Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I wanted to watch it for Audrey Hepburn and I felt like she is the only one worth watching. All else failed me.

Okay, a woman is obsessed about Tiffany's the jewellery store and the time she spends in the store all through the movie is hardly 10 minutes. Even that is fine but there is nothing called a plot and the subplots come and go like lightning in a rain. I wished there was a strong storm or rain in this movie.

Audrey Hepburn was charismatic and elegant. The cigarette pipe was iconic and her gait was nonchalant. She was overwhelmingly lovely in the film. All others were pale in front of her. Their characters were not as strong as Hepburn's.

The film was in Eastman color so everything seemed made up. From interiors of the rooms to the make and even benches in the park. They were all setup so that's something I accepted. Technically this film is below par in writing and directing.

Hail Hepburn and this is a so so film for her. A 2/5 for this film.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Thundering debut by a talented actor.

I couldn't believe that this was the debut of Edward Norton. I just couldn't believe till I myself figured it out on the internet. The performance by Norton in this film is top notch and I felt its on par with a Kevin Spacey performance in "Se7en" just that it's a debut by Norton while Spacey was a more experienced actor. This film is a must watch for Norton's performance alone.

There are many good things about this film. The writing is one of the strengths here. The performances elevated the writing to a whole new level. Richard Gere was in top form and so was Laura Linney. The music was good too. The highs and lows in the drama are complemented wonderfully by music.

The editing I though was supreme. The film took pace to build the drama and once it bult up the characters well, it just went off smoothly and culminated with a surprise. The whole flow of the film was fluid and extremely engaging. Kudos to the editor.
The cinematography, though limited in scope as most of the film was shot indoors, was good too and the shots only added value to the narrative.

It's a thriller in the mask of a drama. Once the true aspect of the film comes it picks the pace and delivers a blow at the end. Truly speaking, there was a knockout punch in the end.

A 4/5 for a terrific film that has a memorable performance by Edward Norton.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


A film that started with a confusing narration and ended with chaos.

For the first 20 minutes there were characters being introduced one after another. Most of those were not repeated again and their true nature was hardly revealed. Felt like a pointless lengthy introduction after the first 40 minutes. As the story took pace and it began building up, there are digressions in the plot and they ruined interest for me. Others include and defeated the purpose of having troops in Afghanistan. There I lost interest. For the remaining part, I sat with hope that something would happen. Alas, nothing did.

Brad Pitt had a different voice and walking style and both were unappealing for me. Wished he had the menace and strength of the General in "Inglorious Basterds".

The most disappointing aspect was editing. In a couple of places couldn't understand why a scene is suddenly cut. Wish the scene transitions were smoother. Music too was average.

Although a lot was done for this film by Netflix I am sure this is just a start and they can make much better films than this. This is mediocre as per Netflix standards. A 1/5 for this disappointing film.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


This is an outstanding film that is overwhelmed with hope despite undercurrent sadness.

Never thought dreaming of eating a Pizza could be made into such a terrific issue and be so well made into a film. But here we have it, two boys dreaming of eating a Pizza and earning every Penny to make it. Their pursuit only took them forward and it's absolutely right that when we have pursue big dreams "Nothing is Impossible". This film ignites that hope although it's depicted with humility and simplicity.

Most of the movie is shot in a slum and it's surroundings despite such confined spaces the grandeur was brought in through the depiction of human emotions. I loved the way a 'dosa' scene was captured. The lighting, the expression and the angle just brought the needed emotion and elevated the scene. Reality shown really well I shall say. The music is apt and the lyrics are amazing. The music echoes the emotions of the characters very effectively

The kids Vignesh and Ramesh are the stars of this film. There are many adults and a few seasoned actors too in this film, yet these two stole the show from the word go till the last frame.

There are many subplots in this film and those are engaging too. This film shows the divide between haves and havenots. How local politicians have a high handedness in certain aspects. How an accused has to struggle to get a bail. There are many more such fine aspects that make this film a must watch.

Special thanks to producers who having the gut to make this story into a film and more-so to be able to give to audience.

After watching this, I felt wow. I hope you do too. A 4/5 for this terrific film played by kids who are more mature and intelligent than most adults shown. Kudos to the kids and writer and director.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Perhaps, one of the most compact and the best to-the-point movies in the recent years.

There is point to be made and there is a way of how this point was evolved and brought into Spotlight. So cut the embellishments and get straight to the point. That's what this film does in it's screenplay. The screenplay deservedly won so many accolades and awards.

Technically, I thought its the setting of the mood that was perfect. Most of the film is shot in the interiors of a press office and the lighting was perfect and it brought the needed sobriety to the mood. The cinematography was limited in scope but terrific in terms of context. The angles were right and the emotions were conveyed straight. There are no bottom angles to build up or top angle shots to show the "God's view" either. Almost all the time, camera is just a shoulder away and the character spoke to another character missing the existence of camera and I must say it was great.

The editing is precise. There is neither melodrama, nor is the case shown as low profile. 'Spotlight' means everything is on top of this story. Albeit few obstacles the story comes along at the right time.

In this amazing ensemble cast, I loved the acting of Liev Schreiber (Marty Baron). His acting was truly professional.

For me as a viewer, the journey of watching this hit all the right notes. It started slowly pulling me into it and then paced up with revelations that were shocking and ended on a high. Ah, what more can I ask for.

Thanks to the writers and director for making a poignant film in a time where action and fast pace is becoming a norm. This film deserves patience and rewards heavily with the goods.

A 4/5 for this terrific film.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


The dawn comes to wake you
Dew drops sprinkle to make you
The sun makes tea to make you feel warm
Noon comes to your abode to find some calm
At dusk, sun gets to see your dance
Before it fades away merrily into trance
The stars now wonder while moon is praising
Its night for world, but for you the day is rising
Trees walk to serve you their delicious fruits
And sing songs that touch you hearts roots
The milky way milks you into sleep
Joyfully, it sways after stealing your peep
The universe says, "Bye Bye mighty beauty"
We shall wait to hail you again as our duty

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I've been told to do this and not that
Write this and not that
Be sane and don't go crazy
Life shall doom and the future is hazy
If I won't do whatever they asked for

In the garb of lions they are a herd of sheep
I got to know this when I got a bit deep
They frame the rules
If not followed, call me a fool

I want my space, where I won't be told
And their rights and wrongs won't be sold
Escape I shall if it's worth my freedom
I shall smile carefree and not seldom

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