Monday, September 30, 2013


Stylish without substance. Power packed punches in a powerless story. 

I have kept myself away as much as possible from the Telugu Films, because they are mostly not to my liking. But, I went to see this movie as it had to face a tough piracy devil. Pawan Kalyan made a good gesture by returning his remuneration back So that triggered a feeling in me and I went for it. Thanks to fans who made this film stand tall in such turbulent times and made it earn the revenue.

Coming to the film, I am disappointed again. As many telugu films have made me feel, it's the old wine in a new bottle. Here, I will just give my likes and dislikes coz I do not want to spend much time on this. I have been through an ordeal of 3 hours already and spending more time on this film would make no sense as I do not think it's a movie worth spending time


1) Video Direction of "Ninnu Choodagane" song
2) Usage of the 1940's Song "Katama Rayuda". Well rendered by Pawan Kalyan but not so well placed. 
3) Re recording, sound mixing and even background score at places. 
4) Some 20 dialogues of Trivikram, not more (each dialogue that has a rhyme I felt was not so unnecessary, most were not related to situation)


1) The biggest dislike is editing, too many uncalled for scenes just to add up some commercial. It was done for the sake of it but not for any purpose
2) The second biggest crib is screenplay, it's a serial that is made into a feature film. Even for that, the screenplay is showed as if it's non linear, I found some similarities with the "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" screenplay too. "BMB" film needed that, but this film went overboard.
3) Dialogues for Samantha and even her acting, I wish someone else did act, she is just not a good actor. But it seems for telugu audience she is good enough.
4) Bringing Brahmanandam just for the sake of it, he was not needed but director created space specifically to fit him. The skit made in the film was too long. Indeed, his presence itself was too long.
5) Now, the biggie, Pawan Kalyan and his mannerisms.  I was doubting his manhood at various points. He acted as a girl in various uncalled for moments. Though his dialogue delivery is fine, his body language is not to my liking. 

Overall, I am going with a generous 2/5 for this. I did not like this serial (I felt it was like a serial more than film).

Monday, September 23, 2013


I have seen an epistolary play in the form of "LOVE LETTERS" and now there is a epistolary film in the form of "THE LUNCHBOX". I am so lucky to have been part of this. Lunchbox is a definite watch for few emotions that are rarely touched upon in Indian films.

Before I review the movie, I have liked 3 Indian movies this year. LOOTERA. BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG and SHIP OF THESEUS. If Lootera was a fable romance story, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag lifted my spirits and the SHIP OF THESEUS did jolt my consciousness and make me ask many questions. But Lunchbox dug deeper in few emotional aspects. It asked me if I crave for love, long for someone, do I have a heart that empathises with the aspects of companion and how long will I go   .

Longing is an universal feeling and that's well portrayed depicted and put in this film. Yet, I too was longing for more after the film. Wish that the film was more in length. In just about 1 hour, its hard to induce a feeling so deep and that's what I believe was the only drawback. 

The performances were simply superb and even sublime. Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the charmer and the bright spot who brought smiles. Nimrat Kaur was a married yet lonely wife and a caring mother. Irrfan Khan was the perfect gentleman and a serious type who craves for companionship and when he finds, he gives it away with his own prejudices. These three actors are just too good but again in 1 hour they are very short lived and I was craving even for their acting and more of their emotions.

The sound editing was at time overlapping but otherwise it gave a realistic feel. The art direction, cinematography were well complemented. The screenplay excelled at places and threw a few surprises too like the coffee shop scene. A few scenes were repetitive which besotted with a sense of deja vu. It indeed worked for the film as it made me feel living a mundane life of the character. The dialogues are witty and smart.

If I ever a crib, then it's about the story, well its made of few letters and they do not reveal more emotions. That's one thing I again wanted to see more. Overall it left me disappointed in aspects of time and emotions as they were very short lived. Else, it would have been a wonderful film. Having said that, on the face of it, I like the movie though not loved it. Maybe the interval break which was uncalled for in such a short movie, spoiled the joy. I need to see this without a break so will get a DVD of this.

A 4/5 for this and by no means it can be missed. But you watch and decide please. This is one of the most simplistic films you may have seen.Also, I felt hungry after watching this, I just loved the kofta made in this. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Each year, I wish this day shall not come
But my prayers go unheard 
I wish that this crime shall not be done
Alas, blindness is high in the human herd

For,  the rapists of a girl the law falls in line
But for abuse upon me, it all seems so fine
Coming to my seas and beaches of mine for vacations
Writing poetry by my lakes or rivers for recreation

Yet, you dump the garbage and your waste
I bear it all the year but today is a total distaste
The iron and oil you paint your gods with
They cannot dissolve nor sail
They just make ashamed of your myth
But again, none can hear my wails

I seek salvage from this rampage
But despite my cries, I am not given respite
I am an essence of you, an element you can never miss 
But "O human" by abusing me you are in bliss 

I cry today but I see for none it matters
Please spare me I beg you in tears
Alas, you cannot see nor feel mine

They too are of my own soul "the waters" 

A feeling I go through each year when I pass by lakes after the "Ganesh Visarjan". I think, how would the waters feel by the abuse we do to it. Poor soul of waters goes through a lot of pain. I am happy by initiatives of Clay idols being kept, but it's not enough. I wish a day will come soon when the oil painted and iron filled idols are banned. Till that day, there shall be "TEARS OF WATERS"

Friday, September 13, 2013


Kiss me on my forehead
Kiss me on my cheeks
Kiss me on my nose
Kiss me on lips
Kiss me anywhere you want
Kiss me with your tender lips
Kiss me forever and never stop
Kiss me, dear, for a lifetime
Let me die in your kisses


I am a poet first everything else next
I heard his first line in our first meet
As moments passed with days and nights
I heard his poems in rains and scorching sun

With many ‘of courses’ in our long discourses
With cigar or wine at lunch or as we dine
We were young then and words were handy

And a day I had to part, with him and his poems
I said ‘Thank you for your friendship”
On what I thought was our last meet
He said ‘Thank my poems before anything else
And we shall meet again in a corner of Life Street’

I met him years later and true were his words
Now he was residing on the throne of words
With many poems in the shrine of his thoughts
He said ‘World is round and thus you land
On the same ground with wrinkled feet and hands”

Some too deep, some too long his poems were
Some mellowed sonnets and rest were songs
It was a corner and I met him at life’s dead end

A dawn, by a message he did send
I knew of his illness that cannot mend
I went to his place to have some time spent
I greeted him though wailing ‘Hello Friend’
He in hurry yelled in his last breath
I am a poet first everything else next


This poor man is a mendicant
Begging for love, begging you
With a heart filled with nothing but love
Care is what I do not show
To anyone but you
Fear is what I do not have
Of anything but losing you
Think, is what I cannot do
Of anyone but just you
The bees, the caterpillars, and ants
The tiniest of things understand it
Hope you would one day get
What I am going through


Come tonight, O beautiful
I'd show you love
Come tonight just for another time
And see the words of love
Come please, for tonight
For tomorrow, I do not have an idea
Where’d I be and where’d you be
Come, come, come tonight
I shall give you my love and my soul


Money comes, money goes
It brings clothes, it brings shoes
The reason for our might, the reason for our woes
The reason for friends, the reason for foes
Money comes in gold, paper, and plastic
It makes many sway in its music
It takes us to fantasies and gives thrills
It makes real, many dreamy frills
Money sheds for most their every tear
It can buy all; one may say but I say it cannot
Money can’t buy the love of mother or brother
Money can’t, my dear, give the peace for a lifetime
It can’t buy death, though it can buy a gun
It can buy a medicine, but can’t really give life
Yet, my friends and dear ones, I say this
Money, to get is substantial if not more
To make pleasures and passions come true
To make the holiday’s funny and travel easy
Money, for some buys food, makes them feel good
Money makes even in tragedy a blissful mood


Words of all sorts
Words of death, words of life
Words of love and its strife
Words of glory, words of defeat
Words are there for every feat
Words are a lot, for every spot
Words are still hard to get on trot
Words for siblings and parents
Words for owners and tenants
Words for joy and for grief
Words for pain and its relief
Words for poor rich and sages
Words for the modern and for the ages
Words of music, words of noise
Words of extremes, words of poise
Words for unknown roots of nature
Words some for God's mighty stature
Words, without them what could we be?
Words should say again what would we be?
Words are singer’s friend and writer’s wife
Words give meaning to each one’s life
Words are there to be cared for
Words are there to be spared for
Words at any times shall always be
Words for words and words are with words


A hind door of a car opened at the traffic signal
A fair girl with sharp aspect got down
She then closed it as if
She locked the door of her love mansion
In a pink and white striped shirt
And her casual blue jeans
She walked like a queen and road is her own
Took notice then, that she was to be known
As a friend to whom many lost their heart
But she wasn't willing to hold any of theirs
For she doesn't have her own heart
She said she lost her's to a handsome man 
For me, he was some unknown
However, I lost mine too at the very place she walked
I, in the tiny glance, lost mine in her mighty gait
And to reveal that name I feel shy
For me, she is an angel while others call her .......


Cook something, 
Fill it with your love 
Add a kiss as a topping
I will relish the most delicious dish tonight


To rekindle your love
How much dare should I have?
The strength with which gods as well as the demons
Threw away planets with their arms
Would that be enough?
For my love, your love is heavier
Than the burden bore by the universe
I lost it once and can I lose it again?
I wish to take the leap tomorrow
Hope this time it will be for eternity
My joys or sorrow that take me into tranquility
By making me alive here or alive in heaven
I wait in a dare, to rekindle the fire
In all eagerness to see even if that shall make my pyre

Monday, September 9, 2013

కాళోజీ జ్ఞాపకార్థం

ఆ కళ్ళు కళలకు ఆకళ్ళు 
ఆకళ్ళ కలలు ఆకళ్ళు 
కళలకు కళ్ళు ఆకళ్ళు 
కలలు ఆకళ్ళ ఆకళ్ళు   

-----కాళోజీ నారాయణరావు

These are the words of Kaloji Narayana Rao about the hunger deaths of our farmers.
This is in his memory of his 99th Birthday today (9th September). Sad that such poets have been forgotten by most of the youth. Hopeful that such poets shall be embraced and remembered for long. 


Ballantine's in association with Dramanon presents Rage Production's "Love Letters " Starring Rajit Kapur & Shernaz Patel

DATE : SEPT 8th 2013

An engaging and enthralling play and I was very happy to have watched this.

It was like I witnessed lives of two people and indeed interesting journey. Love Letters written by A.R. Gurney is a play about the letters exchanged between Andy Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, over 50 years., The content of letters comprises of communication about their school, their relationships, marriage, children, divorce, art, politics and some of their missed opportunities and more importantly how they miss each other.

Directed by Rahul Da Cunha, the play uses music lighting and the setup intelligently and its a sight to watch. One can't put in words how intelligently they have used the boxes, that have become benched, beds, and even a cross. About the use of music, each song marked a decade from ues of 1940s to pop of 1990s it was wonderfully blended with the emotions of the characters.

Shernaz Patel plays Melissa Gardener who seems to be an artist on the losing side. The conviction she has brought to the role. It was just stupendous and deserved more than a special standing ovation.
Rajit Kapur play Andrew Ladd III and the way he got into the role like a chameleon changing hairstyles, makeup and becoming a kid, a sailor and an old senator in a performance that it's tough to be put in mere words. The play got a standing ovation and it deserved it. Now, I know got a reason why this play is successful and is being played for over 21 years and its a flagship play for RAGE productions. I hope many more performances by these two shall be done for this play. 

Coming to the writing of the play, this is a play in two acts and while I felt the first act was boring as it had too much information and less emotion, the second act was something that covered up the whole play and lead to an emotional climax. Now every life has to end with death, and as I always keep myself saying it's how you end up makes all the difference. I want to end up living a life, where I have enjoyed all I wanted, from food to home to car to relationships and same shall be the case with most. Melissa, due to her own choices ends up in a way we do not want anyone to and Andrew in a way which most of us aspire to. This contrast is what makes this an outstanding one. 

Also. I was very happy to see a nearly house-full crowd for this. Way to go Hyderabad and I wish there shall be more crowd pulling plays like these. A 4/5 for this. Liked it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Alfred Hitchcock is the finest filmmaker of suspense and thrill and even chase. His chase films are far superior and better than most. The 39 steps started it all way back in 1935 and his other films like "North By Northwest" followed it up.

I saw this film way back in 1994 in DD Metro when films were played at 10 30 at Night. I revisited this film nearly 3 times again and this time, I am reviewing it now. I must confess that I love this in all aspects.  

An innocent accused of murder Robert Donat, running from London to Scotland and back picks up a reluctant Madeleine Carroll as his companion. The journey they undertake is a revelation. It's more suspenseful and happening than being merely called romantic. The hotel in which they stay, the happenings around. The protection offered and the escape and the ultimate truth being brought out. This forms the crux of the film. Now, all this while, there are some splashes of romances at least some nuances being thrown at and I hope you watch it for yourself to know what those are. 

Oh, did I mention that this is an espionage film. Now, 4 years before the World War 2, Hitchcock made this in England and thats the vision of a man. Post World War, the spies become a common phenomenon. But Hitchcock made all of these much before anyone had even got a thought and that's genius. Of course there can be few more espionage films prior to this but Hitchcock glorified the genre with this film I believe. 

This film came after the much successful "The Man Who Knew Too Much" and the climax follows a  similar path. But this is probably Hitchcock's best film from his pre-Hollywood period era. There are some really wonderful editing moments like the one after the maids scream dissolves into the hissing of a train whistle. Now, see what she finds and that's really good in terms of editing and screenplay too. 

Now, cinematography is superb the sound editing of which Hitchcock is a master is sublime considering 1935 and from gun shot to wind everything seems to be captured well. 

The 39 Steps is the quintessential Hitchcock and it's worth a watch for it holds many aces up the sleeve and delivers it at the apt moments. A 4/5 for this. 

Monday, September 2, 2013


I liked it but not to the extent that I love it.

It's a good film, a fun watch but it's cliched in dialogue and screenplay. It relies heavily on the two leads, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Though Julia Roberts as Anna Scott does her part with ease, Hugh Grant as Will Thacker seems to be shaky, and uncomfortable. Also, its way too long with a running time of more than two hours for something that a very light romantic comedy. 

Editing lacks hold in an otherwise well written film. But the dialogue ruins the well written scenes by putting some mediocre lines that were extremely predictable by me. I felt, this film did not have the charm of romances like "When Harry Met Sally" or "Love Actually". The chemistry between Julia and Hugh though made up for most flaws, it did not cover them well enough.    

Just an example

William Thacker: I've opened Pandora's Box!
Spike: I knew a girl named Pandora in High School once...Never did see her box though!

If such jokes make you laugh and smile, then this movie is certainly for you. For me, this was a very poor joke and I could not buy such jokes. The sad part is the film is filled with such lines and that is why I did not like it much. 

For sure, there are good aspects in terms of production. But with such actors at the helm and budget taking a toll, those things are expected too. Writer Richard Curtis seems to be a good one at slapstick comedy and slick dialogues but what he is not is mastering the same and adding a touch and flavour of his own. The same "I love you" can be said in innumerable ways but it has to be one that will be attractive and has it's own place in the hearts of the viewer. 

I am going with 2/5 for this. Though its a very well made romantic comedy. It lacks that speciality of becoming greater than a normal film. I am also skeptical if this will stand the test of time either.


How do you like idea of having sex when cars are crashing? My friend asked me to watch this movie
posing the question. I fell in love with the movie not with the idea though.

I loved the taking and the bottom line "to what extent one can go to have a fantasy fulfilled". The fetish is abnormal and is named paraphilia. I don't know if any body does that in real life or even has such fantasy but David Cronenberg the director seems to be fantasized by such a fetish and made a film out of it. Extraordinary situations demand exemplary acting and thats what we have in here. 

Cronenberg stands all amidst directors in terms of boldness, bringing surrealism and making us believe that somethings may exist. He just makes me succumb to the believability of his themes and therein lies the greatness of Cronenberg. 

Now, this film is more like a fantasy fable and even the way it is presented is such. The interesting part comes when this fable seems to be a reality. Yes, paraphilia exists, yes people want to have fun in absurd and weird circumstances and this reality is married with a fable making this a really wonderful film. James Spader seems to be holding a bunch of sex driven films to his credit. Be it "Sex Lies and Videotape" or "Secretary" and is aptly cast as James Ballard. I do not think, Cronenberg might have been rejected by many other actors, to whom this role was offered. Nevertheless, Spader seemed to be in the right shoes for the role and he has done a commendable job. 

The film is a challenge coz it marries, the psychology of the brain to the physical desire, a dire necessity of many humans and creates a layered and textured form of a fantasy which is rare and yet so absorbing. David Cronenberg took this challenge from the novel of the same by James Ballard. To write, anyone can write anything, but to make using a publicly accessible medium in a way that it is acceptable is one thing that Cronenberg should be applauded for above all. 

I stand by this film and admire many things which are extremely challenging and even introspecting and appreciate the courage of the writer-director David Cronenberg. The editing gives us the right dose or romance of romance and action. The cinematography sets the right environment. The music creates the right mood. Now, in such a film what more can you ask for. Thus, I suppose it's one of the most challenging assignments that was accomplished with an aplomb by a director.

I thank my friend "Raghuveer" who acquainted me with the film and I am happy to have seen this. A big thanks to the master director David Cronenberg too. A 4/5 for this. 


One of the finest war films I have ever seen. 

Based on the World War II, this film has a masterful screenplay that was supremely directed. Thanks to the writer Alistair MacLean who wrote the screenplay and to Brian Hutton, the director. I sincerely believe that the screenplay writer should have been present each day of the shoot to monitor that his work is being visualised as he thought of. With the writers presence it's very tough to encapsulate the story of such magnitude and present it in such a great form.

The starting music, the shot of the flight, just built up a tension that never let me free till the very end. I am not sure if this was an edge of seat thriller, but for me it was , because I was on the edge just waiting in wonderment, what would happen next when I first saw this many many years ago. 

Richard Burton as Major John Smith seems to be a master in holding himself in cold blood as he diligently plans the whole plot. While Clint Eastwood as Lt. Morris Schaffer seems to be action hero who executes the plans to precision and yields results against all the odds. Yes, there are certain cinematic liberties taken in building up the drama but that's good as long as they are meant to entertain and enhance the purpose of the film. 

In 1968, this film might have been made with exorbitant budget. I say this, considering the production values, the cinematography, the sound mixing and even the costumes. But, all is well as it paid off handsomely and the big take away is that it's worth investing in something that has content as the soul. So much money poured in to this meaningful script yielded worthy results.

I cannot reveal the plot or even say what it is about, as I have not done for most of my films. But I can say this, if you are lover of some good suspense and drama. Then this film shall be worth your time.  A definite 5/5 for this one. This one deserves a watch more than once. Also, I strongly believe this shall stand the test of time as it stood till now and keeps increasing its fan-base.

RAY (2004) - ENGLISH

Though cliched, the music and the performances make it an interesting biopic. 

Jamie Foxx surely gave a performance that deserved all the adulation it got. The Academy Award seems to be the tip of iceberg for this film. Thanks to Jamie for surrendering himself to the role and giving us one heck of a show. 

Charles Ray, on whom this biopic is based on was an exemplary music talent. He generated sublime music and got rewards equally. He was for most of the good time, rage of the nation of USA. He had the knack of breaking records, creating chartbusters and being on top through 1950's and 1960's. But he had one challenge that was gifted to him, he was blind. Now despite that, he became something of a magician with the piano, with music, in arranging the choir and managing his own band. Wow, these are great feats that very few people have done and he was the one who seems to have started it all. 

Now, this film just does not show the white picture of Ray, he has some grey shades like getting into narcotics, using heroin and had some infidelity too. Now, this makes the character of Ray colourful, The colours are well brought by Jamie Foxx in the role and he made it effortless. Under those dark glasses are eyes that had seen a great part of life and world, that rarely few get an opportunity to witness. And through this film, the director Taylor Hackford tried to show us a good glimpse of what Ray had been through in his times.

It can be commended for the setup, the periodical art direction, the cinematography, the editing, the writing. But if there is an aspect that stands above all is the music. The very important usage of music makes this film completely interesting and fun to which. The selection, assembling of music well and making Jamie perform to the music I believe was the masterstroke of the director and this paid of well. 

The screenplay is laced well with the past coming back infrequently and helping us understand the reactions of Ray. Yet, I believe it was kind of preachy and would have liked it more active than the passive character of his mother. I give the flaw away, because even the junior Ray performed his tiny role competently well and took this away from me. 

It's an effortless watch and a wonderful Biopic. Above all else, watch this for an encompassing and endearing performance by Jamie Foxx. A 4/5 for this. 


Madness. It makes no sense. 

This is for sure a hallucinating, surreal, trippy trip to the Vegas I had ever been subjected to. Yet, I could not relate all the happenings in the film, substantiate them with a story and then take this is as one film. Terry Gilliam is a fantastic director who know how to play with written work and with the camera too. But here, something coherent in writing and camera work was missing. 

Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke and Benecio Del Toro as Dr. Gonzo have played the roles with such conviction and freedom that they seem real, natural and the best part they feel like the characters and not the actors. They have given their everything into these characters like Johnny Depp going Bald and Del Toro growing a big fat tummy. It should have been a very daunting task for them physical and psychologically to hold this film tight in grip and give away their everything. Johnny Depp we know is one of the finest actors and turns into a chameleon. But Its Del Toro who rose above the script so high that even a look into the guys of a girl, made me shiver as much as the girl shivered. 

Terry Gilliam made something creepy, hallucinating and even monochromatic with those red scenes sprayed for some good amount of time in the film. Yet, he did not stitch them well is what I strongly felt. Well, I agree that when under the influence of narcotics, its all random and nothing coherent or organised but when I look at the other films like Trainspotting and put this in that league, it had a big flaw. That one flaw is lack of a story. 2 guys go to Las Vegas, have fun and get back. OK, but how and what is the purpose. This is what is essentially lacking is what I felt.

Having said that, it is surely one of the trippy films and I may dare say indeed the best hallucinating films that hits the psyche when one is high. But sad part is, I was always sober when I watched it and also let me confess, this is the second time I watched. First viewing was random and I could not contemplate much, though I missed something. But in the second viewing now, I found that there is nothing much to talk or write or contemplate about this film. 

Having said that it is not be a film to be written off either, some may find it completely trippy, of the cuff, brilliant and even flamboyant. Thus making it great. The music is used well, The cinematography, art direction, the costumes and the make up are just pitch perfect with the tone of the film. Even other departments like editing, casting must be appreciated. But yes, I believe it lacked Direction. 

A film that begins with a terrific monologue and made me delve for the first half an hour into a trip, just lost steam later and it took me places where I was not so happy to be. Having said all that, it is very difficult for me to give a rating for this. Though it did not work for me, it may work for many who appreciate many elements of this and give this away for the lack of direction. So for myself I am going with an average rating of 2/5. But please check it out and judge it. Hopefully you may find something which you will like about this film. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sleight of hand, comes in terms of writing by the screenplay of this. 

The dexterous Christopher Nolan has mad a movie on Magic and he reveals how intricately and deceptively can a movie on Magic be made. With so many intercuts, mis-en-scenes, it's tough to grasp the pace and understand reason behind everything till the very end.  The intrigue builds up with each passing scene but Alas, it falls flat in the end. The only thing I did not like is the last 2 minutes when so much revelation is done is so less time. For the rest of the time, its stupendously outstanding.

The cast has done a prime job, especially Christian Bale. Hugh Jackman and the beautiful Scarlett Johansson have played their parts convincingly well. I cannot name the characters here, as Bale and Jackman play multiple characters in the film and it's tough for me to putting them and taking away the intrigue and mystery. Scarlett Johansson plays Olivia Wenscombe and adapts to it extremely well. 

The art direction is one that is extremely commendable and needs more than a thought, the setup entirely needed vision and the director Nolan had all that and more. The music is extremely situational and wonderful as it does not interrupt the narrative and still holds a place in the memory of the viewer. 

Mind you, this is not a film to watch for fun, it needs some brains to decipher this, to contemplate this and to get this into our head. So the prime most thing it demands is attention and some concentration, you give them to the film, it rewards you overwhelmingly and that's a great thing for a film. The cinematography is wonderful, some long shots at Tesla's place are really wonderful. The dark and intriguing atmosphere is well built up. Kudos to the cameraman Wally Pfister. 

It's a wonderful film and indeed one of the best film made on magicians. Having said that, it's a must that we have our brains intact while watching this. A 4/5 for this. 

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