Monday, April 30, 2012


Those slender arms I wish,
Shall hold me one day
Those fruity lips I hope,
Shall gift me a lifetime kiss
Those tranquil looks I want,
To bind me to death
In such dreams, I do breathe,
You are living so beneath
My soul has been craven thus far
By a love that's serene as yours,
Hold me in your eyes and breath
We shall never part even by death

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Into sleep, you may slip
And in dreams, you may think
That why didn’t I, in a flip
Steal a glance and signal a wink

But I wish, you do not squander
Chance this good with just winks,
Coz when your heart would sink
I am the only one it would think


Popcorn and Mom corn, I am your baby corn
It has been a year since I was born
Gave you guys a big smile when I first cried
And from then on many things I tried
There are still many up my sleeve
That is to talk and have a run
While you chase me and have fun
Putting everything in mouth, sand to clay
Many games together, we shall play
So mom and pop, as I turn one
Beware of me, coz I am your son


Blazing is the sun at a place
Gazing is the moon at another night
At noon while sun burns the face
At peace, the moon shall be at night
Waked in shine, towards sun's shrine
Merrily merrily, as I was in prime
At night, I met some on the way
And each time, I let them have their say
Some men were yawning as they spoke
Some were at peace and some were broke
Yet I walked amidst their joy and wrath
Singing my song all along the path

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Made as a competently good biopic, the acting is well top notch is worth a watch just for Irfan Khan.

I have not heard of this man, till I knew of this movie, its good to know of such sportsman and sad to know the tragedy. The fate of the country is such that a national champion is forgotten but a dacoit is made news easily. This is an ironic story and is told really very well. Dialogues are written extremely well. The dialect is just great, It brings out rawness to character and a flavor of its own to the whole script. 

The cinematography is done well, and the director sure has an eye for detail the way he has shown a few things, like a steeplechase race, dacoit's backdrop and the feuds in villages. Mind you this is a biopic and has to be handled in way to tell a real life character, there is no much added drama, at few places, it might have fallen bland too of course life is not so very interesting all times either. But all are pu together effectively to bring out a story that has a heart. We may not be in favor of Paan Singh by the end for what he has done, but fir sure he shall live on in the minds long after the movie is over.

Watch it for Dialect/Dialogues and yes for Irfan Khan who may be sweeping many best actor awards for reprising this role and living it in a way thats so tough to do in terms of controlling emotions and thus exhibiting them at rare times.

Liked it and I recommend such biopics be watched to know India and its diversity in a better way too. 
My rating is 4/5 for a movie that has been dared to be made and executed really well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The lighting scheme and art direction are just top of the world in this film. The cinematography is apt and so are other departments but the way the light is used has to be well appreciated.

It's a period film on an illusionist and his love story and is brought out compellingly as any good writer director does. But what's interesting is the point of view. All the while when we presume that it's based on what the illusionist percieves, it's also what people around him think. Acting by Edward Norton as Illusionist is worth a mention. This is a great story interlaced with a good screenplay combined with fine acting and setup exquisitely beautiful. So we have a winner as a film aficionados and I loved this for all this.

The climax where he brings back his own past, did mesmerize me just as it did to all the audience withing the film. Yes, he performs shows and shows illusions, some are just unbelievable. It is engrossing for sure but has a few lapses with long scenes like the one where the illusionist is grilled. 

All said and done, I recommend this movie for those who want a fantasy film that has mysticism embedded just to enthrall us to a very good amount of time. I will got with 4/5 for this one.


A story of namesakes, build with lies and ends somewhat seriously.

Its funny in many places, and characterization is good specifically of Anand. Based on Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest", the movie is well adapted to the nativity of Telugu people. Comedy is what the genre of film is, but dramatic is it's ending, which may be debated over. But till a good point, the film goes well. 

Acting is good for a rare time in Telugu Film, where all actors have done well. This appreciation would go to Director, Mohan Indraganti who has extracted good acting from novice actors. All said and above, he must also be appreciated for the writing of dialogues. Also, To Srinivas Avasarala who has improvised in many places, especially the way he calls out others names. 

Life is simple if taken simply, but can be chaotic because of self obessions, Mahesh, famed actor Mahesh Babu is an obsession for Lavanya and so is his name, the film revolves just about that idea. 

It ain't as engaging or too very engrossing but yet a good fun watch, which may bring laughter back. I did watch it alone and was laughing for most of the time. Thanks for giving us a little treat in a place, where films are rotten with undue comedy. 

A 3/5 and I say, it's a good movie.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Written with humour, this is surely wicked fun and is just good.

The laughs come out naturally at times, even though there is a tragic meaning to it. Infidelity and death have been blended with humour. More or less I was hooked and at times just waiting to laugh again. The title, the outlook and the trailer were serious, but it took me by surprise when I went through the first 15 minutes of it. 

Was not able to comprehend a few scenes in first place, like George Clooney running just to find out who that man was, he could have gone in car and found out too but even his desperation was shown well. It wasn't at all serious but it was not funny either. The movie had to balance between tears and smiles and it just did well. 

Written well by Kaui Hert Hemmings and directed superbly by Alexander Payne, this story brought out the psychology of a middle aged man, who is going through a crisis. It's at times tough even to empathize, as it is a weird scenario that he has been in. All the director does is puts up an effective screenplay and shows us only important scenes. 

George Clooney does a god job and so did others. I am happy to have seen this.

My Rating is 3/5. Its good for sure, but I can't say it's a must watch.


En Route Taken near Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. The focus is on leaf while bench is empty.


En Route Frost Place, New Hampshire, USA. This bench was drenched in leave of the FALL

Saturday, April 14, 2012


At Majroda Beach, Goa, INDIA. The wave has come and gone, leaving ripples in sand


Taken at Veracruz, MEXICO. A man is smoking, just smoke is seen.


En Route Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. This is a radio tower on the way from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon.


Kempty Waterfall, Mussorie, Uttaranchal, INDIA. I just liked it for its clarity.


Taken at Lovers Street, New Hampshire, USA. FALL is the most colorful season for leaves before they fall


Taken at Clearwater Beach Florida, the boat stands for a symbol of travel and how much more we have to go on.


Taken on the way from Bhopal to Vidisha, this radiance stands out.


Thorns can be seen anywhere, this was taken at Vikarabad, AP, INDIA.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Wish, that she comes along
To a place where I belong
Away, from the agony of humans
Into tranquility of heavens

I hope that she walks beholding me, 
Taking each step in joy
As the path keeps unfolding
And she in smiles rejoices

There is my family dear
It's distant for all and not near
I am happy for what you have become
Now that you have come,
I am so very pleased to welcome

Monday, April 9, 2012


About the Play :

Adapted from the original Marathi Play ``Shri Tashi Sau`` written by Yogesh Soman into Hindustani by Saurabh Gharipurikar. This is a story about a Hyderabadi couple going to court to nullify their nuptials by divorcing each other for the final time. During the course of funny incidents, they realize that after so many fights they cannot live without each other.

My Review :

One of the most hilarious plays I had seen, it rocked right from the word go with laughter. It had the audience in splits in each scenario. How does a wife cooks for husband, calling Maggi noodles as Chinese? How does a wife learn driving, getting off the scooter seeing her mother? How does the husband love, giving flowers to another woman? How does a husband take a wife to movie, forgetting the movie tickets? Does such things really happen.

I was perplexed with such scenes interlaced with an awesome writing and that too the hyderbadi dialect helped in many matters

Wife : Aji Sunte?
Husband : Sunaate?

The lingo just helped boost the already highly comical play to a higher level. I was told that it was directed by Krishna Shukla and am so very happy that this guy had done a great job.

I would recommend this play and if given a chance may be I will go for it again. Just loved it. A 5/5 for this

Sunday, April 8, 2012


About the Play:

April Fool pranks can be notorious... but truth can be uglier! How many of us have dealt with imprisonment of all sorts inside our own homes, where freedom of speech, freedom of thought & freedom as such is a rare entity. Hasn’t the world seen the most disturbing parental relationships, yet? The impact of a disturbed childhood is grave, not even close to what a non-victim can imagine! The story of four roommates (Anil, Ajay, Sirish & Rakesh) in a college hostel who plan to play a prank with their friend to pull his leg. The four boys have been together for a while now, they know each other pretty well. Three of them plan to tell Ajay that his father is here & waiting for him in the room. He is shocked, because his father never came to see him in three years. He rushes to the room to meet his father & finds out that there is nobody in the room except for his three prankster friends. He is irritated because they used a wrong topic to pull his leg. But the three friends do not back off and cause their friend to get angrier at his friends. 

My Review:

I wish it had a simpler climax than a dramatic one and it was a bit shorter than it actually is.

Actually acted well except for Rakesh who felt a bit out of place as he was too lean to be considered an athletic body, the others fit well. Ajay as Krishna Shukla, our protagonist was the show stealer as he brought out the whole play together by his acting. Be it humor or drama he went with the flow and at times, I as an audience was perplexed at his sheer execution of the drama. 

It was not as if it was for the first time, someone is doing some kind of this act and we had seen such acts before too, be it in films or otherwise. But the act still works as it engrosses the audience each time by belief and then fooling around with the belief. The audience knows it very well, that there is no character as his father, yet we are succumbed to know if there was any and is he seen by Ajay. It leaves us with a question at the end as to who is real April fool? Are we as audience or is Ajay as the protagonist or those friends of Ajay, who made a joke of April fool at Ajay. So it is commendable to hold that grip yet the play as a whole did not rise above the script and was just shown as written. 

I wish the writer directs the play well too or rather helps the director in getting more hilarious moments and placing them together. Please tone down the drama part and this would for sure make a good play to watch. As of today, it was more of passing time than a serious must watch.


కష్టజీవికి ఎప్పుడూ కష్టమే ఇష్టం
వాడికి క్షణకాలమైనా తీరికగా గడపటం చాలా కష్టం
కష్టం చేసే వాడికి ఫలితం దొరకకపోవచ్చు
ఫలితాన్ని అనుభవించే వాడికి కష్టం తెలియకపోవచ్చు
అయినా ప్రపంచం సాగిపోతూనే ఉంటుంది
ఎవరూ బాధపడరు అలాగని ఎవరూ సుఖపడరు
ఎవరికీ నష్టం ఉండదు అయినా ఎవరికీ ఇష్టం ఉండదు
అయినా ప్రపంచం సాగిపోతూనే ఉంటుంది
కష్టం చేసే వాడికే ఫలితం దొరికినప్పుడే
ఫలితం దొరికినవాడికే కష్టం విలువ తెలిసినప్పుడే
ఈ ప్రపంచం పరిపూర్ణత పొందుతుంది
కానీ, ఈ ప్రపంచానికి పరిపూర్ణత అక్కరలేదు కాబోలు
అందుకే ఎప్పుడూ ఇలాగే ఉండిపోతుంది

ఇదే ప్రపంచం

కనులకు కనబడునా గాలి నాట్యములు
చెవులకు వినబడునా చిరు గడ్డి సవ్వడులు
అయినా మనసు నమ్ముతుంది వాటిని
మది తెలుసుకొగలదా నదుల సరిగమలు
లేక కనుగొనగలదా చెట్ల భావములు
అయినా మనసు నమ్ముతుంది వాటిని
ఇంత భావాత్మక మనసును సైతం మార్చేస్తుంది ఈ ప్రపంచం
ఏ ప్రభంజనం లేక ప్రళయం వస్తే మారుతుందో ఈ ప్రపంచం
అయినా ప్రస్తుతానికి ఇదే మన ప్రపంచం

తొలి పలుకు

ఆ కుసుమ కోమల ఆధారాల పై నేడు చిరునవ్వు విరిసెను
ఆ మధుర గానము విని కోయిల అబ్బుర పోయెను
మొదటి సారి మాటాల జల్లు కురిసెను
విన్న వారి హృదయాన హరివిల్లు విరిసెను
ఏమి మాధుర్యం ఆ పలుకులో
ఏమి వయ్యారం ఆ పసి కులుకులో
అమ్మ అని ముద్దుగా పలికింది ఆ బుజ్జి అధరము
ఆశ్చర్యపోయాయి గగనము భూతలము
మొదటి పలుకులో ఉన్న తీయదనము
మొదటి అనే భావనలో ఉన్న కమ్మదనము
కలకాలం నిలుస్తుంది మదిలో ఆ జ్ఞాపకము
ప్రతి పలుకుతో కావాలి అది ఉన్నతమైన జీవితము
ప్రతి శిశువుకి, ఇదే నా మనస్పూర్తి ఆశీర్వాదము

పసిడి పసిదనం

పసిడి గాజు, నేల మట్టి అన్నీ రుచిస్తాయి ఆ నోటికి
తోటి పాప, పేద ముసలి అందరూ పడుచులే ఆ కళ్ళకి
కల్మషం, విచక్షణా లేవు ఆ మనసుకి
ప్రతిదీ ఓ అందం, ఆనందం ఆ వయసుకి
నీటితో ఆటలు, కోయిలతో పాటలు
అమ్మ లాలీ, నాన్న కేళి అందరితో సయ్యాటలు
ఎంత హాయి ఆ జీవితం అదే అసలైన స్వతంత్రం
మళ్ళీ విహరించాలని ఉంది ఆ లోకంలో
మునకలు వేయాలని ఉంది మళ్ళీ ఆ మైకంలో
అసాధ్యమైనవి ఎన్ని సాధించినా ఇది సాధించడం అసాధ్యం
అయినా ప్రతి క్షణాన్ని అనుభవిస్తూ జీవించినప్పుడే ఈ జన్మ సుసాధ్యం


బాహ్య సౌందర్యమే మిన్న, ఆత్మ సౌందర్యము కన్నా నీచులకు
ఆత్మ సౌందర్యం ఏమి ఉన్నా, పరమాత్మ సౌందర్యమే మిన్న యోగులకు

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Oh, I am so old now, death is so near
And within grows the only fear
Fear of parting from your slender arms
Those held each time to pacify my qualms
And at times when I rejoiced, 
Just being held made me poised

I lived being held by you, all my life
And you lived to behold me as my wife
I wish thus, not to pass on but want to live on
But life isn't so nice, its far very cruel

Coz, when reminiscing you hug
I just realized what I didn't realize then
The deep breath you took
While passing away into tranquility
And I am not happy here, alone
I long again to be held in your arms

Friday, April 6, 2012



Entangled looks, can’t stay away from her
No bite how strong, can break a fine strand
The rains of youth have long withered
But their obscure clouds still shy to fade
The heart beats in a haze,
Radiance is flying to the sky
Heart says, 'it’s worse to be alone than to die'
Coz the heart is still juvenile
It’s still fresh with a smile

Who knew, while in the veil that it was a toy?
As I thought it was just another mendicant of joy
How much ever, I scream or push
Or in keenness think of every word
The heart is a cheat that deceives in the rush
Lest someone stops or throws to the wind
In such age now I shall face wiles
Coz the heart is still juvenile
And can give pain every while

Such pain has sat within that to smile is so tough
The age passed in loneliness, and in senescence, it did strike
Each beat says you are coming this way
And of love, shall the daggers sway
Such moments, why can’t they pass?
Why can't eyes, from you, keep off
In trepidation, I dare not say
Coz the heart is still juvenile
Waiting to see your smile not once but every while
In my journey's every step every mile

Monday, April 2, 2012


About the play:

When young and earnest schoolmaster Leon Tolchinsky arrives to teach the people of Kulyenchikov, little does he know about the different sensibilities of the villagers (or the lack of it). A vendor who sells flowers for fish, a shepherd in search of sheep, a butcher sweeping dust back into his shop. The russian abode sure lies low on common sense. That the villagers are bunch of fools is certain.

Leon takes it upon himself to educate them and add some logic to their lives. But a special student awaits to be tutored before Leon can cater to the rest. To add to his worries he has limited time to do so. Else the consequences could be devastating. Will Leon have to do more than just a schoolmaster to the village? Will the shepherd find his sheep? Who is this 'special' student? Will the fools be foolish forever? 

My Review :

All those who are proud of watching this play, I am with you . This is great in terms of acting and as the writing of Neil Simon goes, few things can be improved. the Dramanon team has done a great job in getting things together and executing in a hilarious way. Rahul Ghosh was simply the star and the gorgeous Harika was his perfect heroine. Others chipped and I liked (Nikolai Zubritsky) RK Shenoy the most among others. All did their part well, and I just found Slovitch's accent a bit out of place. The acting is just perfect for all.

The dialogues are well done and so did the production, set design and costumes team, kudos to all. Technically too this was great, but a door was found missing for which the sound had to pitch in, good job guys in managing this too. It was surely hilarious and the best part was timing and spacing of dialogues, the tempo of the play was never lost though it had a break. It was like a feature film break and it would have been better off without any break. 

Good job RK Shenoy and all others who made this a fun watch. Kudos and am waiting for more such plays from Dramanon.

Yeah, surely  Stupidity brings life coz it brings fun and what a way to celebrate the Fools Day, thanks all for the gift you gave me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Flight of the brown crane at Sanibel Island, Florida, USA. 


Post Sunset at Grand Canyon, USA. The blues are done by White Balance

నడువు నడువు

నడువు నడువు,
వడి వడిగా విడి విడి అడుగులతో
నిజాల గొడుగుతో 
జీవిత సోరుగులోకి
నడువు నడువు
వడి వడిగా విడి విడిగా.

కలిసి బ్రతుకు, కలిసి మెలుగు
అలసి సొలసి మళ్ళీ పరుగు
ఒంటరిగా ఒంటరి బాటలో
సత్య కాగడా చేబట్టి
అబద్ధాల కలుపుగోలు ప్రక్కన పెట్టి,
నడువు నడువు 
వడి వడిగా విడి విడిగా.

ఇరుకు బ్రతుకు

కాదు కథ  కాదు కల
బ్రతుకు ఇది ఇరుకు బ్రతుకు ఇది 
లేవు లేవు కలలు మా సొరుగులో
అసలు లేవు కళలు మా అరుగులో
ఉన్నదంతా ఒక్క వ్యధ 
అదే గాధ ఆకలి బాధ 
అదే కలా అదే కళా 
అదే జీవిత సంద్రపు తొలి, తుది అల

యవ్వనపు తొలి వల

యవ్వనపు తొలి వల
ప్రేయసి  తొలి కల 
తొలి ప్రియుడి కాంక్ష అలా 
సాగిస్తారు బ్రతుకు ఇలా 
కొలను గట్టు  ముచ్చట్లు 
గడ్డి చాటు అచ్చట్లు 
మట్టి చేత చప్పట్లు 
ఇక పై పడే ఇక్కట్లు
అది కలల కత్తి  ఒర
మనసు మురిపించే వలపు ఎర
రంగులలోకం అది మరి
యవ్వనపు తొలి వల

ప్రేమకై ప్రాకులాట

కలలు కావు నా తలపులు
కానీ అసత్యం కావు నా వలపులు
కోరికలను కౌగిలిలో తీసుకుంటూ
ఆశలతో మదికి ఊపిరినిస్తూ
నిట్టూర్పులను వీడి ఓర్పు తోడుతో
ప్రేమకై ప్రాకులాడే ఒంటరి పావురం 
అది నేనే, అది నేనే అంటోంది మనసులోని కలవరం 
నాకూ ఒక చెలి కావాలి 
స్వేచ్ఛా పంజరం లో విహరించటానికి 

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I firstly declare here that all the content written in the blog is exclusively written by me and I hold the copyrights of each and everything. Be it a poem or a movie review. Also, the videos or photographs I upload or attach are exclusively owned by me. This declaration is important in a world that seems so worried of piracy. The prime purpose of these blogs is to put my writings and photographs on the net. and well to start with.... I live in my mind, and existence is the attempt to bring my thoughts into physical reality, I celebrate myself, sing myself and I am always happy in my own company.....I am not the best in the world but I strive for excellence and thats what keeps me alive... Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself--Friedrich Nietzsche