Wednesday, March 21, 2018


A good film for kids, wish it was equally good for adults as well.

It has all the ingredients that will make a typical film work but it misses its heartbeat. The heart is in the right place but I wish the heartbeat too was rhythmic. It rises then stays flat and to rise again so that's the wave of the heartbeat of the film. It's likable but definitely not lovable.

The quality of animation is good as it is least expected in any animation film these days coming out of Hollywood. I dare say Animation Industry has become a parallel industry to the mainstream Hollywood and in Animation there are gem-like films. PIXAR is one of the finest places in Animation films while other studios have their hits and misses. Warner Animation Group, the producer of this film earlier made "The Lego Movie" which was fun but this film lacked fun. Yes, there are funny moments but they are not as many as anticipated in an animation film.

I am not wasting more words or time in reviewing this,. But for me, it was an average outing and I am going with 2/5.


This is the second collaboration of Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson after “There Will Be Blood” and I dare say another piece of art has been made by them.

This is a meditative film. Yes, I felt like I was transmitted to a space where I see very few happenings and hear beautiful music of Schubert and other greats. To say I was taken into trance may be the perfect way to put it. Yet, the ending was perverse at the same time provocative as well.

A mother wants a hyper active passionate and obsessive child to be falling ill at times to show her power and win his/her love. The mother is being mother there, I have no judgement yet it seems perverse from the outside as how is she making him weak and how the child is loosing his/her time towards his passion. Yet, from the view point of mother her act is completely understandable as only his weakness makes her powerful and the child would then realize the value of mother.

Mother is a metaphor in the film and that comes in the form of lover and that is more surprising. Paul Thomas Anderson chose a rather peculiar subject as he always does but depiction is fascinating.

This film definitely rewarded my patience but I am not sure if the audience these days are so patient as me and my friend Raghuveer (with whom I watched this film)

A 3/5 for a good film that provoked some perverse thoughts in my head.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Terrific show and the great Hyderabadi crowd made this a memorable experience.

Before I thank the GOD, ARR for his superb performance, I would love to thank the well-behaved people of Hyderabad. Hyderabadis love music and more so love ARR and it's proven once again.

My first ARR concert was on Feb 14th, 2006 at the same venue and the next was in Pune in 2009 and now I am attending my third concert of the GOD (I do not think there is any need for me to introduce the GOD).

I am writing this blog to treasure the experience

The songs (in the order of their play in the concert)

Nadaan parinde
Yeh jo des hai tera
Chinni chinni aasa
Tu hi re
Pedave Palikina
Dil Se Re
Azeen o shehanshah
Chale chalo
Tera bina - guru
Jo bhi main

There was a faith section in which below songs were played

Nammakamiyyara Swami
Patakha guddi

Rangeela took a special place as 3 songs were played

Rangeela Re
Spirit of Rangeela
Rehna Tu
Pyaar ye jaane kaisa hai
Kismat se tum

A medley of these songs followed

Tu bin bataaeyin
O bhavre
Paruvam Vaanaga
Jashn e bahaaraa
Chanda re
Saans mein teri
O ri chori
E ajnabi
Jiya jale
Aawaara bhavre
Ghanan ghanan
Mujhe rang de

Then, there was a small interval with Conquest between Percussionists - (Thaniyavarthanam)

Then, the concert continued with these songs

Randaali - 2.0
Tum Tak
Prema parichayame
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Phir Se Ud chala
Inna Sona Kyu Rab Ne

Mausam - Slumdog Millionaire
Konchem Niru Konchem nippu(tamil)
Rang de basanti
Main albeli
Tu bole
Chikbuk raile
Raga Dance (taal)

Mustafa (this was a crowd uniting song as almost everyone in the crowd stood and started flashing their mobile flashlight)

Urvashi urvashi

Humma humma
Kotta bangaru lokam (hindi)

It ended with "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire.


A classic and it remains so forever.

One of the finest films by controversial director Ram Gopal Varma, this stands out for the actress that is Sridevi. There couldn't be an appropriate time for watching this, as I watched it in  memory of Sridevi who shook India by her untimely demise. She has gone too soon and I can never fathom that I am existing in a world that's not deprived of Sridevi's existence. "Kshana Kshanam" is one of the finest acting experiences she would have had and as a viewer, this is one of the most happy experiences. To see Sridevi in a full blown comedy and yet fearful way was a delight way back in 1991 and even today, as I write.

The film is a cop-chase comedy with the protagonist Satya (Sridevi) being pushed into a scenario where is being chased down by villains for having details of huge sum of money. She meets a street thief Chandu (Venkatesh) accidentally and how they take on the villains and get hold of money forms the rest of the story. As a story it may not attract anyone on paper but the fun is in watching it.

Director Ram Gopal Varma became a great director, not by great stories but by handling the given concept at hand adeptly. His taking, his narration and the way he creates characters is something that only he could do. Paresh Rawal plays the role of the antagonist and the one scene where he plays a piano and asks for tune remains a classic even today. It is moments like these that have made this film great and it continues to stand tall in Telugu Film History.

Thanks to Sridevi for doing the role of Satya in a way only she could do. Also, special mention to Keeravani for some terrific music that he gave. I listen to the songs from the film every now and then and feel happy about the same. These songs shall be there forever on my playlist.

A 4/5 for one of the greatest Telugu Films.

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