Sunday, December 9, 2012


It is a delicious tale of a waif who finds love as icing on the cake.

This movie is all goodness and goodness surely prevails and changes life for good. How much ever we may please others by making happy, it's our own happiness that makes us live and love life. She does the humane things of helping people, by making a pinter find his object, by making a two people fall in love, by making a man find his mysterious photo face. But it is her and her only love which she finds make her joy eternal. 

The story goes a long way from going into her brain and finding out what kind of questions she has to her delusions, her sad childhood and her fantasies. This film is ranked as one of the finest French Cinemas to come in last decade or so, and I will go with it for it's full of whimsical moments and never a frame is mundane. 

I have sen this film thrice and what I have always fallen in love each time is with the composition of the scenes and the cinematography, I say this is sheer poetry. That is, the whole film is as fluid as a beautiful poem is being recited, just that the language is French, we need the subtitles to help us through. I wish I learnt French to avoid reading those subtitles. 

Audrey Tautou is refreshing, her every nuance indeed is beautiful and I have loved her over and over again whenever I see this piece of art. The music by Yann Tiersen is delightful and accompanies perfectly with the stunning visuals. 

Above all, if I must thank anyone, then it's the director Jean Pierre Jeunet who made a good tale written by Guillaume Laurant into a great one. Of course, the director was helped a great deal by the cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel who created a perfect Paris. 

Oh, did I mention that the film was shot in Paris, yes indeed Paris is shown and we see a very intrinsic and an intimate Paris that is devoid of the famous monuments it has and comprised of the simple homes and lanes most tourists might be missing. Yet, all is beautiful and mostly, you will love it.  

Oh, I used the word love many a time so this is not a film that is merely likeable, it's a delightful tale that is loved by many and I am happy to be one among it's lovers. 

A 5/5 for a great loving film. 

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