Monday, March 3, 2014


Wonderful performances and some crackling dialogues, made this worth a watch.

Marriage is a beautiful alliance if the couple understand each other. It will be a nightmare, if they fail to do so. But more or less, it's an alliance filled of compromises and lies at times. Lies can be said to keep the spouse happy too. But at what cost, is a terrible question. The consequences are mostly dreadful at times even practically. This movie is about an alliance of Love and Lies. 

Farhan Akhtar is man with tons of talent and his acting talent and his coming come use in a great deal in this film. Vidya Balan has been one of the finest actress in recent years and she plays her role as a wife and mother wonderfully. Between the two, their chemistry is great, and they seem to slide well into their roles. 

Aa script about a typical after marriage life, having baby, and trying to run away from responsibilities, learning from mistakes and forgiving each other would have been nonsensical if it did not have some great dialogues, which should make the stereotypes as fun but not as caricatures. that's what precisely happened in this well written script by Saket Chaudhary. 

From being together and have fun in early years of marriage, to changing anatomy through pregnancy, while the man becomes more responsible towards the family, and even earns more for them. This is all a cliched tale that every family goes through. The parent teacher meetings, the birthday parties of the kid's friends, they are all part and parcel of life. Now, those are made interesting by some good writing and fine acting. 

Together, the team has done a wonderful job in taking the script to a respectable level. The execution through cinematography is wonderful too. Though, editing seems to have disappointed in second half by dragging on some very dramatic moments, which would have been better chopped off. 

To Farhan and Vidya alone, this film is worth. Also there are wonderful performances by others including Vir Das and Ram Kapoor among many others.

A 3/5 would be apt in a film that's hilarious right through the first half, and a kind of drama in the second half. Yet, its fun all through. 

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