Thursday, July 6, 2017


One of the great performances by Jim Carrey. A must watch.

Jim Carrey, the man who I got to know from Mask was at his best again. When I say he is at his best, I mean he is at his histrionic best. Yes, there are many actors who can do histrionics but the way Jim Carrey pulls them off is amazing.

Despite a plot that ran for a day, it's Carrey's performance that made the film enjoyable. The concept of the film is great but plot-wise I doubt if anyone would have bought the concept if there was no Carrey in the film. The plot goes like this "A lawyer who lies every day for his bread and butter has to tell truth for a day"

The events unfold is a comical yet kind of realistic way. This is the funniest courtroom drama I ever saw and it stands right up there.

Kudos to Tom Shadyac for directing Jim Carrey in a superb way. But this is all Jim Carrey's show and I loved him. This is hilarious to the hilt and it had me in splits.

A 4/5 for the film just for Carrey. A mention to the kid Justin Cooper. too. He was amazing as Max Reede. A film that's worth watching many times and I have not got bored yet.

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