Monday, August 15, 2011


This cult classic which is now become a hallmark of indian film industry stands tall in story telling in hindi films.

There is not much that is new in this film, its a straight forward narrative, a conflict between the lower class Indian farmers and the higher class British men. But what is new is the perspective, depiction, bring life to each character and then evolving them in a relatable way on the celluloid. Ashutosh Gowariker has shown brilliance of how simply a grand movie such as this can be made. This film boast of many great things, that Indians were aware of till that point but never really realized it on the big screen.

The love Indians have for cricket when all were ga ga ing Bhuvan Bhuvan at the climax of the cricket match, which I thought would come out only during world cups, but we seemed having a natural affinity to cricket. The triangular love story of Bhuvan, that involves Britihs princess is told subtly without much dramatics, the emotions are mostly imaginary or simply in dialogue and expression. There is no big sacrifice done to exhibit emotions.

The music, oh my god Rahman gave was so apt that even today, 10 years later it still is one of the best soundtracks of Indian cinema and this will get better I think with days to come.

And for the then first time producer Aamir Khan, all my accolades to have faith and belief and this story and investing all he could to make it as director Ashutosh wanted it.

Whichever country you are from please watch it, it showcases human spirit and the gut in a beautiful way.
Rating : 4/5

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