Sunday, December 9, 2012


A painful story of a father, it's a great film but not an entertaining one so just beware of tears. 

There are a kind of painful movies that show the pain in face. This is a kind of movie that does not show pain and yet brings pain to those who witness it. The greatness of this movie goes to Javier Bardem, the actor who gives us an "into the skin" performance. He knows that he has to leave and he has to make preparations for his kids, and along with that he has to deal with so many issues. It's not an easy ride, this life it's of various challenges but we have to fight, overcome the obstacles, do what we want to do and then lay in peace. 

Though shot very finely there a raw appeal to the film. We can smell those Barcelona streets or the gas from that warehouse and even that pub that is there for some few minutes only. We can feel as being there alive in those places than mere spectators and thanks to the cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto and the director Alejandro Inarritu for giving us a sublime piece of melancholy poetry. Each frame is detailed with emotions or the social condition of the characters and it just grows on by the end. 

It's a kind of film where may be half an hour into the film we keep our hankies handy to wipe out the tears or at least have the fists under the chin, coz it's not something we would like to see and yet we are made to see a few tragic realities. 

For this film, which is a rarity in terms of acting, I would give more credit to Javier Bardem for bringing life into the character and makes us feel. I am not sure if there is anyone who see this film and feels nothing for this father who is trapped with guilt of various crimes, fatherhood and a single parent who has to leave his wife. 

It's one of the least entertaining film though, coz there is no guns, no drugs, no nothing that causes pain except for deteriorating health that is terminal and invisible. I am thankful coz I got an opportunity to see it in a theatre while in Mexico, I did not get anything then, but still I did feel very sad. When I watched it today with those subtitles, I am happier for having understood a lot many details and yet the melancholy feeling gets back. 

But, what I get from this, is that we have to do our thing before being laid in peace, it's not just about getting married, raising family and dying off, it's more than that. We have our life, but we need to create a grave for ourselves in the world so that when we are gone there are a few who shall be proud for what we have done to them. 

A 4/5 for one of the finest acting displays by Bardem and a good movie. It may seem long at 150 minutes, but wait patiently coz every frame has something about it. Good editing I must say.

Just to mention, was wondering if the director saw the telugu film "Matru Devo Bhava".

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