Monday, September 30, 2013


Stylish without substance. Power packed punches in a powerless story. 

I have kept myself away as much as possible from the Telugu Films, because they are mostly not to my liking. But, I went to see this movie as it had to face a tough piracy devil. Pawan Kalyan made a good gesture by returning his remuneration back So that triggered a feeling in me and I went for it. Thanks to fans who made this film stand tall in such turbulent times and made it earn the revenue.

Coming to the film, I am disappointed again. As many telugu films have made me feel, it's the old wine in a new bottle. Here, I will just give my likes and dislikes coz I do not want to spend much time on this. I have been through an ordeal of 3 hours already and spending more time on this film would make no sense as I do not think it's a movie worth spending time


1) Video Direction of "Ninnu Choodagane" song
2) Usage of the 1940's Song "Katama Rayuda". Well rendered by Pawan Kalyan but not so well placed. 
3) Re recording, sound mixing and even background score at places. 
4) Some 20 dialogues of Trivikram, not more (each dialogue that has a rhyme I felt was not so unnecessary, most were not related to situation)


1) The biggest dislike is editing, too many uncalled for scenes just to add up some commercial. It was done for the sake of it but not for any purpose
2) The second biggest crib is screenplay, it's a serial that is made into a feature film. Even for that, the screenplay is showed as if it's non linear, I found some similarities with the "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" screenplay too. "BMB" film needed that, but this film went overboard.
3) Dialogues for Samantha and even her acting, I wish someone else did act, she is just not a good actor. But it seems for telugu audience she is good enough.
4) Bringing Brahmanandam just for the sake of it, he was not needed but director created space specifically to fit him. The skit made in the film was too long. Indeed, his presence itself was too long.
5) Now, the biggie, Pawan Kalyan and his mannerisms.  I was doubting his manhood at various points. He acted as a girl in various uncalled for moments. Though his dialogue delivery is fine, his body language is not to my liking. 

Overall, I am going with a generous 2/5 for this. I did not like this serial (I felt it was like a serial more than film).

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