Friday, September 13, 2013


Words of all sorts
Words of death, words of life
Words of love and its strife
Words of glory, words of defeat
Words are there for every feat
Words are a lot, for every spot
Words are still hard to get on trot
Words for siblings and parents
Words for owners and tenants
Words for joy and for grief
Words for pain and its relief
Words for poor rich and sages
Words for the modern and for the ages
Words of music, words of noise
Words of extremes, words of poise
Words for unknown roots of nature
Words some for God's mighty stature
Words, without them what could we be?
Words should say again what would we be?
Words are singer’s friend and writer’s wife
Words give meaning to each one’s life
Words are there to be cared for
Words are there to be spared for
Words at any times shall always be
Words for words and words are with words

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