Monday, March 31, 2014

हमारे सिलसिले

अंजान थे आप, जब तक मिले नहीं 
मिले तो याद आये हमारे सिलसिले कई 
उन जनम के जब हमारी प्यार के गीत बनते थे 
अब मिले तो चाह जगी, कि इस जनम में भी न रुके ये सिलसिले कही 

Monday, March 24, 2014


The plight of prostitutes and child sex workers has been strongly depicted. 

Before I begin reviewing I would like to convey my feelings towards women. I respect and adore women. It's tough and painful to be women. Women bleed more in their lives. A girl bleeds when she matures into a woman, she bleeds when she has her first sexual intercourse, and she gives her blood and mass while becoming a mother. Additionally, she has to undergo a certain pain almost every month until her menopause. So, as such the anatomy of women is intricate and indeed it takes a lot of pain to bear the bleeding. In some cases, it can be a matter of life and death too. So, most women have multiple lives embedded in a lifetime. If we as humans subject a woman to any further pain then it is simply inhuman. In the due course of the film, a girl is subjected to a lot of pain, and thus the tagline "Are We Being Human" is rightly justified.

I am completely against prostitution, yet if it has to be an ailment in the society then better legalize it. I am all for the legalization of prostitution. Coz, only then women can claim the right stake and they need not have to live a life in disguise or fear. If they bargain a petty amount with their customer(animal) as of now, then post-legalization they can demand the same and if that animal fails to pay, they can take some action. Firstly, they can live a legal life of dignity which is so much abhorred by the hypocritical society of India. So if sex workers or prostitutes have to be even considered as equal humans, their job must be legalized. This will keep the mafia and other dark forces out of this and I hope so that gradually forcing women into this kind of profession shall mitigate. Only after legalization, I believe they can claim their rights as girls and need not be put behind the bars for no fault of theirs. 

Okay, now coming to the review, this is a film that is about child trafficking. The title is aptly put as Lakshmi. It indicates the irony of our society where when a girl is born, it is said, "Ghar mein Lakshmi aayi hai" (Lakshmi! the goddess of wealth has come home) and as the girl grows, she is sold by parents for money, to acquire wealth. Thus, the title and the name of the protagonist is rightly put and it is wonderful of Nagesh Kukunoor to have such thoughts and present them in a provocative way. 

Acting by each and everyone is fine. The casting of Monali Thakur as Lakshmi is bang on. I am now a fan of this girl, who took the most challenging role in the recent times and played it with sensibility. Nagesh himself played as the villain. He was ruthless and terrific. Kudos to a director who can play a brutal negative role in his own film. The youth of a girl was raped and ravaged, there are moments that have haunted me and are lingering still in my mind.

The music was good. I loved two songs "Sun Ri Baavli" and "Sun Suguna Re". They will be on my playlist for a long time. The editing was precise, cutting out the unnecessary elements, and yet sticking to the needed things, which are a need to be shown, only then will evocative emotions come out from the viewers. When we say "this should not be shown" it essentially means that the particular thing has made an impression on the mind, you make like it or not is subject to the choice of conscience.

There are movies made on this subject long back but I cannot recall one in last 10-15 years. This one is not for the weak hearted and it takes a lot of guts to see it in the first place. The makers and actors need a huge applause for presenting it. Great work team.

Personally, I like the below lines on prostitution. 
Written by great "Sahir Ludhianvi" for the song "Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par" in the film "Pyaasa" in 1957.

"yahaan peer bhi aa chuke hai jawaan bhi
tan-o-mand bete bhi abba miyaa bhi
yeh biwi bhi hai, behan bhi hai maa bhi
jinhe naaz hai hind par woh kahaan hai"

My translation of those lines : 

The aged and the young have come here
The sons and the fathers too have come
These girls are wives, sisters, and mothers too
Those who are proud of the nation, where are they?

A 4/5 for the film. It's not flawless, and I will not be seeing it again, I wept badly after seeing this, and the scenes are still haunting. Perhaps, I will see only if it is a must. Yet, it is a must-see film, for those who are concerned about a girl child.

Note: This is a personal comment on the issue and not just a review. All opinions here are personal.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

वफ़ा से जंग ज़ारी

ज़िन्दगी छूटी, होगयी मौत कि तय्यारी 
राज़दारी जो चली हमारी यारी 
खालिया मुझे वो बिमारी 
दिया बेज़ारी, किया बाज़ारी, छोड़ा बिखारी 
रंगीन थे अखियाँ, अब है वो बेआँसू सूखे पिचकारी 
खुददारी कहा, हम बमे बने बड़े नाकारी 
कफ़न में होगा साथ, यादों कि अलमारी 
होगी वहा पर भी वफ़ा से जंग ज़ारी

बहुत बाकी है

साज़ ए दिल सजती है आज भी तेरे लिए 
हर धड़कन कि ताल बजती है तेरे लिए 
केहना अभी बहुत बाकी है तुमसे 
अभी बात यही पर रहने देता हूँ 

प्यार में भूखा

आँखों के नीचे काले धब्बे, चेहरा रूखा रूखा 
तन पे अजीब छींटे, बदन रूखा रूखा 
हाल बदतमीज़ है, पर ये हाल है मेरा 
प्यार में मरने का ख्वाब देखा था 
शायद मरजाउंगा प्यार में भूखा

ख़तम होगी नहीं

रुक जाए ये ज़मीन, गिर जाए आसमान,
प्यार मेरी कम होगी नहीं 
रुक जाए धड़कन मेरी, मिट जाए हम भी 
प्यार मेरी कम होगी नहीं 
कहते गए ऐसे ही हैम, तो शायद 
कहानी मेरी ख़तम होगी नहीं

हम है मजबूर

ख़याल आपके ही आते है, जान ए हुज़ूर 
किसी और को जानता भी नहीं, आप जो है इतना मशूर 
फिर भी आप रहते है, हमेशा हमसे दूर 
जाने अंजाने में किया, तो माफ़ करना मेरा कसूर 
कितना भी नफरत करो, एक बात कहना चाहूंगा ज़रूर 
आपकी हर अदा और बढ़ाती है आपकी नूर 
इसलिए आपको चाहने के लिए हम है मजबूर

पल में ज़िन्दगी

फुर्सत नहीं तुझे बाते सुन ने कि,
फिर भी ये बात कहना चाहता हूँ 
एक पल हमारे साथ बिता दो 
उस पल में ज़िन्दगी बिताना चाहता हूँ

बिछड़ कर तुम्हारा साथ

संग चला तूम्हारा, रास्ता खोगया बिछड़ कर तुम्हारा साथ 
कुछ माँगता हूँ खुदा से, तो बस तुम्हारा हाथ 
एक बार मेरा हाथ थाम लो, गुज़ार दूंगा ज़िन्दगी ख़ुशी में 
वरना तन्हाई में तड़प तड़प कर मरजायेंगे, बिछड़ कर तुम्हारा साथ  

तुमपे कुर्बान

अंजान था मैं प्यार के रास्तों से 
तुमने दिखाकर, चलना सिखाया 
सपनों मैं भी कभी सोचा न था 
ऐसी मनिल तुमने दिखाया 
साथ देकर अपनी, किया मुझपे एहसान 
भूल किये सफ़र में, तो माफ़ करना 
आखिर हम भी है इन्सान 
तेरी माफ़ करने कि अदा पे होगया तुमपे कुर्बान 

एक शक

वक़्त को मुजरिम मानता हूँ, इतना दूर जो किया तुमसे 
फिर भी एक शक है, होगया होगा ऐसे ही कोई कसूर हमसे 

एहसानमंद हूँ

मशूर बनाया तुमने मुझे, मेरा काम औरों को दिखाकर 
एहसानमंद हूँ तुम्हारा, मरजाउंगा तुम्हे भी मशूर बनाकर

उलझन में

साँसे होगयी तेरी धड़कन में शामिल 
हम आगये आपकी निगाहों कि बंधन में 
तरस खा कर, ज़रा छोड़ दो हमें 
हम नहीं आना चाहते प्यार कि उलझन में 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

QUEEN (2014) - HINDI

This film deserves the title QUEEN and most girls indeed are Queens in their own right. Girls. go watch this to feel liberated and Boys, please see to learn how to be and behave.

A simplistic story, narrated exceptionally well and executed with a finesse. It's real and can be easily related to, by many boys and girls. Girls must go and see it for what they can be despite the odds and hiccups in their lives. Boys must go and see to learn a few things of how to behave, respect and treat a girl. Some boys and even their parents want the new girl coming into their family, to be confined to the domestic responsibilities. This is precisely what the film takes on and in a very fun and light hearted way. 

Some feminists and women, have declared some men as having a MCP (Male Chauvinistic Pig) mentality. MCP's are men who believe it's a man's world and only men who take the right decisions. Some are even worse, few men, who under the guise of love, impose restrictions on their fiance or wife. As an example I can quote "Darling, you look beautiful in Saree, then why wear jeans" The girl responds "Anything for you darling". Jeans goes, saree comes in and that's how few boys intrude into freedom and start taking it off from the girl. This film stabs such boys right in their face.

Also, irrespective of caste, creed, nationality,race and even gender, a human being can live with his or her own ambitions, with free will and freedom, all can mutually exists and indeed help each other too. This is  another under current theme in the film. Self learning is better than being taught by someone else is also evident in the film.

So this is essentially a film that has multiple themes and comes off colorfully. It does not preach and silently does the job. I have not yet spoke about the protagonist Rani who is played superbly by Kangana Ranaut. Never did I think, that she can pull off a character with such ease and panache. There is a certain nonchalance in her restrain. She was never for a moment out of place or out of character. I was seeing a village girl Rani evolve into a matured girl, who learnt a lot about the world. Kangana shall win accolades and awards for her performance here. The next best was Lisa Haydon who played a sumptuous Vijayalakshmi.
All others have played their roles exceptionally too. Kudos to the director Vikas Bahl for extracting such fine performances.

There are many wonderful moments in the film. There is a "Sweater moment", a "Golgappa moment" and even a "Enraan Hashmi moment". Those who have seen the film will understand what the moments and those who have not, I request them to go see the film and explore these moments. 

Music complemented the film in a fine way. Amit Trivedi has done a fine job once again. The editing is simply knockout, there is rarely a dull moment in the whole film and editing deserves some praise and awards too. The cinematography is top notch. With production qualities being uncompromising, the production design was a treat to the eyes.

All this was done with a script that is very fluid and flows with a serene pace. The writers deserve a lot of praise for putting the script well. Surprisingly, Kangana has done some additional dialogue too and she did that well.

A 4/5 for a film that is a must watch for girls and for boys. It's youthful and extremely entertaining.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Music is certainly divine. It brings order in chaos and peace in life.

Music is what Maria brings into lives of the children of Georg Von Trapp. They in turn become loving, sincere and disciplined kids.

This film is certainly about music, the impact of music and how music can be used as a tool of inspiration to children. From the song "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" to the inspirational "Do Re Mi" to the title song "The Sound of Music" and the other wonderful song "My Favorite Things", these are exceptional songs that are tailor-made to the script and carry the narrative forward. Even the final song "So Long" is done wonderfully by everyone. Credit to the composers Richard Rogers and his team for this. Also, the director Robert Wise who had a vision and let the songs flow into the narrative fluidly and let the songs speak for the movie, is a wonderful thing.

this is certainly one of the great musicals that will be there for as long as movies exist. The well placed nuances, the theme, the characterization blended with the glorious style and the grandeur set in the alps. It makes this a great movie. Yet, I have only one thing against this and it's the plot. The plot is predictable and thus making me lose fun in between the film itself. The climax is pretty simplistic and comes in haste.
barring these, the rest is mellifluous and poetic.

No wonder why many musicians have loved this film. Even I love this, wish it was more unpredictable.
A 4/5 for this.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Thankfully, the year began on a promising note for the Hindi Film Industry. Thanks to Dedh Ishqiya for that.

 This is a film that you will like to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend (whichever is applicable) or spouse. Coz, there are some moments which will linger in head, long after you have seen this film. They may spice up some moments in your romance.

This film has subtitles. Thanks to the language used which is more Urdu than Hindi. I believe that since "Umrao Jaan" this is the first good attempt. 

The film works for the acting. Naseeruddin Shah is effortless. Arshad Warsi is the hyperactive Babban whose wit is hilarious and the spontaneity stupendous. Also they are ably supported by Huma Qureshi and Vijay Raaz and host of others. But above all others I give in to Madhuri Dixit as Begum Para. 

I love Madhuri Dixit and her dance. Thankfully, she dances and just those 5 minutes of her moves are divine. She has a divine grace in dancing and is surely one of the best dancers for screen. Thanks Madhuri for dancing superbly after a hiatus. 

The camera work is superb and even the editing is good. At least there is no nonsense. Dialogues by Vishal Bharadwaj and his team are exemplary. In fact the best I have heard in a Bollywood film in long time. 

Direction till the climax was wonderful and it fell flat in the climax scene. Apart from that, I have no big qualms from this. 

I am going with 3/5 for a good movie. It may not work for everyone but love and desire have always worked for me.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Wonderful performances and some crackling dialogues, made this worth a watch.

Marriage is a beautiful alliance if the couple understand each other. It will be a nightmare, if they fail to do so. But more or less, it's an alliance filled of compromises and lies at times. Lies can be said to keep the spouse happy too. But at what cost, is a terrible question. The consequences are mostly dreadful at times even practically. This movie is about an alliance of Love and Lies. 

Farhan Akhtar is man with tons of talent and his acting talent and his coming come use in a great deal in this film. Vidya Balan has been one of the finest actress in recent years and she plays her role as a wife and mother wonderfully. Between the two, their chemistry is great, and they seem to slide well into their roles. 

Aa script about a typical after marriage life, having baby, and trying to run away from responsibilities, learning from mistakes and forgiving each other would have been nonsensical if it did not have some great dialogues, which should make the stereotypes as fun but not as caricatures. that's what precisely happened in this well written script by Saket Chaudhary. 

From being together and have fun in early years of marriage, to changing anatomy through pregnancy, while the man becomes more responsible towards the family, and even earns more for them. This is all a cliched tale that every family goes through. The parent teacher meetings, the birthday parties of the kid's friends, they are all part and parcel of life. Now, those are made interesting by some good writing and fine acting. 

Together, the team has done a wonderful job in taking the script to a respectable level. The execution through cinematography is wonderful too. Though, editing seems to have disappointed in second half by dragging on some very dramatic moments, which would have been better chopped off. 

To Farhan and Vidya alone, this film is worth. Also there are wonderful performances by others including Vir Das and Ram Kapoor among many others.

A 3/5 would be apt in a film that's hilarious right through the first half, and a kind of drama in the second half. Yet, its fun all through. 

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