Thursday, December 31, 2015

हमारी मुमताज़

न आवाज़ में और न अल्फ़ाज़ में बया कर सकता आपकी अंदाज़ 
नमाज़ ये कर रहा कि तुम बनो हमारी साज़ की हमसाज़ 
नाज़ है मुझे तुम्हे जान कर, पर आज भी  हो तुम मेरे लिये गेहरी राज़
रियाज़ कितना भी करे, कोई पा न सकेंगे इतनी खूब जो है आपकी रिवाज़ 
अल्फ़ाज़ भी हुए ख़तम आपकी तारीफ़ में फिर भी आप हो मेहफ़ूज़
मेहफ़ूज़ तो हम नहीं रहेंगे जब तक आप बनेंगे नहीं हमारी मुमताज़ 

केह नहीं सकता

तेरा जैसा दोस्त मिलना बहुत बड़ी बात है 
तुझे मिलने को बेक़रार हूँ, ऐसा तुमसे मुलाक़ात है 
तेरे बिना एक पल भी बिताना बहुत मुश्किल है 
अब तो तुम्हे मिलना ही मेरी मक्सत है 
न जाने क्या रोक रहा है हमारी मिलान को 
फिर भी तुझसे दूरी सेह नहीं सकता 
महसूस करती होगी तू भी ऐसे ही, ये भी केह नहीं सकता 

इश्क़ की कमाल

जीते है हम तुमसे रूठे मिसाल में
शादी होगयी होगी सुहाग रात भी ख़याल में 
पर रूठे थे कब, हर पल गुज़रता इसी सवाल में 
अब तो मान लो मिलान को और जी लो इश्क़ की कमाल में  


उम्मीद नहीं मुझे तुमसे कोई सवाल या जवाब 
उम्मीद है तो सिर्फ ये कि हक़ीक़त बने तुम्हे पाने का ख़्वाब 

आप हो हमारे बेग़म

ग़ुलाम हूँ तुम्हारा बादशाह नहीं, पर आप हो हमारे बेग़म 
हर सज़ा कबूल है, अगर इस पैग़ाम से आपको दिया सितम 

बड़ा बनेंगे

केहते थे हम बड़ा बनेंगे, अपनी बातों पे खड़े रहेंगे 
जब वक़्त आया तो गिर गए, पर केहते है आज भी कि हम बड़ा बनेंगे 

शायरी केहते है इसे

काबिल-ए-तारीफ़ हम नहीं बिना तुम्हारे 
तेरी शक्स भी हमने देखा नहीं कभी 
फिर भी लिखता हूँ कुछ युही तुम पे 
शायरी केहते है इसे, यहाँ पर सभी 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015



A terrific book on understanding and transforming habits.

We are made of our habits, this is true. Period. This book encapsulates how our habits can become better and also choose better habits. From waking up to sleeping our life involves a lot of mundane and routine activities and our thought process runs mostly in attending those habits and fulfilling activities for the day.

This book enhances and makes us understand how we can do the same things better and thus become a better person. This book also gives evaluations and in-depth analysis by picking up general habits as an example.

Overall, I felt very gratifying with this book and I hope to incorporate some good things told in this book. Now, more than ever I look forward to the next year. I am planning to have my daily planner, and task list and goal list ready. Above all, the habits shall be put in the daily planner and I shall heed time accordingly. Let's see how my plan goes.

But yes, this book is a 4/5 and is a recommended, quick read. All those lazing around, get up and get moving with this read.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

हसीन महल

हूँ नहीं मैं अकबर, आपके लिये ख़ास महल बनाने के लिए 
नाही कोई शाहजहान, ताज महल बनाने के लिए 
पर मैं भी कोई शहनशाह से कम नहीं 
बनाऊंगा हसीन महल एक दिल और ख्वाब में, सिर्फ आपके लिए 

हसीन पैगाम

सोयेगी आप आराम से, थक जो गयी होगी रोज़ का काम से 
ख्वाब सजाओ नींद में अब, कल के हसीन ज़िन्दगी के 
थकान न होने दूंगा तुम्हे , सजाया है कल एक हसीन पैगाम से 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A touching film that is titled the intouchables. 

I fell on the film through the imdb top 250 list. I vow myself to complete that list soon. 

When I watched the trailer it was reminiscent of another film "The Bucket List", so that set the expectation. Yet, when I watched the whole film, I was more happy, more involved and I felt it was more realistic. 

Omar Sy, the actor who played the role of Driss did an amazing job. After many films, I was left awestruck by such a realistic and easy performance. He lived it, just did not play the part is what I felt.

The screenplay was terrific, it was straight and without any complications. The film just flew by in 1 hour 52 minutes of running time, thus I owe the credit to editing which was apt.

Directors were faithful I believe to the original story which was two real persons. I thank the writers and directors for being unsympathetic and yet very realistic with the film.

One word that I can echo with the film is "Pragmatic". This film shows that interesting stories can be told in a realistic manner and without any melodrama.

A 5/5 for this. Loved it.


The promise of the first ten minutes was thrown away in this overly long film.

I loved the initial ten minutes which set up the film nicely, but after that, it dragged to a predictable point and was very lame by the end. It's is smart in terms of setup and the whole creation of Mars, but it's lame in the screenplay and added uncalled for points. 

Certainly, it brought out of the best of Matt Damon, the leading man. But, I am not so sure that it brought the best in others too. The supporting cast was just doing their part and they did not enthuse me much. 

The special effects were amazing, given the budget and the director Ridley Scott who was a proven Sci-fi master. Thanks to Ridley as he added some drama and fun. Else, this would have just been another survival story. The humor in this film is surely commendable.

Also, there is very little science jargon in this, it helps a layman understand. Unlike Interstellar which had too much of science jargon, that made it abstruse. 

The Martian keeps the dialogue simple and relatable which for sure is nice. My biggest qualm is the length of the film, which could have been trimmed easily by 20 minutes. Other than this, I am fine with most of what I saw. Indeed happy in parts too. 

A 3/5 for a certainly good film, that could have been so much better. Perhaps one viewing is recommended if not a repeat watch.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Lovely film, lovely story and thank my lovely wife.

My better half insisted that I watch this film and for her I did watch it. I must mention I cried a lot upon watching this. Thanks to the emotions involved. It's a simple story that's very simply told. The beauty lay in the simplicity here. 

Two teenagers have health problems and they meet and decide to spend some time together. That's the story line, but one does for another is what the story is all about. Oops, I spilled the story out, oh that is fine because I did not tell even one bit. I must say, I found some similarities to Erich Seagal's "Love Story" but that's the end of it. 

Life is a journey and it's beautiful when you have the right company. I found mine in my partner, Siri. Yes, I call her Siri and for this journey called life, she is the one I have decided to travel with. I am super happy right now and exploring movies such as this, makes our time more beautiful. 

It's a movie that is adapted from the same name and I give credit to the writer of the novel John Green above all. Shailene Woodley gave a super performance here that is worth all the praise and much more. The director did a commendable job in putting the cast right for the story and also getting a just adequate amount of emotions. Never did I feel anything was melodramatic in the tear-jerker. 

Watch this to know, how much we are grateful to be fine and happy. This gave me an opportunity to show gratitude to life and to my wife. A 4/5 for this. The love story hangs in the top class league.

Monday, October 26, 2015


जादू आपने कुछ चलाया नहीं, लेकिन वो खुद चलगया 
जैसे बगैर माझी के नय्या साहिल पहुँच गया 

तेरे शरमाने से

गुलशन बनगया मेरा जहाँ तेरे आने पे 
जन्नत बनगयी ये समा तेरे मुस्कुराने पे 
जीने की चाहत लायी हो तुम ज़िन्दगी में 
पर मर न जाये कही तेरे शरमाने से 

साथी बना दिया ग़म को

ज़माने की चाहत में हमने खोया तुमको 
जब मुड़के देखा तो खोया सभी, ऐसे लगता है हम को 
साथ नहीं है तुम्हारा, इसलिये साथी बना दिया ग़म को

हर पल में ज़िन्दगी

ज़िन्दगी कई पल से बनायी गयी है 
पर एक ही समझते हो ज़िन्दगी तो भूल है 
क्यों की हर पल में ज़िन्दगी है 
जियो हर पल ख़ुशी से हमारी यही तो उसूल है 

हर किसी का जनम

बिन बताये ग़म को समझने वाले भी दोस्त होते है 
पर जो ग़म को मिटा सके वही सनम होता है 
और उस सनम लिये ही हर किसी का जनम होता है 

मेहसूस तेरी ग़म को

ग़म बहुत है हम क्या करे, कर सकते है तो मेहसूस तेरी ग़म को 
ऐसी नौबत क्या आयी है तुम्हे, ज़रा बताओ हम को  

दिल से बया

ज़ुबान और कोई निगाहों से बया करता है ग़म को 
दिल से तो सिर्फ  दोस्त ही बया कर सकता है ग़म को 


I loved this film for it's simple and real depiction of Indian courts.

This is as close as it can get in depicting how the Indian judicial courts deal cases. Please note that this film is not exactly about a particular case, but it was more so a comment on how the judicial system works in India. Although, a case was taken to represent the judicial procedures, I looked at this film as a showcase of the process in itself. 

There is a lot of reflection of reality which is a rarity in Indian films. We have camouflaged films, or those which in the name of depicting reality show us the perspective of makers. The best realistic film was "Black Friday" as per me and this comes the second best. Second only because it did not have an engaging storyline or one that we would be keen to know, All it has, is a case at best about a man who is accused of raging emotions. 

This is a Marathi film and I commend the fact that Marathi films have come a long way. They have made films like "Shwaas" "Deool" and many others which are like the reflection of the possibility of Indian cinema. Sadly, very few films have explored Indian emotions, Indian mindset and told Indian stories with utmost honesty.

I applaud the director Chaitanya Tamhane for not putting in any drama and also from refraining from any commercial elements and showing things as they are. 

Performances are true to the characters by each one. From a sweeper to a lawyer and judge, everyone played their role as they would live it if it was their own life. The camera was used as a tool to capture the happenings instead of making anyone conscious of its presence. 

I am going with 4/5. Loved it but I doubt if I would sit through this another time.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

सच्चा दोस्त

सच्चा दोस्त कभी बुरा होता नहीं, 
होता तो कुछ ज़्यादा ही अच्छा होता है 
हम तो है यहाँ सबके दोस्त 
पर हर किसी का दिल आपकी तरह सच्चा नहीं होता 

बनाने वाले

जहां बनाने वाले खुदा से ज़्यादा, तुम्हे बनाने वाले खुदा को मानता हूँ 
क्यों कि इस जहां से ज़्यादा मैं तुमपे भरोसा करता हूँ 

फरक नहीं

दोस्ती में ऐसे डूब गये, कि अब सुबह और शाम का फरक नहीं 
दोस्त के खातिर ऐसा कर गये, कि अच्छा और बुरा का फरक नहीं 

कोई नहीं

तन से जुदा हमें मौत कर सकती है 
पर मन से जुड़ा कोई नहीं 
कितना भी कहू कम है 
तुझसे अच्छा दोस्त हमें कोई नहीं 


सीढ़ियों पे सोगयी है शीशमहल की कहानियाँ 
जिसके बातें करते थे यहाँ कि कई ज़बानियाँ 
शायद हमारी भी एक कहानी होगी 
फिर न जाने क्यों याद आ रहे है हमें वो कहानियाँ 

Monday, September 28, 2015


ढूंढने की ज़रुरत थी नहीं मुझे 
मालूम जो था, आप हो साथ हमारे 
आप मेरे बाहर का साया नहीं 
रूह में सिमटी हुई अक्स है हमारे 

क्या करू

हमारा हर एक धड़कन आपका ही नाम लेता है 
हर साँस आपकी तारीफ़ में गुज़र जाता है 
हर पल आपकी आहटें याद आती है 
क्या करू मैं, हर जनम ये दिल आपको ही चाहता है 

अपनी मौत

अगर तुम्हारी चाहत में ताकत है, तो मिलन को रोक नहीं सकता कोई मौत 
अगर तुम्हे मौत भी आजाये, तो हम है यहाँ अपनाने तुम्हारी मौत 
पर हा मरेंगे तुमसे मिलने के बाद ही, और हस्ते हुए गले लगायेंगे अपनी मौत 

Friday, September 25, 2015

यादों की मोतिया

अमीर है हम भी, अगर तेरे पास सोना है सोने के लिए 
मेरे पास आपकी यादों की मोतिया है, सपनो मैं डुबोने के लिए

न किया होता

कुर्बान न किया होता ज़िन्दगी 
मेहमान से बेवजह न रखता बन्दगी 
अगर पहचान ज़रा पेहले कर लिया होता 
तो मेहमान को अरमान न बनाया होता 

मेरे पैग़ाम

रेहते होंगे मेरे पैग़ाम से ना खुश 
सेहते होंगे हर लफ्ज़ को, बेज़ार हो कर 
नाम देखते ही ठुकरा देती उसे शायद 
पर हम वही खड़े है, इन्तेज़ार हो कर 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

दिल का कमरा

दिल का कमरा खाली है 
न जाने कौन इस में रेहने वाली है 
तमन्ना तो है यही 
की वो अति सुन्दर और थोड़ी निराली है  


सुरमई नग़मा, लियाक़त-ए-ग़ज़ल 
मतलबी कलमा, रागिनी धुन हो तुम 

प्यार की प्यास

सब कुछ पाकर भी हूँ उदास 
तुम जो नहीं हो मेरे पास 
पूरा न हो सका कभी वो आस 
की तुम भुजाओ मेरी प्यार की प्यास 

आस न खोने देना

उदासीपन का एहसास न होने देना 
दूरी कभी मेहसूस न होने देना 
पास न हो हम तुम्हारे 
पर कभी मिलने की आस न खोने देना 

पेहला नाम

देखा जब मैंने जहाँ को करीब से, तो कुछ अलग ही पाया 
जिस तरह के लोग थे वैसा नहीं था उनका साया 
हैरान था जानकार की बहुत काम है जिन्होंने मोहब्बत निभाया 
और जब कुछ गौर से देखा, तो पेहला नाम आपका पाया 

पागल खाना

दीवाने परवाने का मतलब तक हम जानते नहीं 
मैखाने में ही शराब मिलता है, ऐसा हम मानते नहीं 
पर यु सोचता हूँ कि जहाँ है पागल खाना मोहब्बत का 
फिर भी मोहब्बत हर किसी को मिलती नहीं 


कुछ न कुछ तो कहते है लोग 
क्यों की केहना है उनका रोग 
अगर हम भी जाते उनकी बातों में 
तो शायद आपसे नहीं हो पाती संजोग 

दिल से सच्चे

दोस्त तो हम बुरे है नहीं, पर है नहीं हम सबसे अच्छे 
अपने बारे में इतना केह सकता हूँ की हम है दिल से सच्चे

आपके लिये

शायर एक बड़ा नाम है मेरे लिये 
पर बहुत छोटा नाम है आपके लिये 
मैं तो कुछ यूँही लिखता हूँ 
वही शायरी है आपके लिये 

ऐसे ही है सही

उसूलों पे अड़े रहे हम, इसलिये शायद कोई हमे चाहता नहीं 
फिर भी बदले नहीं, क्यों की यु मानते है की हम ऐसे ही है सही 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

चाहा नहीं

अमानत तुझसे अच्छा चाहा नहीं 
क़यामत तेरे बगैर चाहा नहीं 
सलामत, सिवाए तेरी माँगा नहीं 
जन्नत इस से सच्चा चाहा नहीं

अजीब नौबत

आपने नींद वापस किया नहीं 
हमने रात भर सोया नहीं 
अजीब नौबत है हमारी 
खोया है दिल और बदले में कुछ पाया नहीं 

एक ही अरमान

इस दुनिया में हम भी है मेहमान 
और हम ही है अपना सामान 
अपनी तो है, एक ही अरमान 
गुज़र जाये ज़िन्दगी, बिना करे किसी का नुक्सान 

बातों के वास्ते

उभर चुके है ग़म से, आपकी बातों के वास्ते 
अदाएं आपके ही शामिल हो, हसीन बनाये मेरे रास्ते 

क्यों न देखू

कशिश-ए-मोहब्बत के वास्ते जलते है चराग कई 
दुनिया-ए-इश्क़ में मचलते है राग कई 
नशा-ए-हुस्न में पीने है शराब कई 
जब आपसे हसीन कोई नहीं, तो क्यों न देखू आपके ख्वाब कई 

आपका दिल

आप जैसा बहुत खूब है आपकी बातों की मेहफिल  
कितना भी तारीफ़ करू कम है, यही तो है मुश्किल 
पर आपकी बाते याद आते है, आप जो है इस दिल में शामिल 
ए दोस्त फ़िक्र न करना हमारे बारे में, हम ही तो है आपका दिल 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

आया मौसम सावन का

आया मौसम सावन का, दिल तेज़ धड़के मेरा 
कोयल के साथ साथ अब गाये दिल मेरा 
गाता है बस तेरे लिये, पागल दिल मेरा 
अब कोई भी नहीं मेरा, सिर्फ संग है तेरा 

आओ हम तुम मिलके झूमे सावन में 
मिलके हम साथ लाये खुशिया आँगन में 
मेहकाके, बेहलाके, तन थोड़ा देहकाके 
ऐसे झूमे जैसे कोई नहीं है जग में 
पाया है हमने सब कुछ, तेरे ही संग में 
अब तो मिलके झूमे सावन की भांग में 

तुझे मिलने से

आसमान को छू आया हूँ 
गहरी सागर में डूबकर भी जी रहा हूँ 
ऐसा लगता है तुझे मिलने से 
जहाँ को भूल जाता हूँ 
तेरे आने का इंतज़ार करता हूँ 
कोई भी कली खिलने से 

न जाने किसकी राहत में

खोगये है सभी राहें 
टूटगये है सारी ज़ंजीरें 
फिर भी धड़क रहा है दिल, न जाने किसकी चाहत में 
थकगया हूँ बहुत, 
फिर भी सुकून हूँ यहाँ न जाने किसकी राहत में 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A good psychological thriller that should be watched for terrific directing.

Steven Soderbergh has yet again proved that he is indeed a straightforward director and shows the issues as they exist. No camouflage, no melodrama that is basically no nonsense. He is best in such scripts and not the remakes like he did for Ocean's Eleven. Thankfully, this is such a script where he can handle things and show them in a real way. There is no surrealism, no hallucinations or no drugs here. It's a story of a girl who is psychologically fine but is actually under medication due to reasons of her own.

For nearly three fourth of the film, I thought this film is about the corruption in the medical industry, the nexus between pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Also, I thought that this film is about murder too. But in reality, it is something else.

Rooney Mara has done a terrific job. Her best is still "The girl with the dragon tattoo" but "Side Effects" stands as one of her top performances.

The cinematography is wonderful and the sound design is in tune with the visuals. The sound gave a spine-chilling feel for me. But I wish so, there was fine-tuning in the edit to cut few scenes to make it racier.

Above all, it's a straight script that is superbly directed. I am going with 3/5  for this. Definitely a good one, but falls a tad below in greatness.


Care of father, simply put. Taken at Ngong Ping, Hong Kong.


Away from the skyscrapers, there are green mountains and there lies peace. Taken at Ngong Ping, Hong Kong.


Traffic movement in Hong Kong. Taken from Wan Chai, Immigration Tower Bridge, Hong Kong. 


Traffic at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Things move at quick pace in Hong Kong. 


Glimpse of the skyscrapers at night in Hong Kong. Taken at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


Taken at K-11 mall,  Hong Kong. These are bottles cut to become lamp shades.


Casino Liboa at Macau. Macau is also called, Vegas of the East. Amazing Casinos here.

Monday, September 14, 2015

मेहरबान शैतान

मेहरबान हूँ आपका शैतान जो कहा मुझे 
मेहमान बनाया आपकी ज़ुबान का शैतान केह कर मुझे 

शबाब जो पीया है

होश में बेहोशी तेरी हुस्न ने किया है 
झूमते यु नशे में, तेरी शबाब जो पिया है 
तेरी नज़ाकत पे हमने नींद खोगया 
इश्क़ की ख़्वाबों में चैन खोगया 
होश में बेहोशी तेरी हुस्न ने किया है 
फूलों में खुमार तेरी आहट से आगया 
गुलशन में निखार तेरी मुस्कान से आगया 
झूमते यु नशे में, तेरी शबाब जो पीया है 

आपकी धड़कन - मेरा दिल

क्या नसीब है उस मूरत की, जिसपे आपकी निगाहें पड़ती है 
क्या किस्मत है वो आईने की, जिसके सामने आप रोज़ सजती होगी 
क्या समा होगा आपका पंखा का, जो आपको ठंडी हवा देने को वो मचलती है 
क्या हुआ इस दिल को पता नहीं, शायद आपकी धड़कन से ही ये बजती होगी 


May the night be held in our arms
May the moon be taken in our palms
As I present moon as a gift
Before day breaks in and sets us adrift


An earthbound misfit seeks the skies
And thus, tries till he just flies
To fly away from the cauldron of hate
And the melancholy, seeking respite
With the winds blowing hard
How shall, one stand strong

(*Inspired from lyrics of "Learning to Fly" and "Lost Words" of Pink Floyd)

Sunday, September 13, 2015


लिखने की गूँज तो है पर लफ़्ज़ों का किताब खोगया 
दर्द पे लिखने के लिए ग़म का सैलाब खोगया 
ख़ुशी पे लिखने के लिए हसीं ख्वाब खोगया 
पेश करू तो क्या, जब इस सवाल का जवाब खोगया 

तेरा आशियाना

तेरा आशियाना में सजता सारा आलम है 
तेरी तारीफ करने बजता हर शेहनाई है 
तेरी मुस्कान से निखरता हर मौसम है 
तेरी आहट से दूर होती मेरी तन्हाई है 

Monday, September 7, 2015


A terrific war film, that is more about the inner war than the external one.

Based on the 2003 Iraq war, the movie is about Chris Kyle, the sniper who recorded 160 deaths from his own shoots officially. It's tough to kill someone, but when you are paid to kill, it becomes a profession, a duty. War involves a lot of killing and it does show up. Every soldier who killed someone perhaps goes through a lot of emotion after he the killing. It's because soldiers learn how to value a life.

In this story, we have a protagonist whose conflict within keeps him going and makes him stronger. Seldom have I seen a protagonist with such integrity and who is true to his profession. Vulnerability is something he innately possesses but he does not succumb. This protagonist has almost all the qualities of an ideal man. If the real person, Chris Kyle, on whose life the movie was based was someone as tough as shown in film, I salute his spirit and courage.

Bradley Cooper, who played the role of Chris Kyle, gave a poised and a nuanced performance. Though he shoots most of the time, he pierces any sensitive heart through his expression. To be ruthless is hard but to act being ruthless and yet empathizing is tough. I sincerely believe only few actors can pull off a role as tight as this one. Thankfully, Bradley pulls it off with aplomb.

Above all, I appreciate Clint Eastwood. I hardly know any director, who is not only maniacal but also rolls out a film almost every year.  

Watch it for real action, no nonsense stuff and for the spirit of Chris Kyle. Above all, watch it for Clint Eastwood's vision.

A 4/5 for this.

न चाहत है, न आदत है

न चाहत है आपको बातों का, न फुर्सत भी 
न आदत है आपको बातों का, न फितरत भी 

जलाल को जोधा

एहसानमंद हूँ उसका जो इस जलाल को जोधा दिखाये 
तारीफ़ खूब करूँगा उनका,  जो इस ज़िन्दगी को मुकम्मल बनाये 

*Referred Akbar as Jalaal as his full name is Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar

प्यार की लेहर

खुश हुआ दिल आज, लौट जो आये है इस शहर में 
आस है यही, कभी तो मिलेगी आपकी नेहर मेरी प्यार की लेहर में  

Saturday, September 5, 2015

मन की भावना

अजीब है मन की भावना 
व्याकुल नयन से नीर बेहते नहीं 
थके कदम आज रुकते नहीं 
केह दो समय से धीरे चले 
ऐसे पल हर बार आते नहीं 

Friday, September 4, 2015

मिलने की आस

आप ही खुदा हमारे आप से मिलने की आस है 
दूर हो कर भी आप, दिल के बहुत पास है 

क्या बुरा, क्या अच्छा

मालूम नहीं मुझे और समझ में भी नहीं आता क्या बुरा है और क्या है अच्छा 
अपने लिए तो बुराई है ही नहीं और जो अच्छा है, वो है जो दिल से है सच्चा 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

PIKU (2015) - HINDI

A wonderful film that shows and speaks about the shit in our lives, quite literally.

I am not sure what director Shoojit Sircar might have been thinking while conceiving and visualising the script of this film. But this much I am sure, he would have moments of burst out laughter while shooting this film. It's a fun film to watch and a funnier one to make.

"Hilarious" even this word would undermine this film, That's how good it is. I laughed out loud and was happy right every moment. There is not even a dull moment I must say and as per me, this is simply one of the finest films out in Hindi this year. 

Deepika Padukone, who used to be a model few years ago, seems to have come of age and has done some great acting here. I loved here in the other film "Finding Fanny" and with this one, she has set her own bar high. 

Irfan Khan, needless to say has done a terrific job. He has maintained the low-key and reserved acting well. He does his job without much ado and also takes credit for it. This film is no different and he is just too good again.

Now, the stealer of the show as in most cases is Amitabh Bachchan. He is terrific I must say. every emotion, every tiny utterance of a word, every sigh, every smile, every look, he has something to say and do. Even the way he talks to his maid is funny, I just can't simply get enough of his acting and I am proud to be loving him, Also, very happy that he has emerged as one of the most diverse actors in his choice of scripts. 

Shoojit Sircar and the writers have done a job so very well that it's rare to see such good writing in Hindi films, Here is one, and I will take it. There is no camouflaging, no nonsense. It's out there as if it were in real life of real people. So loved the depiction of it.

All other aspects are just fine, and even they are flawed, I would give a 4/5 for this film simply for acting and writing.


Strictly a one time watch and even if avoided or missed out then no big deal.

Let me begin by talking about the theater where we watched this film. It’s Grand Cinema in Hong Kong, where the seats vibrate in sync with the surround effect. This experience was new for me and it was certainly immersive. This film certainly had great sound effects so the vibration of seats was a good one to experience.

Coming to the film, there is no value add I got, apart from better visual and sound effects than the classic and original Jurassic Park made in 1993. I simply think that this film was over rated by my friends who went gaga over this and recommended this.

Irfan Khan surprised me in this with the role he had played. Apart from that there anything much impressive about this film. There is that oomph factor for sure but not not to my satisfaction.

Technically, yes this all the ingredients of a superbly designed film with adequate effects. I wish there was some soul too and not just a body that was camouflaged.

An average 2/5 for this.


My plan and vision is that I want to stop doing a job or anything to earn money at the age of 45 and that’s precisely 14 years from now. What do I need to do to achieve that depends on what am I doing now and how far can I go with this. Ok, let me some things to do which will help me achieve my goal.

I need to build assets which will yield considerable returns and help me facilitate me and my family without thinking much financially. I want to travel a lot and it means a lot of money so how much would be good, I need to look at the logistics of financials and plan accordingly.

A simpler solution is that start saving and investing early and that is beginning of employment. Though, it looks simple, my experience says that's the toughest thing to do. New job, new responsibilities, new power to spend and much more. To hold on and focus on the retirement at early stage of employment is really hard.

So, then lets spend but spend purposefully. Buy things that help you either professionally to grow and yield finances quicker. Say, you invest in management studies that will help you grow quickly. Else, spend in things that are having huge probability of turning into assets many years later. Land, stocks, gold, a flat etc. can be termed as a few.

So better buy a flat, clear of the loan quickly say by 35 (assuming you start your career at 24) and for next years upto 45 buy another flat and clear off the new emi by 45. So by 45 you will have 2 flats, loan free and from one flt, you can earn a rent that may help you as pension and also you have your own flat to stay. You can trade the old flat for an appreciation and convert that into fixed deposit too on which you may seek a monthly interest. Logically, which ever option yields higher, one would opt that.

So, to reach the goal there are many paths, but there are hardships in each and be ready to face for a greater peace then. Do not forget to have a health insurance and life insurance policies for you and family as they help you deal with adversities if any.

Nothing that is said above is unknown. Everybody says that and many follow too. But I just wanted to put my views across. Thanks for reading.


I loved this movie and cried like crazy.

Happy to have seen this in theaters, and happy to have found my sleeping kid. The kid that sleeps within me and always jumps awake at the opportune moment, was so happy seeing this. Ok, now cut the kid and let the sane adult talk, as this is a review by an adult and not a kid.

This adult has a story, a teenage story of changing school, being a rebel at home, and fighting with parents and teachers all through the years that he was at a new school. I changed my school when I was thirteen and the next couple of years were hell for my parents and teachers. A student with supreme conduct, suddenly turned into a disinterested rowdy with the change of school. The new school I was put in did not have good teachers, who could sing or play. They always used to teach in the most uninteresting way, and I hated all of it.

OK, that’s a little insight into my teenage years, but above all, this is a film that has much more than insight. I connected with this film on a deeper level, perhaps I too love reading minds. This movie is something that explores the feelings of emotions, how we react when we feel, how do we emote that feeling, it’s so much more about us within than many other films, that are all about characters, plot, themes etc. This movie, could possibly be about you, check this to find that out. I found something for me and was extremely happy.

The director has a daughter and she is nearly the same age as the film’s protagonist Riley. Now, what’s her age? Go watch the film, or as some lazy bugs do, just do some Wikipedia about director, the film, his daughter etc. I am unapologetic and actually unhappy with those who read this review and do not end up watching this.

Technically, PIXAR has achieved more than any other animation studio in the world in terms of animation, story-telling and development of characters and trust me, this film is on par with any PIXAR film you have liked, be it FINDING NEMO or MONSTERS INC or TOY STORY or many more including WALL-E and UP.

Having said all that, do I still need to rate this? I will do, just for the takers, it’s a 5/5. I love this and I need not say more.


A one time watch is enough to remember this for a life time. 

It’s an impacting film is what I can definitely say. As this is a suspense-thriller, I cannot reveal the suspense or anything. Yet, I just want to say that the cold-bloodedness of a character makes it way too obvious and provides an indication of what is going to come across.
Acting is masterful by all, especially by Kevin Spacey who alone rallies the ensemble cast by his stoned face and supreme voice narration.

This is not only a well-acted film but also a well written one. The writing is sharp and straight. Undoubtedly it deserves the accolades it received for writing and also Kevin Spacey’s acting.

Overall, a must watch for the lovers of cinema, but if you predict the twist, then I am not sure whether you will like this film.

It’s a good one still and not a great one for me as other aspects of the film technicalities might have been much better. A 3/5 for this.

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