Monday, December 31, 2012


About The Play:

Dominic Wesley is back on popular demand! One of Hyderabad`s most beloved plays, the crazy team of Dominic-Wesley-Wesley-Wesley is back to entertain with their tomfoolery and goofiness, engage you with their thrilling repartee and enlighten you with the answers to life`s great questions. Or maybe make you ask yourself some questions. The conflict between the right and the left brained and the great and the half-brained comes to life in this surreal drama.

Language : English
Genre :    Play
Cast & Crew : Rathna Shekar Reddy, Pankhi Gakhar, Dwij Vasavada
Director :Rathna Shekar Reddy
Length : 1 hr
Writer : Anjali Parvati Koda
Note : 10 years and above

DATE : 28th DECEMBER 2012

My Review:

So we are in the world of Dominic and he creates Wesley, his own secret a creation that is mechanical. Dominic is an artist who does the "Artistic" things. The Artist is in double quotes. It evoked a true expression where artists are succumbed to reality and to live as an artist is just not possible. Girlfriend needs money, Parents need their kid to be working and friends need parties from him. Life has become so very demanding that it is becoming tougher and tougher to merely survive. Now, in such reality, we have DOMWES, a surreal world that is so very fragrant of stark realities. Such realities that we mostly are not even bothered about.

How many times have we heard, "I want to be a musician" and it is followed by, "come on man, be real, take up a job, you are good but it will be great if you have a one at hand"

Dominic played by Rathnashekar Reddy is just a well-written character and Shekhar indeed has performed well. The Wesley 1 by Dwij Vasavada is again done well in character it's a contrast and the diction by this man is so very fine that we shall mostly fall in love with him and his enunciation.

I loved Wesley's line "It's not a cellphone, it's a smartphone" even such simple lines brought laughter and that is good.

Wesley 2 and 3 played by Pankhi Gakhar and Rutwik Upadhyayula have supported well.

This indeed is an entertaining 1 hour and I really wished it was longer with more elements. I appreciate Anjali completely who has written such a wonderful and a smart play that's surreal, symbolic and superb. Yes, it is original and that's the best thing, a good original play written by an Indian and I hope this play makes waves even abroad. Thanks Anjali for giving us such a gift this year end.

This is really entertaining and engaging and in it's own way humorous and fun. Go see it, if you want to see how our very own secret creation may destroy us. Rather how reality can destroy an artist. A 4/5 for this.


Wishes I do so many
Let me do one for the next year
It's the same like other so many
That way should go our fear
And return, I hope the happy times
When we were free to roam
And happiness was heard from wind's clime
When we had not thought much to take a loan
To buy a loan or farm
Wish, I do for one and all
That love should be enough to make everyone warm
And shall not make anyone small
Money should stay with those who need it
So to buy, breed and feed happiness and prosperity
With all my heart, I wish year to be a super one
And may all your wishes come true and may you have fun

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Let me tell you a scene just before I went to the screen to watch this film.

A middle-aged couple in their 40's came in their along with the parents an old couple in 70's. the old man and lady got down while the middle-aged couple did not the old man said "meeru kooda randi raa ee cinema ki" to which the man in car replied, "aa memu em choostamu le ee cinemani meeru choosi randi". The old couple took tickets while the middle-aged couple left in their car. So such is the notion of the audience, I agree we are all driven by our own prejudices and that lets us down at times. But the question is, to what extent are we let down by our prejudices?

I wanted to write the review of this movie specifically in Telugu but my Telugu is not great (as if my English is great) but I manage well in English and thus penning it down.

It's just and simply great and I loved it to begin with. 

This took me to nostalgia to 3 great movies of last 20 years "seeta ramiah gaari manavaru" "aithe" "grahanam" all those are completely different but are great and I place "mithunam" there .

With just one old couple a movie is told and not for a moment we see a face apart from Appadasu and Buchhi. Yet, these 2 characters are enough to wrench the hearts and make eyes moist many a time in this near the 105-minute film. 

Take yourself to 65 years of age and make yourself alone with just you and your wife now what shall be the best past time think you may get many answers but for Appadasu its food and food and food.

He begins by explaining in great detail how to make brinjal pickle ("vankaya pachhadi") then makes "dappalam" (mukkala pulusu) with his own hands then crushes jackfruit to make jackfruit curry ("panasa pottu koora") and even enjoys an overnights bitter gourd soup ("kaakarakaaya pulusu"). No wonder I was feeling so hungry in the theatre that I cant say and I enjoyed my dinner later very much.

The dialogues and even songs are related to food look at these for example 

"Dappalamu, Daampathyamu marigina koddi ruchi"
"Tatvaalu Paadetappudu tambura sruti laa undaali kottimeera"

But the best dialogue is this

"Manishilaa puttadam telike batakatame kashtam" 
(It's easy being born as a human but its tough to live like a human)

The songs in the film apart from those in titles are "Coffee Dandakam" and "Avakaaya manadira" and both are worth a listen for their lyrics alone. 

It's an ode to marriage and elderly life. The elderly couple loves everything around them, be it their cow Savitri or the trees that give fruits and flowers to them. They are self-sufficient and grow everything in their garden itself and wow it was beautiful. 

Being away from their own kids do not bother them, rather Appadasu wants to end his life, just being in that home with his wife. So, they even pass away being together and well, the climax is an interpretation of what each one thought would have happened. 

It's a film that went perfectly for me, from the titles Mithunam where the sun comes in the middle of 'థ'to the last frame where an empty chair was shown, it just wet fluidly as if poetry was being recited in a mellowed voice.

After the movie finished, an old man said as a remark "Bhojana Priyulaku Kashtame" and the whole theater erupted in laughter.

It's a rare 5/5 for a Telugu Movie and I loved it. Now, don't go expecting a story or great turnaround or cinematic climax. Sometimes simple is more beautiful than anything. But be patient it's too slow. And more, it may not work for many of my generation guys as they may not be able to relate it. But I hope they give a try. I am saying this, knowing that many would prefer staying away from the movie like the earlier mentioned couple did.

Thanks to Lakshmi, SP Balasubramanyam and Tanikella Bharani who have taken this wonderful story to greater heights by depiction and direction. Also thanks to Sriramana who has written the story.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I lived a loner, then you came
I died then, taking your name
Beautiful you are to look at
But you are mean and crooked
You used me to fill your time
And I swayed to your every damn rhyme
My beautiful thoughts were made ridiculous
With your rending of heart so meticulous
Yet I love you through my grave
For whatever nuances you gave
This is the agony of every last lover
The pain of a broken monument's worker
In the pain too, I think of you
Scream I do, I love you, I love you


In the house of beasts, I was born
But I turned out to be God
They thrashed me with swords
And hurt me with their words
I stood still though with bruises
Heard the agony with bloody lashes
My knuckles swelled with puss
My knees dwelled in the fuss
Yet I spoke what I thought the truth
I now stand as they ostracized me
For, I had never shown any Ruth

Monday, December 24, 2012


An intense drama with superb production design.

It's the kind of drama that we used to see in our childhood with family politics involved and the fight is for the throne. Who is going to be the heir? How to take the throne from a king who is good at fighting but not so kind at heart? This forms the whole story and indeed that is what is the whole movie.

Characters are shown as they are, and slowly as the film progresses, their real motives are revealed. From crown prince to the empress to a doctor, everyone is doing something for themselves and its their selfishness that has drowned them. At the beginning, I thought it would be hard to understand story, but as things got simpler, I started actually disliking it. It's a complex story with every character being pivotal to the culmination of the story, yet with each detail revealed I was getting to know more of the story and as knowledge grew, interest reduced and that's what happened. Yet, this is a very hardcore drama and a great drama too. We don't see so much of politics involved and each character plotting against the other in many films. 

Now, before I go ahead reviewing anything, costume design and set design which combine into production design are aspects I loved this movie for. The climax fight that is choreographed superbly shows a glimpse of how authentic the whole film is. From beginning to the end, the palace, the kings costume, the queen's embroidery each has it's own distinct artistry and all are beautiful. 

Gong Li as the empress has showed great variation in emotion and so did Chow Yun Fat as the emperor. All others showed emotion well. Sound design was good too

Now, this is good movie and not a great one though, a 3/5 is what I think is apt. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I still feel you coming toward me
I still see you in my dreams loving me
I still smell your fragrance that quenched me
I still stream those tears of parting that drenched me
You asked me not to love you
But how can I stop for the heart is not mine
It was and is yours and shall be to love you
Do whatever you want to, with it
And I shall accept with glee
For dear, I still taste those soft lips where nectar is abundant
I still touch your skin wherein each pore love is present.


This night is so sweet so bright
Like a chocolate delight and full of moonlight
I wait for this day's final fruity kiss tonight
It’s been long since you gave me a heart full hug
Or the taste of honey from your lips mug
I wait under the streetlight like I do every night
For the millionth time, come give me your goodnight kiss
There is no one here just I miss waiting for tonight's bliss
So come give me that good night kiss


A delightful film that must be appreciated of its simplicity in delivering an important message.

How important are the feelings of those, who do not know a language that we speak so much. Is it right to belittle those for they can be good in something else? Is it right to disrespect parents and feel embarrassed when they do not know English? 

More than anything else, this is the tale of a mother who is being deserted by her kids and husband for she does not know a language that they all speak. And she learns it to redeem her respect. I loved the way Sridevi carried herself and am so very happy seeing her back on the silver screen which she set ablaze many years ago with films like Chandni, Mr. India and Chaalbaaz to name a few. Sridevi is indeed the best part of this film, as she has a poise that subdues the flamboyance and the stardom of her and gets her into the character. So what I saw here was Shashi (Sridevi) more than Sridevi and that's great to begin my review with.

If you loved a movie like PAA, then there are definite chances that you may love this too, coz it takes the simplicty from there and applies the same to a different story. I loved PAA, so I loved this one too. But even if you dislike PAA, try this and you may have a surprise then. 

The good thing of this movie is it's writing, take that scene in which Shashi gets a call from her daughter when she was looking for her scrapbook, and here it is

Shashi : "Maine use chupaya taaki main bhi na padh sakoo" 
Daughter :Padhna Aaye tab na" 

That is, "How can you read, when you don't know" 

The supporting cast has also done well from a French cook to a Pakistani guy, they all teamed up well, but it has it's share of not so likeable or rather preachy moments like the teacher being gay. But I will give in to all that, coz it is done quietly and not making fuss. 

Be it the climax, it was done in a subdued manner and that is why it was beautiful for me.

I love this film for its simplicity and for just one reason "SRIDEVI" all the other technical departments did their job superbly but "SRIDEVI" did something really beautiful. Even the way she walked on those streets was graceful. Also, a mention to music and Amit Trivedi has given beautiful music.

Thanks Gauri and R Balki for giving SRIDEVI back to us with this. And thanks to SRIDEVI for doing this film. A 4/5 for this.

Friday, December 21, 2012


I lived in solitude
Gushing up the dreams with the guffaw
The tinsel town was my place named
Having all the deeds of heaven
Where every reverie was true
Ritzy was the sky and not blue
There I lived in solace and death came naturally
Now I stare at that town
Wearing my pale and moron death gown
O what a place shall be missed
I wept this morning as I am buried down


In a gloomy dale
I am waiting for the sun to return
And take me away
To those hills to reach those skies
Which are blue and shrine of truth
The whims and shams shun,
In the gleam of Ruth
The sun has not dawned yet
To take me away from the gloomy dale

***Inspired by THE DOORS Waiting for the Sun song

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hovering in the thoughts of love
That I can never attain
Hanging in the cradle of memories
That has given me pain
Clinging on the verge of love mountain
Not knowing, when I could die
Drenching in every drop of love fountain
Not knowing, when it would dry
Savoring each nuance, as the god of yours
Is keen to take me away
Saving each chance for little romance
As I want to live even in death
Even as ashes, I just want to hear you say
"I Love You"


The tender touch of your silky skin
The mighty glance of your lovely face
The kiss I gave on your forehead's pimple
The smile that brings on your cheeks a cute dimple
I reminisce and cherish all those memories
For my Love, I still think you are mine
Though you threw me from your heart's shrine

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A long and tiring saga that's not refreshing but rather boring.

Till the time I saw, gollum near the end, it was a tale that was largely boring. Only when Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) met Gollum, that creepy character of Lord of the Rings I got some interest. Yes, it had action sequences but they were few and far apart. The film was flu of dialogue and a build up only. That's fine if the dialogue evoked laughs or moved me with tears pr did something, but here it was doing nothing for me, I was watching it without feeling for it, and that's where the film lost me elsewhere. 

I am a big fan of LOTR and yet I did not like in fact I loved Fellowship of the ring so much more coz that gave me a reasoning and understanding of characters and a back story  Here, we had a back story which I thought would be equally interesting as it is Peter Jackson at the helm, but it is rather tiring and however hard I tried, I just missed most of it. 

Did I say, I watched it in IMAX screen, oh, how I wish then an experience could have been so very great. But what it turned out was a drowsy session for me as I was feeling sleepy as even those sitting beside me did. This film seemed so very long indeed and I am not sure if I would go into the next part again. 

Now, let me tell you one thing as an LOTR fan, I loved LOTR and I expected a similar kind of experience but that was not be. It was overlong and mostly the story was going between 13 dwarfs and it was not an easy task even to remember the name of those 13 tiny ones. What's more disappointing was the climax conflict between our hero who is not Bilbo Baggins, but Thorin. This fight too was not up to the expectations in any kind. 

In reality, the book HOBBIT is just about 300 pages and making a trilogy out of that seems to be rather uncalled for after seeing this film. Technically, yes this film had a few positives They used 48 fps as against the conventional 24 fps. The art direction is superb and so is the cinematography. But, that's not just what I wanted from HOBBIT, I needed an adventure and I thoroughly missed that, an adventure is not just about going on horses and returning empty handed, it is much more.

If you are willing to succumb to it and have a keen year and understand every dialogue minutely, you may find how many things were actually not needed. Like the jokes at the dinner table just to establish the traits of 13 dwarfs, now each must have contributed in any which way to help their King, but they are just lying and eating while Gandalf and Thorin do most of the job. I can't even call this team work.

So, I disliked it but I think many love it as LOTR fans, as they expect the finale to be the as grand as the LOTR - Return of the king. For me, I am not going watch the sequels may be unless someone really trustworthy comes and tell me to at least try watching them. 

Giving a generous 2/5. It was a tiresome three hours for me.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


An unimpressive beginning, middle and a simplistic end. A cliched tale and it's long too.

How many have we seen and how many are we going to see? Does anyone understand the term cliched, I hope Gautham Menon does, coz what he has given us is a cliched romantic film. 

I felt cheated coz whats there in those trailers was not there in the movie and I am so very disappointed by the usage of songs. If there is anything that drove me to the movie, then it's Ilayaraja's 
My favorite song "Laayi Laayi" becomes a song in which the kids turn into teenagers and its run in the background, ah, I expected romance in it but not kids. Now, from then on, each song seemed to be a serial episode. And indeed this movie is like a serial more than cinema. The first scene in which Varun's brother comes home and says he got a job, from then on to that last frame, it was shot as if it was a TV serial. You expect better cinematography for sure, and that's not what happened. The cinematography is just bad, look at that interval BANG scene, (that BANG gave me a headache) where the camera moves in and out and makes the scene creepy. It's bad camera work.

If there is a big disappointment apart from usage of songs and camera, then there are many, in fact in each every department. From costumes to sound even to dubbing and lip sync, damn, how did they not check any details even in the edit. The dialogues are like whispers, the costumes are inept, the makeup for Nani when he is in school is just so bad, it's unbearable. So, what's good about this then.

Apart from a few scenes where Krishnudu pitches in with dialogues, there is nothing much in the film. 
"Ante Salwar Kameez lekapotene pant shirt gurtostunda" 
"Nannu vadileyi raa, oka hero naaku Toli prema laanti cute love story ivvamani cheppaadu" 
"evaru ra aa hero" 
"R. Narayanamurthy ra"  

Yet, having said that it is most likely to be liked by those who like love stories in any form even when they are not very logical or even, good. Here, the parents of Nithya (Samantha) are not to be seen until the very end and Varun (Nani) and Nithya have FUN many a time in Nithya's home itself. SO are parents out of India, or are they blinded or they have completely left Nithya free is unexplained. 

You take a CAT book, only after your father is insulted that you are not having enough status by somebody, is that the right way, yes we need some inspiration and maybe in real life Varun may do that, yet it could have been shot with more brainstorming like, he discussed what has to be done than just going with the spur of the moment. 

I came out of the theatre feeling relieved from a great torture I was subjected to. Get serials like Mogali Rekulu or Ruthu Raagaalu, they are much better than this movie. A 1/5 for this that's all I can say. I better listen to songs than watch them ever again.

The best moment of the film came through a comment in the audience

Samantha : "Enduku varun naaku mee amma naanna, mee annayya gurinchi enduku cheppaledu"
Comment from Audience : "Avi chepte cinema ayipoyedigaa"

Apologies for the non-Telugu people for keeping few things in TELUGU here. Also, to the Telugu audience please, spare me as I did not like it but maybe you related to it, you loved it and even you have a similar story. But a BIG SORRY from me.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Should you come O my QUEEN?
We shall roam in the twilight
Light every place with the lamps of our love
Make every night a starry night
Thy has made stars and moon for himself
And we shall make them for ourselves
The light of love shall then shine
And make every one groove
As they do with an age-old wine

Should you come O my QUEEN?
We shall kiss those untouched flowers in the garden
Taste the nectar alike and share it within
Honey bees we would be or even beautiful bugs
Spiders would be better and lizards seem awesome
O mighty creatures they all are mighty as we are within
Might, shall be our world and nothing would be gruesome

Never say O Queen, that you shall not come
I shall be there in the gardens in the twilight
For as much I live in days and nights
Waiting For You, Waiting For You


To entwine your waist in a sweet embrace
Would be a great peace
To wait for your pair of lips and dive in a fruity kiss
Would be a great bliss
A tiny cornered space in your heart's abode
Would be my greatest place
To gaze at your face and not wonder about the beauty
Would be great amiss
To just wait and admire your enticing gait
Would be a great solace
My dear or dear, I write this sonnet painting you
And yet is incomplete
To depict your beauty no canvas how fine though can compete
To elucidate your mighty beauty,
I wish I could find words
For, to describe you incomplete
Would make my life complete

***The first line is taken from the book ‘Premalekhalu’ written by a Telugu writer ‘Chalam’.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I do not have the thoughts to share.
Just bits of words, which I stare
For all I do is care,
The words that are always spared
In the world that isn’t fair
I have words lost in despair
The words that make music and lyrics
Made of my deepest emotions
Irrespective of lovers and critics
The poetry of my problems and also its solutions
I just have the words and not swords
To convey to humans and the lords


I wait for the taste of nectar from your lips 
I drank last night
I wait for the fragrance of your body
I smelled last night
I wait a whole night in darkness 
To see your light
I wait in the dark caves for a sight
I admire in the night and broad daylight
I wait for the corset of your love
That binds me so tight
I wait, all through my life for those waking eyes
They seem like opening petals 
I wait in the garden, in the forests
I wait for you to come
I wait each moment for another night with you
I wait for that glorious time

Sunday, December 9, 2012


A painful story of a father, it's a great film but not an entertaining one so just beware of tears. 

There are a kind of painful movies that show the pain in face. This is a kind of movie that does not show pain and yet brings pain to those who witness it. The greatness of this movie goes to Javier Bardem, the actor who gives us an "into the skin" performance. He knows that he has to leave and he has to make preparations for his kids, and along with that he has to deal with so many issues. It's not an easy ride, this life it's of various challenges but we have to fight, overcome the obstacles, do what we want to do and then lay in peace. 

Though shot very finely there a raw appeal to the film. We can smell those Barcelona streets or the gas from that warehouse and even that pub that is there for some few minutes only. We can feel as being there alive in those places than mere spectators and thanks to the cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto and the director Alejandro Inarritu for giving us a sublime piece of melancholy poetry. Each frame is detailed with emotions or the social condition of the characters and it just grows on by the end. 

It's a kind of film where may be half an hour into the film we keep our hankies handy to wipe out the tears or at least have the fists under the chin, coz it's not something we would like to see and yet we are made to see a few tragic realities. 

For this film, which is a rarity in terms of acting, I would give more credit to Javier Bardem for bringing life into the character and makes us feel. I am not sure if there is anyone who see this film and feels nothing for this father who is trapped with guilt of various crimes, fatherhood and a single parent who has to leave his wife. 

It's one of the least entertaining film though, coz there is no guns, no drugs, no nothing that causes pain except for deteriorating health that is terminal and invisible. I am thankful coz I got an opportunity to see it in a theatre while in Mexico, I did not get anything then, but still I did feel very sad. When I watched it today with those subtitles, I am happier for having understood a lot many details and yet the melancholy feeling gets back. 

But, what I get from this, is that we have to do our thing before being laid in peace, it's not just about getting married, raising family and dying off, it's more than that. We have our life, but we need to create a grave for ourselves in the world so that when we are gone there are a few who shall be proud for what we have done to them. 

A 4/5 for one of the finest acting displays by Bardem and a good movie. It may seem long at 150 minutes, but wait patiently coz every frame has something about it. Good editing I must say.

Just to mention, was wondering if the director saw the telugu film "Matru Devo Bhava".


I see many couples as I drive lonely on my bike
Do not know, how many are real and how many fake?
Hand in hand, cheek on cheek they move on
They jiggle, joggle, giggle and mingle
For, they have just to sway to each other’s jingle
I watch them keenly as I move on
What can this be ‘romance, nuance, farce or a menace’?
Why am I thinking as I am a loner for eternity?
It looks so stale and pales none gave me delight
When I watch them at night or broad daylight


It is a delicious tale of a waif who finds love as icing on the cake.

This movie is all goodness and goodness surely prevails and changes life for good. How much ever we may please others by making happy, it's our own happiness that makes us live and love life. She does the humane things of helping people, by making a pinter find his object, by making a two people fall in love, by making a man find his mysterious photo face. But it is her and her only love which she finds make her joy eternal. 

The story goes a long way from going into her brain and finding out what kind of questions she has to her delusions, her sad childhood and her fantasies. This film is ranked as one of the finest French Cinemas to come in last decade or so, and I will go with it for it's full of whimsical moments and never a frame is mundane. 

I have sen this film thrice and what I have always fallen in love each time is with the composition of the scenes and the cinematography, I say this is sheer poetry. That is, the whole film is as fluid as a beautiful poem is being recited, just that the language is French, we need the subtitles to help us through. I wish I learnt French to avoid reading those subtitles. 

Audrey Tautou is refreshing, her every nuance indeed is beautiful and I have loved her over and over again whenever I see this piece of art. The music by Yann Tiersen is delightful and accompanies perfectly with the stunning visuals. 

Above all, if I must thank anyone, then it's the director Jean Pierre Jeunet who made a good tale written by Guillaume Laurant into a great one. Of course, the director was helped a great deal by the cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel who created a perfect Paris. 

Oh, did I mention that the film was shot in Paris, yes indeed Paris is shown and we see a very intrinsic and an intimate Paris that is devoid of the famous monuments it has and comprised of the simple homes and lanes most tourists might be missing. Yet, all is beautiful and mostly, you will love it.  

Oh, I used the word love many a time so this is not a film that is merely likeable, it's a delightful tale that is loved by many and I am happy to be one among it's lovers. 

A 5/5 for a great loving film. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Wandering on the internet, squandering time
I just found a girl who was cute
But she couldn't talk then, for she didn't have time
And went away like a beauty on mute

Then she came again but with pain
She shared her angst but was sane
I tried my best to make her smile
And she became close to that while

We talked and talked about all we could
Shared our joys as we should
I am happy now as she has just smiles
As I helped her forget all her wails

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A masterpiece of erotica, but in 1967 not today.

There are moments for sure of eroticism but this is far from that if seen more objectively. There is a story of a woman who desires much more from her life than what is given to her in life. She wants money and she wants her desires to be satisfied and she walks to one of the "houses" and seeks a place and makes it her own. Catherine DeNeuve as (Severine / Belle De Jour) gives a fine and a subdued performance, but after a point she start becoming monotonous as she does the same thing over and over again.

This is French cinema, so there is some inexplicability that will made me , a viewer think about it and here I have her dreams that come and go just like that. It begins and ends in a dream as if it comes a full circle for us. Now, is this kind of physical romance was what she liked, or wanted, I was wondering and perhaps, yes or may be no, but the interesting thing is it's not shown straight to us we only get some significant hints. Some may be disappointed for this film might not have stood up to their expectations of being seductive or sexy but sure, this film goes beyond many seductive films and just keeps us glued. Maybe it's Catherine's beauty that's so enticing for us, maybe it's the screenplay or maybe something else, does it really matter, coz I watched it and I liked it. 

As I said, I liked it but not loved it, so I say this is a good movie though. A 3/5 is what I think is apt.

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