Monday, July 3, 2017


An average film that had a couple of stand out performances.

As screwball comedies have often been driven by women, this one has the same norm. The women drove the show here too. 
While two men (Adavi Sesh and Srinivas Avasarala) men are relegated as almost support cast, the other two men (Tanikella Bharani and Vennela Kishore) are elevated as the main men.

Tanikella Bharani, the veteran, and a seasoned actor is at ease in Telangana slang. He put up a strong performance and thanks to the director to have given a lot of screen time to him. The maid acted by Shyamala is superb in wit and timing. She is camouflaged as support cast but becomes the woman with highest screen time and holds it well. 

But this film belongs to Vennela Kishore. There was never a dull moment since his entry onto the screen. He drove, rattled and home ran the whole film. His timing and acting were impeccable, to say the least. 
Especially loved his interaction with Tanikella Bharani and Srinivas Avasarala. The conversations were extremely well written.

All others have acted commendably well despite very limited scope in the script.

Story wise, it is confined and does not have the charm of Ashta Chamma (one of the previous films of this director). Yet it's a fun film if not an end to end laugh riot. I searched for Richard Brinsley Sheridan and understood that this film was inspired by 'The Duenna'. The story itself was limited but I hoped for more punch in the writing.

I liked it and few scenes/conversations can be watched multiple times for pure fun.

The director Mohankrishna Indraganti was perhaps right up there in his first film (Grahanam) and since then he has lost some intensity. Wish to see him make an intense drama again. It seems I have seen almost all his films and that itself is an accolade for him coz I seldom watch Telugu Films and mostly dislike them too.

Overall, this is an average fun ride but a point goes up only for Vennela Kishore. A 2/5 for this film. Mediocre stuff packaged as comedy.

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