Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I could not comprehend it exactly due to incompetence to interpret a film that does not have much novelty but in dialect and backdrop.

On the first look of trailers, I was awestruck and happy. Also, I suspected that it was a faithful remake of 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' but this is just an inspiration to a limited extent. It's layered with Desi Commercial elements to make a typical Bollywood pot boiler and that's when it turns out to be plot fooiler. The flaw is not in the script/screenplay but in trying to make it commercial and convey something out of nothing. Two goons escape death each time they are caught and are never killed. They escape it once and then fall into the lap of a widow when they try to cross the border and this is when things start to happen.

It's a deliberation from writer to make all the threads knit to take it to that end which he has very much pre planned and only the way it's done is to be shown. The only twist is that when I did expect someone to die, someone else did die and it was silly. A old woman (what connection she has to the plot is abstract) triggers a fire. And in this deliberation lay the backlog of the entire script coz right from the beginning it was evident that things were slowly going to that end which has no poignancy or a point.

Well, there is no problem with pointless movies but they did move me / engage me or did something to me but this worse coz it left me pale in most parts and in parts where there were witty dialogues it did make me smile else it was a boring thing for 2 hours. If having a novel dialect and putting some scoldings and just knitting some threads to make a script would work then anyone can write and anyone can work crap. Despite, being an admirer of Vishal Bharadwaj who produced this piece, I not only condemn this but discourage such movies from being made.

Please add some sense of trying to make a different original movie. It's just good for acting, dialogue and cinematography. It's just average as a whole 2/5.

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