Monday, April 17, 2017


Good entertainment with some good voice overs make this a watchable film.

The story line is actually refreshing for me. A baby thinking to be boss I thought was a novel idea (note - I did not see last year's STORKS). The animation was terrific but again I debate if 3D animation is always needed. A 2D animation would do for most of the stories. In the time of TOY STORY and FINDING NEMO there was no 3D but they were great films. Wish that 2D animation is back with focus solely on story and plot rather than technology and gimmickry.

Voice over especially by Alec Baldwin was terrific I felt. I saw him in few films and he unleashed himself here. He seemed to be the boss and rightly so. 

The detailing was good but there are few dull moments that come in the end. The end was a bit dragged I felt, at least 15 minutes short and this would have been greatly entertaining.

It's entertaining even now, but lacks short of some real punches. A 3/5 for this.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A film that made did not let me relax after the first 30 minutes till the end.

This is one of those films where it was tough to blink an eye. This was a horror film masked as a sci-fi film. Before going to the film, I just knew that there was Jake Gylenhall, I did not know anything else in the film. Also, I am happy that I did not watch the trailer. There is a lot of surprise in the film and the twists are worth the money.

The best line I give to "I Belong up here. I don;t want to go back to those 8 billion fuckers".

Jake Gylenhall as "David Jordan" was poised, calm and thoughtful. Ryan Reynolds as "Rory" was adept in his job. Others were rightly placed in the job based on skills. Mind you it's a NASA space mission so nothing is taken for granted. Yet, a mistake happens that comes to haunt them with their own lives at stake.

This is a spine chilling affair that put me at the edge of the seat even as the end credits rolled in.. The background music was superb and was apt for the scene. It wasn't loud or haunting but just right to create the mood. The cinematography is stupendous to say the least. Mostly set within the space craft yet to manoeuvre camera in the confined space was brilliant.

The trills are great and yes, there were a couple of jump scares too which added to the fun. Overall, it's a film that I took back home and it's haunting me with questions even now.

A 4/5 for this. A bang for the buck.  


A purposeless film. There was no need to make and there is no reason to see it.

Yet, I watched it and lost interest after the first few minutes. It was very predictable and did not offer any "OOH" or "WOW "moments like the "KING KONG" did. The movie has it's own story line which was utterly useless in engaging or grinding up any emotions. The fights are choreographed like they used to in 1990's. The visual effects are not over the top. A 2D KING KONG was so much better than this 3D KONG any day and I stand by that. 

I was totally disappointed with just purposeless film. A 1/5 for their effort though.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


I liked this film but I have my reservations.

Firstly, will there be a 8 or 9 year old in a concentration camp during the Nazi regime.
Secondly, was the camp border so unprotected that anyone can sneak through.
These are just two of my many questions in this film.

I liked many aspects of this very aptly made, touchy emotional film but if ever I have to cry watching a holocaust film, I would fall back on the great "Schindler's List" or the wonderful "Life is Beautiful". This is a trivialised tale of holocaust and bringing in kids into such tragedies is what I found gimmicky and I am apprehensive that ever such films are being made on children. They were too innocent as kids during the Nazis and we must keep them innocent till they are atleast 12-13 I believe. Now a days kids are too curious and it's anxiety that kills the fun and spoils them too soon. I am better off being away with such films and books.

Yet, I loved the performances of the kids. Asa Butterfied as "Bruno" and Jack Snalon as "Shmuel" were both terrific in the film. The sound, the cinematography and the production design are top notch too.

The writing is something I seriously question. The intention of writing, worries me above all else.

A 3/5 for a film that is good and I wish it won't be watched by kids who don't understand or are mature enough to sit through such films.  


An engaging film that made me invest a lot of emotion and empathize with protagonist.

This is the third endeavor of Vikramidtya Motwane and I am a fan of him already. Loved his "Udaan" liked his "Lootera" and now loved his "Trapped". The three films are radically different from each other and Trapped shows his growth as a film maker too. 

Trapped is a survival genre film but unlike the Hollywood film "Cast Away", "127 Hours", "Buried" which have been set in alienated backdrops, the setting and backdrop of Trapped is in the heart of a metro city among millions of people. It makes it an interesting as well a satirical take that makes a statement of the way of life in a busy city in India. We are too populated yet too entangled in our own lives that we seldom care about others including our immediate neighbours. 

Rajkumar Rao is terrific and the way he brings his characters to life is quite unbelivable. He did "Shahid" and then "City Lights" and now "Trapped". These three films he plays characters that are real and belivable but vulnerable and his depiction of the characters ha always pleased me. Amongst all, I loved "Shahid" and now "Shaurya "in "Trapped". 

I can sit through the film more times just to understand how he pulled such a character. There is dumbness in him, there is stupidity, there is desperation and there is fear. Wow, the writing of the character is fine but the portrayal is worth many awards and I genuinely hope he gets recognised for his performance in this film. 

Ths music is haunting and is right up there. The sound design is commendable in this film. Although this film is claustorphobic and has little scope for cinematography, it's done well I must say. The angles, the elevations, the following of objects, the detailing of nuances is done pretty well. 

Overall, I loved this entrapment and was with "Shaurya" even after walking out of cinema. This is one film that's something we are bound to take back home. Memorable affair this. A 4/5 for such an effort to the team, Rajkumar and Vikramidtya.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

तुम आओ मेरे साथ

शरमाने कि अदा आप से खूब कोई जानता नहीं 
जानता भी हो, तो उसका रहना मैं तो मानता नहीं 
चाहत है मेरी इतनी की तुम आओ मेरे साथ 
उस दुनिया में जहां हमें कोई पेह्चानता नहीं

छोड़ जायेंगे

कितने आये यहाँ कितने गये भी 
बातें रहगये उनकी और कुछ यादें भी 
रहे न रहे हम कल यहाँ पर 
छोड़ जायेंगे कुछ निशानी कुछ फरियादें भी

ऐसी अजनबी

राह वीरान है, मंज़िल सुनसान है 
हर कोई जो हमसे अनजान है 
चाहत है कि कोई ऐसी अजनबी मिले 
जिन्हें मिलकर कहे ज़िन्दगी तुमपे कुरबान है

Thursday, March 9, 2017


An amazing adventure that has some wonderful moments which are watch worthy multiple times.

Technically, it's superb in detailing from the fur of the fox or rabbit to the diction of sloth, everything was in the perfect place. Emotionally, it is a roller coaster ride the rabbit Ginnifer's rise and fall, the foxes cunningness and the conspiracy drama all gelled well and made this is a wonderful watch. 

The plot is simple but it is layered just when I thought the movie was over, it opened up another chapter which was engaging and interesting than earlier. So there was real progress in the story telling through the film. It began with a simpler note that a rabbit wants to prove itself but it grew beyond that into much more purposeful adventure. I loved the transition throughout the film.

If there are moments that I had to pick, then there is a tribute to classic "Godfather" and also Sloth. Wow, these are two events in the film that I shall remember for long. Although, there are many other good moments, these are just brilliant. These moments once again prove that animated films are not just about fun and entertainment. I believe that giving references to classic films is a fun way of telling kids about films that inspire film makers.

I loved it wholeheartedly and if there was one crib that was about Sloth. I wish sloth was not put in the trailer and the surprise element would have been revealed only while watching the film. I wish I watched in theater as I had to watch this at home. Thanks to hotstar for adding this film.

A 4/5 for a brilliant animated film. The best since "Inside Out".

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Greatness resonates from the word go.

The mission is to save a private in world war.  Looks simple huh? To save a human in a war of worldly proportions is no mean feat. Lot of sacrifices are done, many hearts are broken and thus a man is saved from dying in a war. It's the depiction of these sacrifices that makes this film great.

Steven Spielberg is a great director in many ways. He handles a drama as well as a Sci-fi film with great ease and the basic ingredient of his every recipe is emotion. We fall for the soldiers here, we wish they we would win and not die like I wished for a dinosaur to save a family in Jurassic Park. It's through emotions that he conveys stories. His characters more often than not are standing up to a cause which they firmly believe. They are strong and some of them we can sincerely look up to. Captain John Miller played by Tom Hanks is one such character that deserves a salute.

Humanity, patriotism and many more are embedded in this film but for me its obedience and friendship that drove the film. The captain is obedient to his officers and accepts the orders putting his life in danger amid dire circumstances. This is an epitome of obedience and sincerity. Also, he is so friendly with his troops and camp that he empathizes and understands genuinely what they go through and is always there for them. Friends that is true friends they are.

Technically, the depiction of war is perhaps a near perfect one. Only recently I saw HACKSAW RIDGE and I was reminded again of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN because the depiction of war in this film is very natural and I could feel the blood of the soldiers. It's too real for my comfort. Each department is par excellence in this film.

A 5/5 for one of the greatest war films ever.

Monday, February 27, 2017


I believe, there is peace in a black and white noir film. 

Humphrey Bogart as Dix Steele played one of the most complex characters of his career and he pulled it off menacingly well. Hats off to Humphrey Bogart for the portrayal of the character that has a sine-curve of emotions. It goes up and down every now and then and I could not so expect what Dix would do all through the film. Even at the end, it surprised me that he was quiet. 

This is a hypnotic film as per me. There is an attraction power that made me sit through the film and at the end I thought it was just a breeze. So much happened in the breeze and it's tough to understand each aspect of it, yet it made sense. 

Why does one act in one way or the other depends on many factors and it's all psychological. Human reaction I think is triggered primarily by how the action is perceived and not necessarily by judging if it's good or bad. Reaction time for brain is so less that to show that we are present we need to spontaneous. In quest for spontaneity we loose our volition, our judgement and more often than not our senses too. 

I can simply put that for many movie lovers in the world, this film is a must watch. Nicholas Ray has done a fine job and full marks to him. I am going with 4/5 for this classic. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

आह में

साया था मेरा यार ज़िन्दगी की चाह में 
हमसफ़र को पाऊ में चल पड़ा इसी चाह में 
मंज़िल करीब थी पर मैं था तन्हा वहां पर 
करू तो क्या करू, अब जी रहा हूँ आह में

उदासीपन का एहसास

उदासीपन का एहसास न होने देना 
दूरी कभी महसूस न होने देना 
पास न हो हम तुम्हारे 
पर मिलने का आस न खोने देना


ज़ालिम केहता है तुम्हे ज़माना तन्हा जो छोड़ दिया हमें 
इल्ज़ाम लगाती है क़त्ल कि, क़त्ल जो किया हमें 
पर मैं तो केहता हूँ मरगया मैं कब का 
ज़िन्दगी जो बिताया था कुछ पल तेरे साये में
अब कोई कुछ भी कहे, हम आराम करते है 
साथ लेकर वो यादें जो तुमने दिया हमें

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Man is the most dangerous animal - A line in the film. 

All humans are perverts - David Fincher.

Oh did Fincher really say that? Well, I did hear him in a video saying this and I do second him on that. About the line in the film, it's a line in the cipher by Zodiac. OK, this film is not about zodiac signs in any which way but about a killer whose name is Zodiac. There existed an animal with  the name "Zodiac" and he did murder in 1960's and 70's. 

This is a scene by scene heart wrenching film where one scene is difficult to handle emotionally than the earlier one. It's a drama that's heart wrenching and a psycho thriller that's like slow poison. We are made to sit and savor the poison and actually it tests a lot of patience being 2 and half hours long before it actually kills us.

Performances by Jake Gylenhall and Robert Downey Jr. stand out while all other played their part well. Fincher has a way of extracting great performances and he shows his skill through the film. Music played a part in the film and music was driven by the characters. Cinematography and production design were good and set the mood well. The mood was terrific all through the film and the variations of camera angles, the music, the emotions, everything came together in nearly every scene of the film. 

Thanks to Fincher for giving me Zodiac and a 4/5 for a good thriller.

Friday, February 17, 2017


An important film in today's times.

"Do dreams have an expiry date?" a question asked by Vasanthi (Jyothika) is an important one and worth revisiting each time in our lives.

The film touches upon issues like women empowerment, cut off age for jobs, organic farming and a few other. The connection of the issues is connected very well all across the film. Kudos the director Rosshan Andrews for maintaining consistency in characters and sticking to a theme and also touching upon various issues. That's a feat worth applauding.

Jyothika is superb as Vasanthi, she has delivered a subtle yet strong performance in this film. The other cast was apt and did their role well. The production design was something I wished was better. I felt like watching a TV serial at times.

A 3/5 for a film that deserves a clap if not a standing ovation.


This epic shall be one of the best ever films made for a very long time to come.

To sum it up, it has nuanced characters, universal plot, terrific mood setting and sublime performances. Thus, it makes it one of the best if not the best.

I am happy to have understood this film early in my life (around 15 years back) and am also happy to have seen other films by this director and these actors. This film was made by a great bunch of people who went on to become great post release of the film.

The beginning is as spine chilling as the end. There are moments of surprise, jaw-drop and goosebumps. This is a pinnacle if I may say in elevating viewers emotions and making him involved along the journey.
If I can pick one scene that defines Godfather for me, it has to be the slow camera movement to the horse head. The screams, the cries, the vendetta still linger in front of my eyes for days after I finished my viewing.

Mario Puzo gave it in writing but Coppola took this book to another level. Francis Ford Coppola shall remain in the list of best directors just because of Godfather. Although, he made many movies later on, Godfather remains tall. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino shall be forever the gangster son and father duo that's impeccable.

I loved it and when I watch it again, perhaps for some 30th time, I will love it more. The pace, the style, the environment all are enviable. A 5/5 for this epic.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I love these even today and I can play with them for long.

There is nostalgia in these toys, this was indeed my first animation film I can remember seeing in a theater. I adored them then and it was a WOW. Even now, the WOW factor is still there and it actually grew. 
Good becomes great at times and we start appreciating for being kids. We may be good as adults  but as kids we were more or less great. I loved it when I saw this in 2010 in a theater and when I saw this again, I loved it more. It has a flow and the characters are so brilliantly etched. From the cowboy Andy to the astronaut Buzz to the two potato heads, each one is very neat and actually have a role to play. There is a significance to each character and they come together as a team to achieve their objectives. There are many aspects I can learn from this film, should I take it seriously.  

Technically, as any PIXAR film this is brilliant. Toy Story was the first film made by PIXAR and even after 15 years in the third installment, the theme is still relevant. PIXAR had redefined the animation industry since Walt Disney started it. I would firmly put PIXAR and DISNEY side by side if ever I were to rate animation companies. PIXAR, although goes further in exploring universal themes, blending them with emotions that we as humans can relate to.  

I don't want to single out anyone be it the director, writer, animator or any actor in appreciating their work. This is team film and everyone did their job extremely well. This film will stand among one of the finest animation films ever made for a very long time to come. 

A 5/5 for this.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


A gem that depicts a poignant issue.

It's a hopeful film on the hopeless state of many and eventually, everyone including me has to be part of at the end of our lives.

Life and death are just a second apart in each of our lives. Once we are termed dead, our names are forgotten, our memories are lost. We are termed as "body" and only the cremation/burial process will be on everyones mind. In such a cruel world, there are loved ones who love us and will miss us. This film is about such lovers.

Naseeruddin Shahs and Kalki Koechlin play the principal leads who wait for each of their respective spouses to be out of danger. They are full of hopelessness at the same they need to get over it and although with every passing day, hope fades away they fight. Also, commendable is Rajat Kapoor. The cast is superb and their performances are memorable.

The writing is apt and subtle. I feel that the director Anu Menon is one of the most sensitive directors we have. To touch upon this subject and execute it subtly is an achievement in itself. I thank her for making the viewers part of the journey and emotions by making them endure.

The two track of the film "Zara Zara" and "Tu Hai" will be on my playlist forever. "Zara Zara" is one of the best songs in recent times.

A 4/5 for a wonderful journey of emotions.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It could have been a terrific historical drama sans songs. Even now its worth watching.

I loved many aspects of the film. Director Krish put it all together very well and my salutations to him. To dig into history and get information is the job of a historian. To write history dramatically is the job of a writer. To translate the writing into a worthy celluloid film is the job of a director. He plays it all and he plays all these roles really well.

All through the film, I did not find a moment of boredom except for the songs. The editing and the writing were superb ans they gelled well. I loved even the production design too. In thw days of Vfx, we may see some glitches but those are fine. Since the content was commendable, I could easily forgive many technical aspects of the film.

If not for Balakrishna, the dialogues would not have created impact. If not for Director Krish, the movie would not have been made so quickly. So kudos to the team. The dialogues are terrific.

Prior to this film, I loved "Aditya 369" and "Bhairava Dweepam" of Balakrishna and this is the 3rd film of his I loved. 

Historically we had some great war films. "Palmati Yuddham" was for me the finest war film made in Telugu. Now, this film falls in that league.
Here is a confession, I did not see "Bahubali" and I have no intention to watch it either. Simply because it did not attract me enough for watching. So technically, "Gutamiputra Satakarni" is the best visual effects film I have seen in Telugu.

"Saho" Director Krish you take all the credit. Thanks to you and your team. A 4/5 for giving us a piece of history and making it a great memory.


A good shot that was mistimed.
Till the climax there was curiosity and it was well built up. But the climax was so pale that more than a surprise it was a letdown for me.
Acting by Radhika Apte is superb and she has time and again proven her versatility and Phobia is a worthwhile cap in her feather. She seemed to be convinced about the role and the project and invested all her energy into the role.
I was happy to an extent to be seeing this but it I was not fully satisfied at the same time. There are big holes in the plot which came to the show by the end. There were questions that were raised as the movie concluded and those are not good questions either. 
All in all, its an average fare for me and if not for acting of Radhika Apte this movie would have been a forgetful one too. A 2/5 for this.

A AA (2016) - TELUGU

A simple tale told well with some excellent dialogues.

Two dialogues have stayed in my mind hours after I watched this film.

“Mee amma gurtundi cheppindi, mee naanna telsindi cheppaadu, nenu  
jarigindi cheppaanu.”

“Road widening lo sagam kottesina building laa ayipoyindhi naa bathuku. Vundataniki paniki raadhu. Vadalataniki manasu raadhu.”

The flow of the dialogues is trademark Trivikram. He is the real strength of the film.
The story is clichéd and many of the scenes or back-drop are actually watched in so many other films. 
But it is Trivikram who knit the elements well and put them in a new bottle making the old wine better.

Samantha is stealer in the film and this film truly belongs to her. She did justice to her role fully. Rao Ramesh is outstanding. Outstanding has become a kind of synonym with Rao Ramesh and he does is job superbly.

Above all, I give the credit to Trivikram for this film. A 3/5 for a good film. It’s too clichéd to go for a repeat watch that is all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


An emotional journey for me as a film viewer.

I cannot say that I loved this film so much that I would watch it over and over again. But yes, I definitely liked it and would recommend this too. I was totally emotional while watching it. Each scene just raked up the emotion and took me to a high. Since Taare Zameen Par, I suppose this is Aamir Khan’s most emotional film. I did not see three of his other films and I did not like “3 Idiots” very much and he was very limited in “Dhobi Ghat”

I confess I did not see “Talaash”, “Dhoom 3” or “PK” and I pledged myself never to be watching these as neither the trailers nor the word of mouth of these films lured me enough to watching.

"Dangal" is not a film of Aamir Khan alone. It’s a film of a wrestler father, his daughters, his family’s struggles and their journey together.  would rather say this is a film of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his journey with his daughters. The film is inspirational for sure and though I came to know the story through Aamir Khan’s TV show “Satyamev Jayate”, the depiction of these real people is wonderful. Few scenes I must say are brilliant and touching that I could not hold myself back and let the tears roll in emotions. Eyes welled up quite a few times all through the film and that I believe is the true achievement of a director. Nitesh Tiwari translated a known story with authenticity to the screen. From the wrestling bouts to the home of Mahavir Singh including his office I thought the art direction and set design were superb. The choreography of the wrestling bouts awed me.
One scene that I would love to mention (I hope I am not spoiling the fun) is the bout between the daughter and father.

Aamir Khan for me is a true nationalist. He proved this time and again from “Safarosh” to “Lagaan” to “Mangal Pandey” to “Rang De Basanti” to “Taare Zameen Par” and he does it yet again. The performance of the daughters that is of the younger kids and the youthful girls is worth an applause.

A 4/5 for this film. There are overwhelming emotions.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Terrific film about an incredible man. 

The is a film made on honorable Desmond Doss. An incredible person, who was a warrior without a weapon. A savior who did not trigger a bullet in a war. The story of the man is so terrific that it would have been great however it is made. I believe even an interview from Desmond would have been supremely interesting too. But here is a film made by another incredible director Mel Gibson.

Invariably, comparisons with many other World War 2 films will be coming into the mind as this follows the path trodden by those films in one way or other. Be it the background of the protagonist, the framing of war scenes. Glimpses of these are seen already in other war films. Yet, this is different. This is different in character and different in context. 

Desmond Doss won a war without holding a weapon and showed immense bravery on the war field to save lives of people. I did not feel there was melodrama in Desmond's ways of doing it but screenplay adds some chronology to the events and highlights the important events that have shaped his character. Perhaps some events are depicted to elevate the reasoning of the character and this is absolutely fine.

The cinematography is top notch and the background score is terrific. From bullets to screams and to silences, everything is extremely detailed and captured meticulously.

Kudos to all the actors and Andrew Garfield has come a long way since "Social Network". This was a revelation of Andrew for me. He is sure going to go a long way if he sticks to good content.

Mel Gibson, I suppose made the best movie yet of his life. I am giving a 4/5 for this terrific story of a terrific human being who is not fictitious but real. Guys, he was one amongst us.


An engaging thriller handling many twists.

Every time I was catching up with the plot, it threw me and took me into a different direction. It was tough to predict or analyze the next scene of the film, but at the end it was rewarding. The film tested my patience. I was impatient to know the truth while the movie took its own sweet time to unravel. 

Every now and then as suspicion built up and I was almost about to come to a conclusion of the culprit, I was proved wrong. All in all, 3 times I was proved wrong and it was shattering for myself. I could not resist but see through the end of the film and enjoy my mistakes. As I traveled along with the film  I enjoyed the journey and at times I was thrown into deep valleys along the path. The deep valleys are worth exploring as they kept giving newer details. 

Hugh Jackman was at his best as a father. He was a drunkard and a father and there was a vulnerability needed and he executed that. Jake Gylenhall as a police officer who has a blinking habit is terrific. I loved the composure, the poise and meticulousness of Jake in the film. Jake has a long way to go and though he is underrated than most of his peers, he is a great actor and as time moves on, everyone will get to know of his greatness I believe.

Dennis Villeneuve is someone I am now in love with. I look forward to watching all his other films and his future projects as well. Although this is his second feature film, he did the job with precision. The photography by Roger Deakins is inspiring. The shots are rightly paced all along the film. There is a shot in which the camera zooms in on a bark of a tree and there is a house out of focus in the background. This shot added a lot of tension and I loved the build up.

Kudos to all the actors involved because each one stood out and performed well. Dennis Villeneuve is a director to watch out for. A 4/5 for a superb thriller that is executed well.

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