Monday, June 26, 2017


Thundering debut by a talented actor.

I couldn't believe that this was the debut of Edward Norton. I just couldn't believe till I myself figured it out on the internet. The performance by Norton in this film is top notch and I felt its on par with a Kevin Spacey performance in "Se7en" just that it's a debut by Norton while Spacey was a more experienced actor. This film is a must watch for Norton's performance alone.

There are many good things about this film. The writing is one of the strengths here. The performances elevated the writing to a whole new level. Richard Gere was in top form and so was Laura Linney. The music was good too. The highs and lows in the drama are complemented wonderfully by music.

The editing I though was supreme. The film took pace to build the drama and once it bult up the characters well, it just went off smoothly and culminated with a surprise. The whole flow of the film was fluid and extremely engaging. Kudos to the editor.
The cinematography, though limited in scope as most of the film was shot indoors, was good too and the shots only added value to the narrative.

It's a thriller in the mask of a drama. Once the true aspect of the film comes it picks the pace and delivers a blow at the end. Truly speaking, there was a knockout punch in the end.

A 4/5 for a terrific film that has a memorable performance by Edward Norton.

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