Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I've been told to do this and not that
Write this and not that
Be sane and don't go crazy
Life shall doom and the future is hazy
If I won't do whatever they asked for

In the garb of lions they are a herd of sheep
I got to know this when I got a bit deep
They frame the rules
If not followed, call me a fool

I want my space, where I won't be told
And their rights and wrongs won't be sold
Escape I shall if it's worth my freedom
I shall smile carefree and not seldom

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I firstly declare here that all the content written in the blog is exclusively written by me and I hold the copyrights of each and everything. Be it a poem or a movie review. Also, the videos or photographs I upload or attach are exclusively owned by me. This declaration is important in a world that seems so worried of piracy. The prime purpose of these blogs is to put my writings and photographs on the net. and well to start with.... I live in my mind, and existence is the attempt to bring my thoughts into physical reality, I celebrate myself, sing myself and I am always happy in my own company.....I am not the best in the world but I strive for excellence and thats what keeps me alive... Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself--Friedrich Nietzsche