Sunday, August 11, 2019


What's the fun in watching the same story in just live animation like real animals with hardly anything added.

Maybe if I had watched it another language, I would have had fun, but as I watched in English, I felt like a repeat. Content-wise, I didn't see any change, only the hair of Simbaa flying across the forests was the newer aspect. Experience wise, I watched this in 4D and I did not like projection. The screen was made 4:3 and each end on the right and left were shelved. Not sure if it's in PVR cinemas alone or across theatres, but it did not give me the satisfaction of viewing in a theatre.

If I have to review this, I would copy-paste my review of the original film. Few scenes were added for compliance sake, just to call it new and Beyonce's spirit song was added to the track. That is all, new in the film which was great. It's a product of toxic nostalgia, and those who love to relive their childhood may love this one, but for me who seeks new stories, this was not meant to be.

Nevertheless, it's a film made for the market for this generation kids who missed out the great animated version. Technically, this film is for sure well made, with all animals being created on the computer and the voiceovers were good too, yet the crib of nothing more continued within. Definitely not worth in theatres, I'd rather sit and watch the original online.

An average 2/5 for this old film in new technology.

Here's the link for a review of the original film.

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