Thursday, March 6, 2014


Thankfully, the year began on a promising note for the Hindi Film Industry. Thanks to Dedh Ishqiya for that.

 This is a film that you will like to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend (whichever is applicable) or spouse. Coz, there are some moments which will linger in head, long after you have seen this film. They may spice up some moments in your romance.

This film has subtitles. Thanks to the language used which is more Urdu than Hindi. I believe that since "Umrao Jaan" this is the first good attempt. 

The film works for the acting. Naseeruddin Shah is effortless. Arshad Warsi is the hyperactive Babban whose wit is hilarious and the spontaneity stupendous. Also they are ably supported by Huma Qureshi and Vijay Raaz and host of others. But above all others I give in to Madhuri Dixit as Begum Para. 

I love Madhuri Dixit and her dance. Thankfully, she dances and just those 5 minutes of her moves are divine. She has a divine grace in dancing and is surely one of the best dancers for screen. Thanks Madhuri for dancing superbly after a hiatus. 

The camera work is superb and even the editing is good. At least there is no nonsense. Dialogues by Vishal Bharadwaj and his team are exemplary. In fact the best I have heard in a Bollywood film in long time. 

Direction till the climax was wonderful and it fell flat in the climax scene. Apart from that, I have no big qualms from this. 

I am going with 3/5 for a good movie. It may not work for everyone but love and desire have always worked for me.

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