Tuesday, October 30, 2012


When the world is sleeping
I would make my own sun
When the world is weeping
I would run and have some fun

Paranoids, in the heartbeats
Parasites, on the streets
Psycho maniacs in parties
Psychiatrists in the meets

Their life is on a swing now
One can't guess when they would fall
And in my heart, I have a song
But I don't know where to stop

Going to the edge of the world
From where I can see them all
And where I can stand tall
If I die, it wouldn't matter
And if I live, that can be for long

When the world is crazy
I would make it hazier
And when the world is silent
I would turn it wild and violent


There was a guy who was working fine
And was happy as he earned a name
Then a day, his lead came up and said
‘Can you come to the conference room?’
He asked back funnily ‘Do I have to broom?’
They both went in and came after an hour
There was neither a smile nor a tear poured
He winked and walked towards the door
And left saying ‘Going going and Gone’

***Written in 2009, when jobs were being stripped because of Recession. Still, I do not think that is outdated.


A wonderful little film that breaks the shackles of commercial cinema and gives us meaningful cinema

It was nice to see the whole film revolving around a marriage Marriage process is shown in great detail, it begins with the marriage preparations and ends once marriage is over. That is, it begins with Kym's (Anne Hathway) return to home and her going back to rehab The movie, as the name states is about Kym's sister Rachel (Rosemarie Dewitt) getting married, yet its mostly about what happens with Kym all through. So, Kym is our protagonist and she is bad for her past and better for her future. She is from a rehab of drugs, thus a drug addict, she was the reason for her brother's death and for a few other bad deeds. Ok, so how will you judge a character as this. Her, mother acts as the judge at times and though, it's not all right, it's all natural.

The beauty of the script itself here is showing us how we behave and how irrational we can be with our own prejudices. Sometimes, we miss the whole point by judging someone too early.

Now, before I may squeeze out a few important terms, let me tell you one thing, don't expect a climax, don't expect a beginning, don't expect big background score and not the proper cinematography either. It's all done un-cinematically and yet done very wonderfully. Camera is hand held, and the noise is natural and mostly live recording and even songs like "Unknown Legend" (one of my favs) is sung naturally. Now, I like this kind of cinema that shows us that what we need more than a camera, the technology and those gorgeously made up actors is a script, a story that is worth telling and if told in a way natural as this, it may be mostly be liked, if not for the normal commercial movie goers but for a niche audience who are looking for a different kind of cinema. Though, I believe that this has been considered a great work in independent cinema and has it's own place there.

I liked the costumes, the whole wedding that takes place in an Indian style, we have Anne Hathway in a saree and that is great to see. Now, the whole cast did a great job in acting and Anne Hathway stood out in her performance as Kym. Wish, she garnered more awards.

All in all, it's a cinema for those who love cinema and a 4/5 for a movie that you like only if you have patience to sit through the whole wedding of not yours but someone else, who is unrelated to you.


At times, even crap seems to be fine. 

As my friend Raghuveer just said, "no film is a bad film if our faculties are laid to rest". This is not a bad film either, just that we have rest our faculties. I was reluctant halfway through the film to complete this, yet I did make it to the end, coz I just wanted to see a light hearted comedy after watching those big great films. Now, even this mind needs some rest and this film gave me the much needed respite.

In many terms, if I look at this from a critical perspective it is very average, be it dialogue acting or the whole theme of getting to a girlfriend, we saw this in When Harry Met Sally, and so many other films just that here, we have a different backdrop. Sarah is a TV actor and the guy Peter is trying hard to forgetting his ex girlfriend Sarah Marshall. 

So most of things happen for our peace here, he gets a place to stay, falls in love with a different woman, and sticks on to her. And even before this, he tries one night stands. All is so easy in this guys life it seems. So that's how easily this movie was made and yet it was made likeable. May be Hawaii, the backdrop of this movie was got me into it more than anything else. And this film displays may romantic traditions of Hawaii and I loved them.

Thanks guys, for making an average movie as this, coz at times, we need average stuff to find our self back. You helped me do that again. Giving you a 2/5 for the technical aspects which are certainly above average, just that I have seen such films so many.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Life is such a bore being all alone
Roaming like a dog, searching for a bone
Wandering on roads, squandering time
Singing sad songs that do not have a rhyme
No one speaks to me and nothing gives bliss
No one to love and no one to miss
In my world, I am the only one
That’s the way it is when there is none


Something small yet substantial
Deep inside me and under the veil
The resonance that is celestial
Those are feelings of my soul

They shall be with me in grave
Busy, they shall keep me in death
Nothing more then, I would crave,
For there is you in my big sleep's every breath

I may be gone for you, to do sleeping
Yet, you may not be weeping
But, I shall leave my legacy with you
Wish now you get through it, that once 'I was you'

***This is a thought provoked by Saru Singhal's Words...My Words


A movie that's insanely satirical and extremely poignant even 50 years after it's making.

Wow, firstly mention of the great genius Stanley Kubrick who perceived this film like no one has including the writer of RED ALERT, the novel on which the movie is based on. He created a character of Dr. Strangelove that is not there originally in the book and took it to a level that only Kubrick can be attributed the credit.

Now, this is a war movie with a part of war being shown in reality and in fact the whole war crew terminology is shown in heavy detail especially by those in that warplane who communicate mostly in numbers. So even how they speak is made fun at. Having said that, this movie has a serious undertone which I believe was kept aside to ensure that this was comical more than being serious. The tone is a threat of the cold war and what if USA and Russia come to war, it would be a loss of whole humanity itself. 

Now, this is taken on it's own by Peter Sellers, one of the best comedians who has held the silver screen post the Chaplin-era and he plays not just one, but three principal characters all of them, extremely different in terms of looks, accents,  roles and even the way they walk. Now, to take it up as a challenge and to bring in subtleties and portray them as they are is something that only Peter Sellers could have pulled off. Oh, what a great cast this was by using Peter Sellers for 3 roles. 

The whole set design is just authentic and so is that airplane cockpit design that has too many details to make us feel even silly to be listening to pilots slang. It was all intentionally done by Kubrick and yes it was a laughter ride all through, even when explosion took place. 

It's stupendous in all departments and thanks to Stanley Kubrick, the master for giving us a film as great  as this. It's a definite 5/5 for one of the finest satirical war movies that how many ever satires can come on war, this will hold it's own place and way above from others.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

UP (2009) - ENGLISH

It's a must take adventure. Go UP and UP and UP!!!

I watched it in theatre in Pune in 2009 and revisited this today and wow, still so nice and fun it is. The first 15 minutes made my heart melt and the last 15 minutes made my heart pound and race. Wow, what an adventure it was. It was more about a bird named Kevin than about the old man Fredricksen. 

As any pixar movie which have been released till TOY STORY 3, this is simply atop in terms of animation and story telling, they just weave animation into great stories and create movies that are much better than most. Yes, it's memorable and still we would dive into the adventures more as we go and see them. UP for sure is one such cinema though it may be a bit uncharacteristic as most other PIXAR films   did not have humans as their protagonists. 

Here, we have an old man who wants to go to see a place called paradise falls just that he wants to end his trip of life by fulfilling the last wish of his wife that is to see paradise falls. He is joined by the wilderness explorer Russell and the cute dog named DUG. These guys join in together and form a team to accomplish there mission of paradise falls and to save the bird Kevin. But, save Kevin from what and why? Hmm, just go and fin out in this beautiful piece of cinema that for sure is going to make you please, given that you like good animated cinema.

All is great, the details are remarkable and the story is spell binding, in fact it's just a trip. Kudos once again to the great team of PIXAR who have made us joyful yet again in cinemas. If you have not seen in theatres, that's ok, get a DVD or better a BLU RAY and have fun. Everything is just right in this film. Having said that, if you ahve watched many PIXAR or animated films, you might have predicted early itself what PIXAR has go to offer, so that's the only thing we need to think about. Yet, as a good cinema fan, I would give this 5/5. Another 5/5 to a PIXAR movie and they keep making me happier each time I get back to their films.

Thanks to PIXAR team for this adventure.


A great period film technically and it is a rare film to come.

Now, what would yo do when a film that you have waited for, does not release in your city, you will simply download the pirated print in internet or rather wait for the DVD and then watch it. Damn, I downloaded it from the internet and watched it and I am also going to buy DVD for this is worth a buy. 

Hmm, it's great in terms of production design, cinematography and sound design. Wow, take a bow you guys, you guys gave us a near authentic picture of the history. The story is what that was happened and thanks for this not being melodramatic and rather stuck to what has happened that forcing the audience into a typically sympathetic expression which is mostly done in these freedom struggle films.

Thankfully, I did not see the other version of the same story made by Ashutosh Gowariker as 'Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se' and I did not see that only for one reason and that is Abhishek Bachhan as the leader. 

So here, we have a better actor Manoj Bajpai play Surya Sen, the Masterda, who has devised a plan to capture Chittagong with a guerrilla war against the British Empire. As it happens to most revolutionaries be it Che Guevara or Bhagat Singh, they die and here does too, but he leaves a profound impact on our protagonist Jhunku who comes back to take on the British Empire. Also, the small sub plot between Nirmal and the first woman revolutionary Preetilata Waddedar played by Vega Tamotia is what I liked the most. Also a mention of Ashanullah Khan the CID officer who was ruthless, boy he did his part fabulously.

Wow, so the Master has taught something significant to his student and the student follows it with heart even though despite being imprisoned for acting against the British. The characters did their play their parts well. The young Jhunku played by Delzad Hilwale and Nirmal Da played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui stood out. All other english actors just were fine and am happy for such great cast coming together to make a motion picture such as this. So kudos to producers who have encouraged the vision of Bedrabata Pain, the director and helped him achieve a film as it stands today. 

Now, coming to other departments, it is editing that could have been better. Even at just 90 minutes, this film feels a tad longer may be because we are used to such stories and we know the end as well. 
Yet, it's film that is textured with the freedom struggle and has a flavour for sure like many great period films. The songs are apt and 'Bolo Na' is number that I will keep listening for sure, thanks to lyricist Prasoon Joshi the Shankar Ehsaan Loy trio for this number.

It's a 4/5 just for the effort and pain of the director Bedabrata Pain.


Fantastic fantasy, just that we have had such journeys in cinema long while ago.

From, Alice in Wonderland, in many fairy tales, we have seen a girl jump into a fantasy world and explore it. The same happens with CORALINE, just that she says people how she wants them to be. Having said that, this is by no measure bad cinema and, in fact, it's interesting too. Just we need to be patient.

The whole animation is done like the ones we used to see in our childhood and those were puppets used in stop-motion cinema, so we have wooden made faces here and not the standard animation. Well, the design and the look is not so appealing or to say the least gorgeous as it is old-fashioned. Yet, a few aficionados of those good old times may like this.

The cinematography is good and at times is just awesome in terms of the way we have revealed those things what Coraline sees in her adventure. The costumes too are well suited too, to make it look a bit creepy and something that we are certainly willing to know. Above all, acting and the concept is one thing that shall make it a watch if all else is something that we are not much interested in. Dialogues are just there as if we speak lines naturally and at times out of place too, so much praise to writing here.

So that's mostly about it, a good animated film that is not a must watch but not a must miss either. Leaving it with a 3/5. Good.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


“Traveler, paths are not there to tread
They are made by walking”
I jumped as I got to read
As if Einstein was himself talking

In the wake of that line
I made a self-abiding promise
That I shall live a life of mine
And the way shall be made without compromise

A path that might have thorns
And at times I may see flowers blossom
But, it shall be one that I shall make on my own
And keep walking till the end where my soul rejoices


Great morning for all mothers
And good morning for all others
None is above the creator
And the one who has made you and I are a mother
One who bears when we are not born
And gives her blood so we do not get torn
Makes sure we see the light
One day, and from then on
Sees to it that we take rest at night


What do I do when everything goes wrong?
And out of tune goes every song
When the heart is broken and dreams are shaken
Should I weep and creep into agony,
Like others so many?
Should I become still and take it as a passing cloud
Or in silent tears, should I cry aloud
A man of will is filled with pain
And resolves to wait till fate decides
But ahead comes death throwing his dreams in vain
Should I lie, as a pale being in peace?
Where every man with his dream resides


As I sway in the airs of joy
Rejoicing your soul rays
I cried merrily in tears of joy
In such clime, came a storm
And shattered my love, my joy
In lone dreams, I wept
With aspirations thrown to the wind
Hopes lost leaving grief behind
Weeping in such sorrow
As if there is no tomorrow
Weeping, I slept in tears
And when I woke, then I spoke
Gazing your beauty again
After days how many I cannot say
I spoke in tranquil of your glimpse
But then, an angel warned me to be silent
As gods were being served by your soul
And then, I spilled tears of pain


There is a beauty in my bus
She is sitting at the back of us
I am glaring at her cheeks
Trying to know what she seeks

I can hear her whisper and smile
My ears are tuned to her all the while
She got up and walked in the aisle
Like an angel who is on her sail

I ogle at those eyes and those lips
And at those fingers and hips
From every hair let and her hair clips
As they teach a lot of romantic tips

Walking in haste, she just fell down
I ran to help and saw her frown
Gazing at her mighty face, I said, ‘I am sorry, miss’
‘Sorry for what?’ She asked and then I stole a kiss 


When the mind is a camera
And for everything, you ascribe a point of view
Then when would you, O madman?
Realize what is lie and what is true

If good makes you happy
And bad makes you sad
Then what would, O madman
Make you feel really glad

If you name the ugly as witches
And beauties as bitches
Then who would, O madman?
Come and weave your heart’s stitches

If anything said would confuse
And things spoken are of no use
Then why would you, O madman?
Give a judgment that would later diffuse

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Life is a journey with destiny unknown
I hear something else as I got grown
Paths differ but destiny is same
It's not one unknown it has a name

I wondered then what could it be
I queried each one in hope to see
What was there beyond the known sea
If it was a jewel or an unworthy plea

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hello All, My first directorial venture VICTIM has been uploaded to youtube and am happy about its release.

Monday, October 15, 2012


A picture with a smile and perhaps, a tear.

That is the first line of the movie as it begins, and it stands true. We cry when the kid is being taken away from his father and we smile when they unite and share the feeling. Wow, I can't say ho much this meant to me as a father and son story. Now, we have got so many movie where a child is taken away and united finally, recent great movie is Finding Nemo. But what's special about this movie is simplicty, honesty and a rare kind of emotion that only Chaplin could bring into us.

Done by the genius Chaplin, there is not a moment where we are left without a feeling, we either smile or bring tears. So to say there is never a dull moment would still be an understatement. Look for that dream scene and most of the things that we wish to do, are done there. Winning over a fight from a neighbour, meeting angels and all. 

Now, look at the editing in this less than an hour film, its neat and precise. The cinematography tells us the story superbly by moving camera at right pace. The music supplements at most places and yes it is great music in the context of the film. Acting is sublime by Chaplin, only few can do what he did and even today, hardly anyone can match him. 

It's a great movie undoubtedly and a must watch, atlas watch it before you die, you may learn something you never wanted to miss. It's 5/5 for one of the finest silent movies ever.


If you are in insurance business or if you love films in general, then it's a must watch. 

Now this is a film that is based on insurance and how an insurance clause of "Double Indemnity" can be used for getting someone killed.  Billy Wilder unveils his genius again by keeping it believable and yet so emphatically thrilling till the last minute. We know well in the beginning that it's about murder. 20 minutes in the film, we also know that is the murder of a man, whom the wife is cheating on. 

Now, this turns on into somewhat unexpected as the plan goes a bit berserk with the protagonist unable to understand the woman's character. He thought both are in for it, but actually he is being used by the woman. So someone is killed and someone has to be the culprit, now who is it and how is it all done. 

It's all point blank and detailed to the extent of planning a murder in a very detailed manner, until its blown up. How did Billy Wilder make all of this and from a story of James Cain is just extremely poignant. It's so very relevant even today, that so many people are conspiring against each other, there are suicides and murders more than ever before and all for money, damn.

Now, coming to movie it's great in terms of characters, screenplay and the lighting and production design. Acting is top notch as is always in most of Billy Wilder's movies. And above all, we have the captain Billy who is responsible for the way this film was made and he must be applauded in every sense. Just look at that scene in the beginning where Neff interprets the intentions of Phyliis is where you understand that everything is right in this film. From lighting to dialogues, all of them have added in creating the atmosphere that is for sure thrilling and suspense.

This is noir film and has an open ending with us leaving to think what could have happened to Walter Neff. It's 4/5 for a film that's a must see. Just love Billy Wilder more and more as I keep getting back to his films.

Friday, October 12, 2012


You played with me
You threw me to wind
You killed me with patience and silence
I am at the mortuary, Come see me
With unblemished eyes and insensitive heart
My burning corpse is still your love sanctuary
Filled with your love, shall be my ashes
Though you do not think of me
I wait as ashes dissolved in river
But please dear, never do the same
What you have done with me


Since its blossom, it’s on the wait
For your touch with thy hands
For your looks on its petals
For your pluck from its mother

Waiting for you, since its blossom
In a garden of brotherly flowers
As the sun rises, it’s pensive in wait
And you come in your mighty gait

To choose your liked ones and leave the rest
For, you think they are not the best
Hope, it relies on to be plucked by you
As you come near, within grows its fear

Will you, or won’t you are its only bother
You have a look and just passed away
For, that didn’t lure you enough
To be called by you, as one of the best

Thus, like many of the rest
It faded away from the same dusk
Wailing, as it failed your test
And now is laid to a lifetime rest


The world is a bitter place to be
And a better place to die
A thought told his brothers on his last breath
And bitter is normal life than heretic death

The unborn thoughts are now outworn
And never became words in trepidation of being torn
By those who are termed as wise
And by those who are otherwise

They are too much in worry
Even as fetus their death is their worry
As they’d die in men and women’s fiery fights
As did their brother who died in dark verbal lights

And from his grave, they hear him say
Before being born, it is better to pass away
As the world is a bitter place to be
And a better place to die

Friday, October 5, 2012


He couldn’t take it anymore
What he did for a while,
Giving a fake blatant smile
And woke up one day to find his way
But the shams of the path gave him the wrath
He walked alone in hope, amidst bloodbath
Of bruises and lashes of the path
At the end of it, he thought was his grave
And alone he did walk in the road he chose
Every cold night every sunny day
And my friend, he is still walking
To find the end in his own way


Gone are friends and near ones
To those places which allure them
And bygones have by far gone
From the minds of some
While others want to come back home
In strife is each one, to make ends meet
Of strife, each one speaks in friends meet
To make a life of dreams come true
But what life has in store, none has a clue

Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's a thriller and suspenseful film for sure but is hurried up.

At times, we need to set aside our beliefs the rules and what we stand for, to save a life. The last scene where Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) baby sits Amanda (the little girl) made me ask a question, "What is home?" Is home something that makes us happy or is it something, where we have people whom we know but they just don't bother if we even exist or not. Poor Amanda was home just to be taken out in what forms a good detective case. Like the mother who said that the dolls name was Mirabelle, the little girl says it's Annabelle. Gosh, the mother does not even know here kids favorite toys name.

The taking is good, but screenplay is hurried up, I could not understand in the climax where there were too many scenes flashing, now whose perspective was this all shown. So it's hurried up and does not give us space to contemplate quickly and appreciate how the case was solved. Cinematography was good and so was the whole setup that is art direction. Acting was good especially by Ed Harris. But Casey Affleck did disappoint me at places where I expected a lot as he promised in this. Others were good and especially Amy Ryan as Helene, the drug addict mom stood out in her role.

All said and done, I recommend a watch for those who like some fast paced movies. It's not all good pace either, it's sluggish and a routine case till we find what happened to that baby, it took one hour for that and the next hour just rolls on so quick that too many things are revealed in too less time. I am not happy with editing of this film. It's just not right for me and it did not work for me..

It's 3/5 for a good movie for sure, yet it falls short at places to be said a must watch.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Left my love, my life
Walking into lonely meadows
With none but my pale shadow
Calling is my death there
None is here too, I swear
Death is what I just hear
With moron's face
In the morose place
Call me back my love, my life
Before I die and lie
In the grave lonely


I need a hug of a lifetime
That keeps me warm and calm
Makes me feel that it’s the time
I need to leave without any qualm

Had taken it all and had done enough
Had seen it all and had been through
Those walls and malls, which stink
With things to which love has no link

Gave my age and am at a stage
Where I can be put on a news page
Calling me a fool or joker they may print
Making me a guru their sales may sprint

But to end this life and to be dead
I need a hug of a lifetime
So that in heaven I could tread
Those paths where there is love clime

रश्क तो कम नहीं

खुश्क है आँखें, अश्क भी अब सूख गये
रश्क तो कम नहीं उन्हें, इश्क से जो रूठ गये


Loved them all when I had them in Mexico, Tequila rocks with Margarita. I am sorry to say "I used to drink" coz I gave a pause to drinking. Will start it when I have my own bar in my mansion.


I liked this pic taken at Mahabaleshwar in 2009.


One of the finest movie of this generation. It's not a movie, it's a movement.

We were 13-14 friends who went to see this in Shiva theatre (dilsukhnagar, hyderabad) on Jan 26th 2006. It was Kranthi, Rutwik, Venkat, Raghuveer, Manthan, Anirudh, Dinackar, Satish among those whom I can recollect. Now, the film began rolling, Kranthi who was next to me said, what movie have we come to, there is Bhagat Singh reading his diary and it was a sepia shot. Before, this I got the CD and was is love with the music of the film, I thought it would be youthful, dreamy and completely joyful. The title too seemed be inapt when I just heard the music. Then the film began on its course and as the watch fell and titles began to roll, we got a glimpse of what we were about to witness in the titles itself. I must say, till this date I have liked no other titles as this one and the background music by A R Rahman, he put al his genius into it. We were all happy then itself. 

We got into characters, there was Aslam, DJ, Karan, Sukhi Ram, Laxman Pandey and Ajay and also Sue (Su Kar Mere Mann Ko) all the right chords were touched in casting and we also had the legendray Waheeda Rehman play Ajay's mother and other good actors in the roles of mothers and fathers. The story was about Su coming to India to make a film on our lost and forgotten freedom fighters. Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and others. It was paced as if we are told the whole revoultionary story in the most enaging way possible. Indeed, that is the only way we relate to this, there is a need for freedom in one way, at least the Gandhian way is not working now so let's try the Bhagat Singh way. We may die but yet we shall die happily. 

If there is any film that has made me believe in myself more and to fight for what I believe is right, then this is the film. What DJ stood for what he believed in though he could not believe it in the first place. Laxman is a symbol of the uncorrupt youth who are being dragged into partisan politics and being corrupted. Karan is the cool dude who worries about rich gear and not about this country much.  Aslam is the poet who has a big heart and a brave vision. I loved them all and thanks to the writer director Rakesh Mehra for bringing them on all alive, not just as friends but as the freedom fighters whom I wish not to forget. Revolution is what I strived for since I saw this, and most of it is exhibited in the office job where I am a warrior of nothing but honesty and truth. I love them both (truth and honesty) and this film did show that to me. 

Geting back to the movie, so by the time we were at interval. None of us moved no one grabbed a drink or popcorn, we were in love with what we saying but were thinking and talking where this is going to lead. Raghu said "Cinematography super" Rutwik said "I like Karan" the film began post interval and all were glued again. When a tragedy struck and when Lukka Chuppi played, I was having tears and just could not imagine that such a beautiful song was written for such great tragedy. A mother has lost her son and Lukka Chuppi is what it is, hide and seek. I feel numbness in my fingers even as I type this now, then we got Khoon Chala, now the time has come to overpower all our politicians, and these guys just tried to do that at the end and what a tragedy has struck them. They became martyrs. The movie ended, we were struck to our seats, Venkat said, now let's leave. We started walking slowly and got onto our bikes and went to Raghuveer's home. From the time we left the theatre till we reached his home and sit in his room, there was silence, I don't' know why and we were all silent I am sure. Raghu said "You need something" and our silence broke. This is how vividly I can imagine the whole experience of Jan 26th 006. I just can't forget that. This movie did lot many things to us on that day at least I am sure and I believe most of us still have this feeling at the back of their mind. 

I just am so thankful for the makers, the actors and very crew man of this wonderful movie. I can't even rate this, but a 5/5 for what it did. Even 6 years later all is very fresh and am still hopeful of doing something. This was the first DVD I bought for myself and am happy that I did. I just can't let go of this movie. It may not the best in cinematic terms maybe as I have heard a mixed opinion down the years, but the screenplay is just awesome and so the background score and cinematography. The songs, the emotion, the poetry. Go watch all of it and I am sure, most of you will love it again.

I am sorry if this became more of an autobiography than a movie review, but just wanted to share it.

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