Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The most immersing cinematic experience since AVATAR.

Before I begin the review I have a qualm to express. I am appalled by the way Prasads IMAX does it's business. IMAX was built with a specific purpose and now with release of Telugu films which do not deserve an IMAX screen, Prasads expressed that its purpose is to serve Telugu films and the films essentially meant for an IMAX release, like GRAVITY have to take a backseat. I wish there was one show of this film in IMAX.

How many do know that there is an IMAX  in NASA Space Center in Florida. I was lucky to be at NASA in 2010 and more so as I did see a wonderful film called HUBBLE there. Now, GRAVITY is a film that is based on what may have happened to HUBBLE. That is all it has in common and from then on, its a bumpy ride its a kind of cast away it space. Where one person is caught in jeopardy and has to get out of it. 

George Clooney as Matt Kowalsky and Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone are two NASA people on board the Hubble on an operation. Now, in space fixing a screw too is like an operation coz its daunting task there, considering many things. In GRAVITY, their characters are wonderfully written by Alfonso Cuaron and both have done their jobs wonderfully and indeed Sandra Bullock has won my heart with her performance. 

Why is Gravity so immersive is because this is not a film where merely some story is said. It throws you into the action, makes you empathise with the character and makes you relieved when the character attains the impossible. That's how cinema is supposed to be and GRAVITY succeeds in involving the eyes and the physical body language too of the viewer too. I felt dizzy at times and I am still feeling the jolt hours later. Impact is such heavy and also it's all worthwhile.

Alfonso Cuaron, who took the pain of directing it must be a relieved man now since he has done the job wonderfully in directing this marvel now can sit back and enjoy the results of the  hard work. The pain he took in detailing can be felt in every nuance that is there is on the screen, even the teardrops, the nuts and bolts, wow for all those in space. All my salutations to Alfonso, the writer director who had a vision and he has executed it a way that we seldom see in cinema.

I loved the editing and the soundtrack. But above all else, I loved the cinematography and the visual effects. Placing the camera in the right position and to encapsulate the whole feeling in the lens is remarkably done. The post production work I am sure will sweep all the visual effects awards of this year.

Above all, it's a story of inspiration and of human spirit winning in hard times. When there is hope and some common sense, "fortune favours the brave" and that's what exactly happened in GRAVITY.

A 5/5 for one of the most compelling experiences at cinema. I wish this film was not given a break by our theatre people and I also wish that this will be soon released in IMAX as I am eager to catch it up in IMAX many many times. JUST LOVED THE EXPERIENCE.

I take this opportune moment, to show (indeed show off) a few of my own pics of NASA, FLORIDA. 

CLICK ON THE LINK please for my NASA pics.

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