Sunday, June 25, 2017


A film that started with a confusing narration and ended with chaos.

For the first 20 minutes there were characters being introduced one after another. Most of those were not repeated again and their true nature was hardly revealed. Felt like a pointless lengthy introduction after the first 40 minutes. As the story took pace and it began building up, there are digressions in the plot and they ruined interest for me. Others include and defeated the purpose of having troops in Afghanistan. There I lost interest. For the remaining part, I sat with hope that something would happen. Alas, nothing did.

Brad Pitt had a different voice and walking style and both were unappealing for me. Wished he had the menace and strength of the General in "Inglorious Basterds".

The most disappointing aspect was editing. In a couple of places couldn't understand why a scene is suddenly cut. Wish the scene transitions were smoother. Music too was average.

Although a lot was done for this film by Netflix I am sure this is just a start and they can make much better films than this. This is mediocre as per Netflix standards. A 1/5 for this disappointing film.

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