be 902 dollars. He saw the price of washing machine he thought of buying it was 1400 dollars.  He shut down the system and went home disappointed, the fall was over, there were leaves all around, and the slight snowfall began to cover the leaves. This time it was long autumn that stretched till the mid of December.

“Sorry Darling, I did not get it,” he told his wife Rosy while lying disgustedly on the sofa.
“I knew you would not make it, how can you even think with your salary,” his wife said angrily as if she was expecting that this would happen
“How can you even have a faint dream, with mortgage, credit card bills, and yet my desire to have a beautiful home that is full of everything, we have a washing machine but it’s screwed up and I demanded a new one, now sit and enjoy while I throw clothes in the common cleaning room for our colony It’s an additional 25$ per month so darling sit and relax, bye”
“There are better ones I saw Rosy for a lesser price”
“Low in cost is low in quality. Get me the one I asked or get me nothing, I am happy yet” she yelled at him and left the home with a bunch of clothes in her arms.
“Yeah, I got it now, I gave 1000 $ to my credit card bill which I paid for to get her a diamond ring for her anniversary which she lost” Anyways, there is Christmas next year too. Let’s see and this time for sure I must get an LCD, a washing machine all for 3000$. Lord, help me get this”

It’s the fall again, he is waiting for the Thanks Giving this time and not the Christmas week, the sales are big, he got to store precisely at 7 AM and by that time, there was a huge queue which was very surprising and it was mostly of Indians and Chinese, he stood there with 2000$ cash in his pocket and 500$ in his shirt pocket and at 9 sharp, the store opened, everybody rushed in hurry, but it was nearly 10 before he could lay his hands on anything, he took all he needed, an LCD, a washing machine and at the counter he found the cash missing, all were given for 1500$ only, he did not bother, he went back to office, broke his piggy bank, that had nearly 800$, and got 500$ cash so he thought that would be good, he came back hurriedly and STOCKS ARE OVER was put on the store, he rushed to another and then another, if, in one store, the stocks were over, in the other, he said, all combined will be 2500$. Disappointed, he came home empty-handed, after a tiny confrontation with his wife ROSY, he reached to office as normal as ever. But there was evident dullness in his face, his posture, his gait, after a year’s wait, this was to be his fate. Days passed, Christmas came and went too, it was the same Christmas devoid of any new joys but just dragging the old ones.

One day, his friend came up to him and said, HAPPY NEW YEAR MARTIN, here is what I got, saying this he gave a new PIGGY bank. Martin kept it on the table, but looked at it for few moments furiously and then dropped a quarter-cent coin in that and was again back to his normal self with the same amount of energy he had previously and said yet again, NEXT CHRISTMAS I WILL BE HAPPY.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


First day of office, KASI got ready quickly, he was very very tidy as if he was a professional in getting ready though it was his first job. He got into the office bus as everybody did. While getting down he saw a girl standing alone on the footpath. Sharp nose, tender and thin lips, broad forehead, big and dark eyes as those of a fish, silky hair, it was a bit brownish; the cheeks were very much dimpled. She was having a fair complexion and she had the right composure and was such great looking that never would there be anyone who can miss admiring her wherever she is. "She is awesome", KASI told his friend BHARAT. He used to see her almost every day and every time he saw her, his impression grew on her. He termed her as the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

One day he got to sit beside her in the bus while coming back from office. "MAHESWARI", one of her friends called. KASI who was sitting beside was excited in knowing her name; it seemed to be his happiest moment ever. He saw her days passed in fact weeks and months; KASI never spoke to her but admired her beauty all the time.

One day while in office KASI decided to speak to her and reveal his admiration towards her. He took BHARAT along with him to meet her. She was having lunch with some of her friends. He admired her like the beauty in the world and moved towards her. She laughed at her friends joke, KASI stood still he did not make a move "How can this happen? A girl who is so beautiful cannot become ugly when she opens her mouth. Look at the teeth they are the ugliest and she looks so ugly. This is the most drastic change I have ever seen" KASI told BHARAT. He walked back disappointed.

The next day KASI observed the notice as he did every day, it was written "Condolences to MAHESWARI" below her photo. When inquired, KASI came to know that she died in a road accident the previous day.


Yes, it’s about my first trip to US of A. And the journey has been one helluva day and night.

It began with the cab coming late to my place in PUNE and then the fuel was over so by some difficulty we got the fuel and started to MUMBAI from where I got the flight, the cabin baggage was overweight, the officer asked me to pay and I said "let this go with check in, I have only one". Just pulled out my documents into one small bag and started on board at 5 AM (IST). (Now note the timings are important).

The flight was from MUMBAI to DOHA (Qatar) and well impressed by a couple of air hostess but was very sleepy to have more glares and thus dozed off. when I woke up, my watch was ticking 8 30 AM (IST) and I saw the VIBGYOR (blue up, white down and in between was a thin ray of all the colors which if not looked carefully might not be so and it would just seem an orange ray). This was a spectacle for few minutes before it diffused as the sun rose. Then the flight just landed in DOHA at about 8 45 AM (IST).

I walked into DOHA airport; it was a great one, with options for shopping, eating, relaxing etc. But I did not avail any as I didn't need of any. Then the flight was from DOHA to WASHINGTON D.C. and man what a flight it was. It started with a good view of the green INDIAN OCEAN below and the clouds were slowly appearing first they were brown, I remember seeing, and dark clouds, white clouds, and even grey clouds but the first time I saw light brown clouds and were amazed. Well, I took with myself an iPod and a NOVEL additional to my VISA and IMMIGRATION docs but none came to use. This flight was very happening, there was a screen given to me and a remote to control it with a headphones set. I straight away went to browse MUSIC and was delighted to find that THE DOORS (one of my favorite bands) was the featured artist of the month. And then I browsed movies list, there were some HINDI movies (MILI etc..) and many English movies. I started with HURT LOCKER and after it passed about 10 minutes, I dozed off again and when I woke up, I was offered lunch and I took a couple HEINEKEN beers along with it (seemed good, must drink it again). The food was vegetarian with potato capsicum and rice (ah, for my delight again) with salads and fruits which were fine. Now back to entertainment, I started with RAISING ARIZONA (a COEN BROTHERS movie) and it was a fun movie and was happy since I wanted to watch it since long and I got it done. Then, I queued up all the songs that were my favorites to JUKEBOX. (The song collection was awesome, BOB DYLAN, BEATLES, THE DOORS, PINK FLOYD, JOHNNY CASH, it was like you name it they have it and I put some four hours of songs). Then again a slumber did strike. When I woke up now, I was being offered dinner and man I ate rice and dal and it was just an awesome feeling, despite the dal being pretty ordinary now But no alcohol, just a coke for the company.

Then the landing form and i94 were filled and I landed in Washington D.C. So I took the first steps in America, I got clearance of immigration but for a while got lost as I did not submit my baggage at the specified airlines so I got to find that and so I did after an hour and then the officer said, that the two bags were uneven and so I distributed it by transferring the pickles he said "are the pickles good?" "Yes" I replied and gave small pouch of a pickle for the gratitude of his and he gave back a laugh.

Moving on, I went into the terminal where I was supposed to board the flight from WASHINGTON to TAMPA (the final destination). But since there was a long gap of 4 hours, I just checked out some stores as I was curious to know how is AMERICA different from INDIA, yes the price was more, a small notebook I got for 5 rupees (nearly 10 cents) was here 2$ and the quality was great too. I just got a water bottle for 2.31$ my first purchase in the US and made a call to my colleague in TAMPA (my first local phone call) and hey I observed that there were an INDIAN mom and son who were managing a store in the airport so I was just happy to hear some Hindi from them and also I got a change for 5$. Also, in the WASHINTON airport, I met a middle-aged couple who were from HYDERABAD (INDIA) and were Telugu speaking so passed some time
with them.

I needed some relief so I got the chair and for the first time I took out my iPod, it was shuffle mode, and the song it started was VANDEMATARAM (from VANDEMATARAM - AN ELECTRONIC EXPLORATION album) and I was rejoiced to be hearing that as the first song in US of A. Then again a nap and then the couple woke me up as it was time for the next flight.

Got into the flight, just continued my nap and woke up just half an hour before landing TAMPA 10 20 AM (IST) and man the view of city was just awesome, there was the crescent moon peeping through the window and there was this well-lit city down, with lights of blue, orange, white etc.. So was just gazing through the window till I landed.

Got down, met my friends and got into their car at 1 26 AM TAMPA time and 10 56 AM (IST) and came to the room of a friend.

So that was my voyage, half in slumber and the other in fun. And hey, my watch is ticking, 2 35 PM (IST). I will set it now.


There are a few things I learned now, each one has an ego (false/true only time will tell) that what they think/advise/choose is the best. This faltered many a time and I myself am a victim of it, but to be honest, I do not judge my opinions or choices as much as others around me did (all through my life) so I am at a safer side.

As a matter of fact, I let others choose what is best for me when I m not interested in it. I went shopping and my fickle mind wanted to listen to music than shop then I will let others choose things.

I hate being that but I always hold up myself for one thing that I am honest and speak out my heart.

Maybe to some thousands I am a pain and produce tears when they face me but for some tens of people I bring a smile (I am sure of this) and it’s for these tens I am living and I will let thousands cry if they still wish too

What I am and what I shall be is no one's interest unless they are interested in psychology or psychiatry finds a psychological disorder or reason behind everything I state but I am yelling out my heart for none but me and letting others know.

God knows where, if he was there I would have said, but since God is dead none knows when I am going to end my life and hopefully I will end it only after I did my thing.


A rarity of sorts a well told bollywood film

It comes as a surprise amid the badly told stories that have intent but no good narration in our hindi film industry. This one is a surely well narrated script that it's share of good moments and rarely something is off place and in fact not more than a couple. 

To begin with, its a story of a bunch of youngsters who are fighting there circumstances and want to get into better state where there is peace. One finds in books, other in getting rid of those who bother him and another in cricket practice. It's built on unrelated stories and is not connected either and that turns out to be a great plus. Seen movies in which a couple or more stories and knit for the climax but this has independent stories and thus climax is independent too. The backdrop and the day of the climax are set as Ganesh Navaratri, the most famous social festival that is also the abode of many crimes in cities. 

There is humor, violence and touch of sensitivity that brings in characters in a city that is considered to be busiest in India, its a living slice of Mumbai for sure.

The negative things is production value, the movie at times seems to ave misused the camera focus and also trying to use natural lighting only, it opens the aperture too wide of camera where is one shot, we see too much of direct sun light and in another, there is darkness among three characters that makes them obscure. 

Also, there is a tinge of simpleness too like in a scene, Tushar Kapoor is shot and no one cares and later he simply walks away. 

The most endearing personality in the movie was Mandook played by Pitobash Tripathy. Kudos to writers-directors for bringing light to such a smart script and to producers for giving this script the funds to make it to big screen. 

This one seems to have been lost amid the non-sense hindi films as it does not boast of stupendous publicity or star cast, it will still have its place in a viewer who likes original cinema.

My rating, 3/5.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Originally Written - 7th Jan 2010

I really pity this internet space for bearing my anger and unhappiness and becoming the shrine for it. Now, this piece is about clarification to myself as to how I work. Atleast here I can be true to myself.

I consider my working style to be simple, I am assigned something to do, so I will try my best to do it. It's not happening I would convey and state a reason as to why it's not happening. Simple ain't it.

Now, there in lies a problem, I am asked to do something and I say, see I don't wanna do it. But I still do it coz I am supposed to do it. Now what if, my saying that I don't want to do it becomes a concern against me. To say, anyone can say anything but if I did not do it and then a concern is raised, that is genuine. But how come, a concern is raised, by my saying that I won't do it. When I am actually doing it.

Ok let me make things clear, mom asked me to get milk early morning, I said "mom, I don'twanna do it", mom says "no one is there", so I just go and get it. Mom is happy ain't it. Now, if she tells dad "hey I told him but he says I don't wanna do, so that makes me uncomfortable" (note, mom did not mention i did), is this a valid concern? Absolutely not. Coz the moment I got milk things are done issue is resolved but if I did not get the milk and mom says "hey he did not get it and i got it". Now this becomes a valid concern.

The difference, first was driven by feeling and second was driven by action. Feelings are from the mindset, if you feel wrong, its because of various things that affect you and its personal. Action is something that is objective and evident and its not driven by mindset or internal feelings once it is performed it is there to see.

So before raising a concern one has to think if they are driven by feelings or by action. Now, currently I have concerns, I hate to say this coz only twice in my professional career I had concerns now is a phase where I have some. See I must not have these, I am not supposed to have these and these is against my true nature. Having said that, I have raised when I felt that action is not being taken upon when really required. I believe that my concerns are truly action oriented and not feeling oriented. I hav

Thursday, August 11, 2011


A gangster movie that has all the perfect ingredients, acting is top class with Tom Hanks, Paul Newman,  Daniel Craig all in their respective roles but one boy Tyler Hoechlin is the eye catcher for me.   The characters are empathetic and well carved out, the dialogues so well written by David Self add color to the characters. Like when Michael Jr. asks his father Michael Sr. "Did you love Peter more than me?" or the confrontation of a father-son like relationship of Paul Newman and Tom Hanks, it is all well spoken. But still we can predict the outcome of each that is taken time to deliver with pauses in between may be to add solemnity. So there comes a question, is this what it ought be, cant there be any other way. Well if there was, then it would not been for this movie.

It's a gangster movie in which only mob and its runners are involved and no civilians please. This movie spared them. Now, the direction is again top class with Sam Mendes at the helm and this being his second one (first was American Beauty), he did a great job. It's all neat and clean except for a couple of obvious glitches like a shootout where Tom gets a machine gun while mob has rifles and Paul seems to feel happy, that it is Tom who is killing knowing that he may be killed by him too.

The difference is this movie compared to others is the son-father relationship. While one wants his son to be a part and take over his business, the other does want him to take the same road. And poignantly, tbis point is emphasized at the last few lines, when Michael Jr. tells that when someone asks how was Michael Sr. Good or Bad, he replies "He was my father"

Now, if there is one thing that has to be said sound and loud then its the cinematography, its not unbelievable but so very mesmerising.  the shots chosen are so great, be if the shots of characters or the topography for them which is mostly rain or snow or lush green farms that spreads all across the screen. Only at the end, when the credit came "In Memory of Conrad L Hill" I did realize that its for cinematography that the movie is acclaimed more than anything else.

Watch it for camera work and cinematography and dialogues that bring the characters alive. It's 3/5


Just watched it for the second time to understand the screenplay. The first time I did, i had to take a break but now I saw it in one go. The screenplay is simple, it does not have many scenes and is mostly shot interiors with the major part being the confrontations of the King and his speech therapist.

Ok to begin the review with, the first notice would go to art direction and sets as this is a period film and they are immaculate and beautiful. The performances surely top notch specifically of Geoffrey Rush who acted as speech therapist Lionel but the more tougher one was of the King, played by Colin Firth and he came out with flying colors delivering the act. He stammers so well. The camera work is simple, it remains faithful to the spirit if the film by not providing funky or exuberant angles but providing straight angles. The music direction has to be so much recommended as it brought back the Symphonies alive.

But yet, I have not discussed the part that is best about this, it is it's writing, the writing of screenplay and the direction of Tom Hooper who sticks strictly to what it is, The King's speech how he learnt to speak and propagate his voice. Though there is huge history at it's backdrop, be it the world war 2 time of time of great importance to England adding to the death of the earlier king and the heir who was given the thrown, abdicates it and thus the Duke of York as he was named at the beginning, takes over as the King of British.

His reluctance is well expressed and so is his anguish, he does not stammer when he sings or shouts and thats what is caught by his teacher and helps him.

Having said all that, it's not a movie of history or about speech therapy, it's a simple and well told of how a man overcame his misgiving and fought to stand erect. Though this is a great movie that is so absorbing, I doubt if it is the best one I saw in last year as it had been given numerous awards. Surely, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush deserve acclaim.

Rating : 3/5. Will have a lasting impression but to go till the end, have patience please.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A fun film.

The film starts with lizard having fun in water and then the Intro of RANGO happens in a bar. Watch it to see how the transformation happens from a lizard to a hero. This brings back the same fun ride that we had in childhood in a much better choreographed way with brilliant animation, sound and video quality but yet it's the same fun. This film reminisces of the West Classics like The Good The Bad and The Ugly and the music for sure will make us recede to those times of Ennio Morricone classic pieces of music.

Now the technical part, dialogue is sharp witted and lines of Rango voiced by Johnny Depp are the best ones and the voice is done so well by Johnny who comes out yet again with a performance that is awestruck. The animation of rodents, reptiles and is done well and the textures can be appreciated and the differences too can be figured out there is a lot of detailing that has to be seen and it's a rarity actually for the Non Pixar Animated movies.. Directed by Gore Verbinski who directed the Pirates movies has done this one too with heart and an uncomplicated mind. The screenplay is lethargic at most time echoing most of themes the western classics like brawls between the gun holders, bank robbery etc...

This for sure is a movie that is enjoyable if we have time to give for it, but I doubt really how many can invest their time for this tiny Rango It's 3/5.


An immaculately made robbery movie

I knew Kubrick as a man with surpassing amount of vision that shall overpower any kind of human imagination. Be it Barry Lyndon or A Clockwork Orange everything has to be immaculate and at the same time engaging and the feeling at the end of it all should be 'I need more' and The Killing was a beginning of a new vision called Kubrick.

It's a simple tale about planning of robbery but it's so well made that it is gripping and exhilarating. There are stereotypes for most part that have to do their role as specified by the leader of the Mob and he too acts out his part well but what is captivating is not the characteristics or characters but the motive and how they achieve it.

The art direction is superb and so is the cinematography the editing so precise that any frame if removed makes the movie bland but all said and done above all the screenplay is what has to be appreciated and awarded. A scene even though comes multiple times has different perspectives of different characters and that’s what makes it special. Mind you its made in 1956 where the classic format is still at the helm as there was no Nolan or Kaufman yet but this was an attempt that was so convincingly made that the conviction of Kubrick must be more than commended or lauded it should actually be rewarded while ironically it did not get even nominated. Which means probably of the quality of movies being made at that time?

Having said all the above, the movie ends in a silly way, an altercation about a suitcase and then the dog's hit and run case. Yes, this was the humorous part I believe.

It's a not to be missed out thriller that's simple yet engaging surely watch it for Kubrick's vision. It's 4/5.


Truly, a little story with a big heart
This is the bottom line of the movie and it sticks to it right from titles.

The story is told right in the title animation itself but it’s much better than that actually. But how it will unfold is something that has to be seen only. You will find a boy Stanley going into a class and telling stories to justify every act he does. And then the teachers make an entry that is a statement in itself each one's is as natural and as hilarious. It's a science teacher and English teacher and yes the Khadoos Hindi teacher who will be most ruling for major part. Filmed in school for 95% of the time, this movie brings back the school day memories alive.

This is story of food and how important it is for anyone, and specifically to children. And in what irony, we are. One gets huge lunch boxes; one never gets anything to eat and fills his stomach by water. This isn’t tear- dropping thing but yes a thought provoking one. Then, one man gives away his self dignity and respect to grab food and one denies the same to protect his self respect.

The characters are so well written that we can relate to anyone of the children actually and yes it’s a complete walk in retrospection to school days that makes this small film a worth watching engaging thing. The production values disappear at few places but that has to be given for the producers who do not have money enough to shoot it better, the editing could have has been better but barring this few unneeded hindrances, it’s a story that’s universal and prevailing and that has to be taken seriously about.

Kudos to the writer- director Amole Gupte who brought such a beautiful story even without the big names like Aamir Khan (who was instrumental in bringing out Taare Zameen Par), the eccentricities like the intro of Aamir, the boy being turned from hopeless to a bright child and all. This is much simple, and much more natural too but the climax is hard to digest and for me the tears rolled down as if they were so very natural.

Happy to have watched this, and given a chance please do watch it. It's 4/5


Here is a daringly dark movie by the director Vishal Bharadwaj who has given us dark tragedies like Maqbool, Omkara. This one like his earlier movie Blue Umbrella is an adaptation of a Ruskin Bond story ´Susanna´s Seven Husbands´ but while the earlier one was a simple tale this one is very complex psychology that has to be deciphered through the characters that come across.

Acted really well by most actors that took part, specifically by Priyanka Chopra holding the limelight this film needs applause only for the gut of the director to pick a story in which there is one murder after another and mostly it’s predictable and try to make it as a compelling one. (He tried only, did he succeed, is still a question, nevertheless he tried).

You know the end result it shall be a murder of husband´s by a woman because they are not nice to her and in what way makes the only difference. Surely at interval, most would have left the theatre coz you seem to know everything that shall happen. But I watched completely in one go and was pretty satisfied at the end.

I can appreciate the attempt but yes, this story was far more predictable than thought of.
A movie that can be watched surely but just for once. Rating: 2/5

RIO (2011) - ENGLISH

Fly Love. Fly Rio. The same flying tale told charmingly.

Yes, they seem to be inspired by PIXAR in animation and content too. PIXAR uses toys, cars, rats, monsters and these folks used birds. The content is simple, a bird has to find her home and has to get what it was deprived of, and that is it´s flight. Not revealing too much of a story here but yes, it´s worth a trip and I am sure that for most part we will be laughing on gags that we have seen earlier. What I think, they did is they took all the famous acts amalgamated them well and the concoction they ensured that was prepared was sweet.

Like one scene, where when the guy tries to drive a bike, he hits the wall and fell off while the girl starts it they fly in the air. A few scenes like the one in which Blue (our protagonist) reads books on how to fly and then prepares itself to takeoff creating a runway as if its an airplane. All these bring out laughs and make us happy. So surely this can be taken a ride for such moments that are many.

There is nothing as such jaw dropping or mind boggling in this animated film and its devoid of any surprise too with a pretty predictable storyline. Having said that, its surely watchable for its lovable characters and the wit and the charm (charm is subjective here, I found it charming and loving but others may find something else). The animation expectedly was top class and one scene in which the two birds go through Rio on a glider is where it brings in a 3D element.

Song, I loved is Fly Love and for this as a director, one needs a good vision.

Note : - I watched this is in Spanish without even subtitles so not sure what each character told each other exactly, but I could easily make out what was going through even then. This helped me learn that language is not barrier for content being shown.

A good watch after which I felt energetic its 3/5


A compelling modest family story.

It begins with a teenage girl and how her family is, its a story about a honest math professor and how he manages his family with a modest salary and without any additional pay. The modesty and the reality comes in many forms to the eyes of a viewer and moves many as most of our country have passed or passing through this phase and most of them do not know how to deal with middle class economy.

This professor is good at math and thus good at home economics too, but when a huge expense comes on his shoulders, the question whether you give away honesty or stick to it and tackle it being the same person. This is a film so he tackles it very well a there is a bit of fate too so that's just a part of it.

Now, it’s expected, no twists, a simple tale that too confines to one middle class family only. Who would buy such theme, but the script is very well knit with the relationships turning from sweet to sour to sweet and how they fumble at times and how the family copes with those too. Thanks producers for buying this script as it has made the whole movie worth a watch and thanks for Rishi Kapoor for showing us what it means to be a simple man with all eccentricities controlled.

The most prominent thing is the chemistry between Rishi and Neetu Kapoor who has just translated their real life chemistry to reel and have brought it out so well that for the most part I forgot their real names too.

The other most important thing is the costumes and the art direction, the locales are so natural that you can feel being at a home amidst known acquaintances. It took me to a known world where people were behaving as they should and as expected.

And the winner is the script that came out so well with a theme that could have easily faltered if not enacted or directed well.

All kudos to the director and writer Habib Faisal, man you have brought an earnest and a worthy winner in times where people look for quick money and values seem to be fading.

This movie deserves a watch and such themes be brought out more.

My rating is 4/5 for one of the best movies of year that brings tears of joy at the climax.

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