Tuesday, July 31, 2012


आपकी इन्तेज़ार में बहुत पल बरबाद किया
न जाने कितने बार आपको याद किया
फिर भी आप आये नही
छोड़ कर आस मैंने ज़िन्दगी बरबाद किया

मेहफूज़ है क्या?

मेरा प्यार मेहफूज़ है क्या?
मुझपे ऐतबार मेहफूज़ है क्या?
इन्तेज़ार जो करती थी कभी
वो इन्तेज़ार मेहफूज़ है क्या?
मैंने आपके दिल पे राज किया था
वो राज का ताज मेहफूज़ है क्या?
बार बार करता जो तंग था,
वो तंग का संग मेहफूज़ है क्या?
आता नही मुझे, इस से ज्यादा पूछना
खैर, आप मेहफूज़ है क्या?


The sun has begun to set and here is a barren silhouette, Taken at Palolem Beach, GOA, INDIA.


Its refreshing in some ways and preachy in many but makes its point.

I liked it, for one reason, that is Rajendra Prasad, the man who is now pioneering message oriented films and once was an epitome of comedy hero is undoubtedly superb in his performance. 

The story is of a village and how it was and how it is today, it was great and colourful and comprised of unbelivably good people, maybe thats how they were in 70's and 80's. And now, we have people who are corrupt, greedy and yes unwilling to be at home but rather stay away from homes and homeland for their own reasons. Too many things are actually put in in what would have better if there are subtleties and niceties rather than heavy dosage of lectures or classes. It runs through the first hour in a village that  is colourful, cheerful and so happening where each one helps each other, festivals are celebrated collectively and every joy others is made their own. Narayanarao (Rajendra Prasad) brings his own subtleties and like looking at the comb to which her wife's hair is struck and remembering her when she is away, sure though they seem so fabricated, they went well with the mood as I watched it. 

It gave me memories of Swades which was superbly made and in comparison, though is just 2 hours it seems longer and by the end actually too over the board, yet there a few things we ought to know and we are still missing to learn them as we grow. I can relate to a few feelings of Narayanarao though as I had been abroad and was eager to be back home.   

Casting is simply not good and art direction is OK OK. Cinematography is sure appreciable but it could have been better. Acting of most is just there while Rajendra Prasad gave something to look forward to in his role as Narayanarao.  Editing could have been done well, at least songs could have been cut and a few scenes I felt, are they just there to convey a message. Like a water supplying boy decides not to supply mineral water any more just after a few words by our protagonist Narayanarao. Oh, can't this be cut. Anyways, I gave in to most of such things which actually I thought was necessary to a generation that thrives on un natural means from water to food to air. Overall, the screenplay is well written and a few dialogues have touched a chord like "Magaallu Meesalluna Chinna pillalu" (men are kids with moustache). Now, all together the direction seems so much like a lecture being told than a film being watched. 

I would go with an average 2/5 rating for a movie that surely has a point but alas it actually has too many points told in high pitch that after a point it seems like noise being made out of musical instruments. May be this generation does not the nice attitude to appreciate such lectures and since I am one among the new, I did not like it. Yet, go and watch Swades 10 times and you would love it than watching this once.

Surely, in a Telugu film industry that is deprived of some native films and where concepts are borrowed from either hollywood or bollywood, this is a refreshing film and I wish that Narayanarao truly did something active than passing passive dialogues. Good attempt Kranti Madhav, just that you can do much better if you are not so possessive of educating the audience at least like me.

Monday, July 30, 2012


There is a joy expressed in the leaves as they raise high into those dark clouds. Taken at Sinhgad, Pune, Maharashtra.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Boy- Girl, Meet-Part and boy meets another girl.

I wrote a poem that says Boy- Girl, Meet-Part  where the end is not so happy, yet that's how life is for a few. The movie is a typical love story but with a better camera work and nicely written screenplay.

How many times have we seen a boy meets girl and then they walk off just to realise their mistake and meet at the end, this one is typically like that and if you are really interested to know what the end then watch this. I would have liked it if it's more fluid more natural than being fabricated so much. 

It's woven as a nice fabric with some good camera work, nice production values and just the right performances and yes a non linear screenplay. Yes, its packaged superbly but what its lacks within is a soul or a heart of itself, Marc Webb seems to be a great publicist but is surely not a great director.

Performances are apt and though Summer Finn played by Zoeey Deschanel seems gorgeous as the blue-eyed girl she finally wears out on emotions and can walk and be beautiful but don't expect much from her in this film. Joseph Gordon Levitt shines as Thomas Hanson and surely has a good emotive skills and also a great screen presence. Others were fine in their parts.

But what I felt by the end of it all was this surely has a better treatment than most of the recent romantic movies but it does not have a freshness though. It's a likeable movie for sure and not loveable as per me. I would better sit through a Before Sunrise or Harry Met Sally than this one. 

As per me, it stands average as 2/5 for its just predictable and that means its fabricated that things happen as we would thought them to be. Even at the end when there is a realisation which was not actually the whole of the point but only a hint, that life goes on in coincidences seemed rather unnecessary and though the movie is named Summer which can be attributed to both, the season and the character Summer Finn, its neither hot nor warm and at least is not even dramatic enough to move. 


She needs a boy, he needs a girl
To make a nice toy, in their own world

She met him, he met her
The saw just each other
Everything else went blur
And nothing seemed to bother

I saw them share sweet smiles,
And feed each other in lovely looks
Wished, like this, they walk miles
Wanted them to be in romantic books

But fate had a different ploy
That it was not for long
That they were in joy
And in their parting, ended my song

Friday, July 27, 2012


Wonderful, delightful film right out of the screen from Woody Allen.

There is a movie played within this film and it's name is Purple Rose of Cairo where and adventurer seeks Purple Rose, that's where the name has been derived from. Like the purple is still sough life is still sought and joy is deprived to our protagonist Cecilia. 

Acted superbly as any actor under the master director Woody Allen does, Mia Farrow and Jeff Daniels have done well. This is the first film I saw of Mia Farrow and she is quite an exciting actress I must say.
Set in 1930's depression era, the art direction is quite great as the shallowness in lives of people and so in the spaces in USA is captured well. 

Cinematography is just there and its very well edited, keeping it down to 82 minutes and thats enough to bring someone out of screen and throw him in again.  Screenplay and story, Oh I loved it I must say but will I watch it again, may be not coz there are not many lines that shall make me sit and watch it again. 

It's a surreal movie and yes it has a symbolism too, Cecilia (Mia Farrow) is drawn into her own figments of imagination and she gets what he thinks about that is being with a lovable man, who walks straight out of the screen and meets her in real life. So reel life Tom (Jef Daniels) meets Cecilia. Now Tom is just a character and his real life is Gil Shepherd (Jeff Daniels) and then when a choice is given to Cecilia, she chooses the real life Gil and is succumbed to reality that its not that way the life goes. 
Tom goes back into screen, Gil goes back to Hollywood but with guilt. Cecilia is now back to her escapade, the movies and this watching Top Hat as the song 'Cheek to Cheek' is played.

I have revealed the whole story I think but don't apologize me for that coz even after I put the whole thing here, its worth a watch atleast once.

I will give it 4/5 still coz I am happy for watching it. Thanks Woody Allen for such a wonderful screenplay.


In jungle, there is flow thats wonderful. Taken amidst Bandipur Sanctuary in Karnataka, INDIA.


Into this world, you checkout
With hopes and dreams of becoming big
And early on, you just speak
Words of merry before you dig
A gold mine to store your dreams
Digging this, you reach a stage
When you realize, all you have is screams
Have yearned to earn a monthly wage
In screams, earning petty you be merry
And cool yourself to prepare to freeze
So that you shall not in a hurry
Be blown away by a wild breeze


They wish me luck in endeavors
And then pose queries, what will happen
If I am lost in life’s tremors?
And I am shaken so much, that I cannot pen
Even a word as I face defeat
They ask me, what shall be my feat?
I smile and thank for their wish
And say, “Defeat is just another dish
That can be tasted with a smile,
And this thought shall keep joy all the while”.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is just a carving on a black granite pillar and stands all as an epitome of the art. Ramappa Temple, Warangal, AP.


Welcome to the universe
Write your own song and sing it along
With your soul as your company
When there is none to accompany
Call the gods and make them feel
All too weak and make them kneel
At your feet, as you do a mighty feat
Welcome to the universe
Where truth is seldom and lies are more
Where peace is at the brink to gel with sea at the shore
Where money is all women think about
And beauty is all men think, lest you have a doubt
But come on now, sing your song
And make your soul to sing along
Coz you know you alone are your company
And there is none to accompany


Another day passes in life
With no happy moments
And not even a sad one
There isn't a single good moment
And not even a bad one
No smile and no tear
neither courage nor fear
All that happened is a day
That has just passed away
Without any sort of a feeling
Taking and giving nothing
Nothing like loss or gain
No merry or either pain
Yet, there is something to write
A feeling of emptiness that has been left
By the moments that I spent,
On a day that has just went
Pushing me a day closer to death
With a heart that lost its beat

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Small in length but extravagant in presentation.

This 44 minute length feature film was made in 1924 and yet it entertained me today. So thus, length did not matter for entertainment and so did the era in which it was made. There were no dialogues aand no sound expectedly and yet this comedy made me laugh. Now, Buster Keaton, the actor and the creator behind must be appreciated and I believe has been a master in making movies in the silent era. 

You got sentiment, love, suspense and oh wow, stunts in form of chases and all are very very original. Yes, its unnatural and totally fabricated but whats best about this tiny film is that is its very surreal. Like a dream  sequence, the events are well placed and there is lot of happening each time. Events happen in a dream and that makes it surreal and though we know it was dream, its just so seemingly and funnily real. Yes, those stunts are made to convince us that such things were possible and hats off to the director Buster Keaton who took great risks in performing such acts and creating laughs even today.

Now, the story, oh, don't bother its about a man who tries to do two things and succeeds in neither except in dreams. This includes his profession, his passion and a girl whom he is attracted to. 

Editing is not even needed as it is just 44 minutes and not a moment is wasted. It's well made for laughs and gave me fun. Thanks Keaton for giving us this. It's 4/5 for one of the earliest movies that had superb stunts, had movie in a movie and yes so very dreamy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Trudging on a monsoon morning, in the meadows
Where there is no sun yet and no shadows
The still dewdrops are smiling
While I, on the grass was whiling
Fresh grass was sprouting
Old leaves were falling down
And my mind was weaving a questions gown
Why is all this change and why is it so strange?
When the leaves get old, will they fall in the cold?
Does grass come each day? 
And the dewdrops just fade away?
The flowers blossom in the morn
While in the evening, they seek sojourn
On the branches of plants before they fall
“Your life is done” they get a call
But what are we and what am I?
What we do, all day through?
Just think and just write
Of what’s wrong and what is right
The writer is killed, the poem is torn
And before his funeral, another is born


O would that I could each day, each night long
Hum the songs you like to hear, O dear
Should I?
In a lowly voice recite mellowed phrases each dawn,
While you relax in the lush lawn
Or should I?
Each night sing melodies which singers envy
And listening to them, nature rejoices
Or should I?
Keep mum and do nothing and take pride even then
Feel happy for having you beside
Should I?
Just through looks listening to you
As you know the magic of making music from silence
I'd wonder if anyone knows your magic
And I fear to lose you in music,
I need you more than those enchanting melodies dear


Good intentions need not necessarily get good feedback.

Acted supremely and so terrifyingly by Sean Penn as Sam this is too accurate depiction of an autistic and developmental disability and is really worth many an award for such portrayal of Sam.

The plot is now that Sam is a father the state too his daughter assuming the fact that Sam cannot take care of Lucy, his daughter and Sam has a case to win her back. Now sympathy cannot be evoked just by showing disability and he wins the heart of a reluctant lawyer Rita and now he fights to win her daughter back

there in is a flaw in convincing or trying to convince people too easily from a neighbor to a judge to his manager, Sam does pull off things so easily that are tough for a normal man to achieve. So his own disability becomes his aide and made me question are there so many good men and then realised oh its just a movie. This is where it has lost the moment it deprived me of a possibility and convinced me that its just a movie, it went down by a few points.

Yet Sean Penn is outstanding and this movie becomes a watch only for him. now all others seem to be acting for the fabrication of scenes written by writer director Jessie Nelson.Cinematography is not so great but art direction is setting up Sams room is editing too is a bit lethargic and the affectionate scene between Sam and Rita is not so needed. Other departments just fared well and is acting too is good.

It's over sentimentality has made this just an average flick which could have otherwise been a must watch for the way Sam was portrayed by Sean Penn. its 2/5 for an average story and sublime acting.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012


Surely, one of the most entertaining movies of recent years.

It began like this between me and Sunil (the director of my first short film Babu Kosam)

Sunil : Have you seen Khaleja
Me : No
Sunil : See it, its not understood by many but no other movie is so entertaining as this in last year or so

Then, I went and watched it online (pirated version) as its DVD was still unavailable when inquired in Music World store, and since then this is the most watched Telugu cinema (nearly 10 times in TV and online) for me in last one year and each time I sit watching, I just go till the end. 

Now, what is it that makes it so entertaining it's nothing but dialogs of Trivikram and presentation of the same by Mahesh Babu. Trivikram has proved to be a master in dialog writing and I rate him as the current best Telugu writer after his earlier films like Manmadhudu, Athadu etc... Mahesh Babu is a revelation as this is the first movie that he spoke so much, in fact his earlier performances were limited dialog oriented ones while in this one he goes full throttle and makes it entertaining just by his presence and dialog delivery. 

There are for sure flaws in the movie presentation like to tell the whole concept, just a simple scene is shown like God is there in every good heart and that makes the connection to the though difficult. Now, the silliest thing is if the most powerful business man cannot evacuate a mere 534 people from a village then who else can. Yes, barring this if we keep logic out, this becomes an enjoyable ride.

Dialog as I said earlier are its strong point and I wish this film became a big hit, its mostly misinterpreted and Mahesh being portrayed as God while even in climax he repeats he is a mere Taxi Driver "Should God come down to kill you, I am Seetarama Raju, Taxi Driver I am enough" had this been understood and scenes have been cut down to focus on main plot line instead of subverting it with romance with heroine and all, this was so very good and so very innovative. 

Songs except one are a big let down, though the background score of Mani Sharma is done, cinematography is just there and not so impressive and editing though done by Sreekar Prasad a renowned editor, is not so great as it prolongs a few scenes. 

Having said all the above, I would love to watch it again and again for Trivikram's Dialog and Mahesh's Dialog delivery. It's a rare 4/5 for a complete Telugu commercial cinema from me and I say, Watch It please.


I have seen you in the mirror
And on the empty chair
In the moonlight dinner

I held u in my bare arms
While others wondered rubbing their hair
I smelled u while u held my palms

The fragrance of your startling soul
Was so tantalizing, it took away my despair
And I just played your game without a foul

Though I dream and walk by your side
You are a mere illusion and not my pair
They cant figure you out, coz within me u just hide

Sunday, July 15, 2012


A tale worth knowing but it tests our patience.

I got to know of this through a friend Abhijeet Kulkarni (a big fan of singer Kishore Kumar) who "I like it because its my idols favorite movie" and watched it nearly 3 years back for first time. When I revisited it now I am just all over in love with it for the first hour, the second hour seemed dragging and I had to sit through 3rd just to finish it. Over three hours long, this tale of a family of Tevye (playe by Topol) becomes too sardonic and too painful by the end. Had it been a tad shorter, it would have just right up there as a great movie. Now, still its definitely a good movie and worth watching for many reasons. Top most reason being there to see Topol playing Tevye, the family runner, a man for a family. 

Topol is just so fine and brings so much more to the character Tevye is that there is no escape form empathizing, falling in love with Tevye and embracing him for the way he dealt with his things. Setup in 1900's Russia, this is a tale of a family of Tevye who has 5 daughters and he has to get them married, now tradition is what he believes in sticks to and he has to fore go a few beliefs too for his own family and he does that too and becomes so very humane. 

Now, did I ever mention that its a musical and oh wow, the music is so good, 'Matchmaker' and 'Do you love me' are two songs that are my favorites and will listen them over again and again. John Williams for sure has produced a supreme soundtrack and worth a collection. So is the cinematography and art direction which are simply superb.

Now, editing is not up to the mark and this being a musical I agree it has less scope and it needed a large landscape to take us and make us delve into the niceties of such place and also its grave atrocities. It's great if looked at as a play for its completely performance oriented but as a movie, I wish it was just shorter by say half an hour.

It's 3/5 for a good movie and definitely worth a watch for TOPOL and surely thanks to Kishore da and Abhijeet for making me watch this. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


In days spent dreaming,
in nights spent screaming
how could I, in love attain?
When I am always in pain
Fear within, smiles in vain
Thus I walked only in rain
So to veil my tears brought by my fears
Hope has lost, that a day all this clears
How should I cope, now who would convey?
When you too are resorting to betray


At that scuffle, when you pulled a knife
I wondered if you were the same wife
To whom I gave promises of life
To share my smiles in pain and strife

At that squabble, when you shouted
I did nothing but doubted
Was it with you? Who just gave a clout
My first true love did sprout


A film that has its shortcomings yet rises above in performances.

Who would be interested in an insane writer, his neighboring painter and a waitress who has a sad marriage. And bring these three up you have As Good As It Gets, a small film that is done so wonderfully by its leads Jack Nicholson as Melvin Udall and Helen Hunt as Carol. It's hard not to fall in love with these characters or their eccentricities and histrionics. Also to mention Greg Kinnear as Simon who does a pretty good job. Now what about the dog Verdell who too has shown good emotions and responded pretty naturally. Now, done with performances appraisal, now lets rip the movie with its further study.

Screenplay is lethargic rather placid I must say and its a long drawn out for nearly more than 2 hours to convey a point and to express a feeling. Now, situations had to be fabricated to squeeze such feelings out of the characters and this is where I did not like it, like the road trip to understand each other or the act to have a doctor see Carol's son. These are a few overboard things in which is otherwise a pretty decent film. 

The direction is not so much there and rather unappreciable in adding up unwanted scenes here and there and making it a bit messy than needed. Now, having said all the above, dialog by Mark Andrus and James L Brooks is outstanding and thats what sets this film engaging though scattered and long. All other departments are just fine and have done their job rather commendably.

I give it a 3/5 a good one for sure just and supreme acting and good dialog makes it a worth romantic comedy. I wish our Telugu or even Hindi Films are more subtle and simple like this one.

Look at this so well written scene and dialog

Melvin is having a room service breakfast.

The door opens... Simon enters. A new Simon -- better than ever, clearly happy -- a morning-after glow.

MELVIN : Did you have sex with her?

Carol follows his out. Her arms are filled with the hotel soaps, shampoos, etc.

MELVIN : Sorry, didn't realize she was right there.
   (a beat)
  Did you have sex with her?

CAROL : To hell with sex.

Carol looks at Melvin -- he can't meet her gaze.

CAROL : We held each other. It was better than sex. What I need he gave me great.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Now if Before Sunrise was great, this is much better too.

Jesse and Celine have met last 9 years ago, Jesse comes up with a book and while describing it in a bookstall in Paris, he meets Celine again. Now, where will this brief encounter lead to, where ever it would end p, the path is for sure gonna be beautiful and that's how it is. 

With a beautiful romantic work already done, the director ups the ante this time and how? By making it  more time bound and more mature. Jesse and Celine have grown up now, what they thought as everything beautiful is not so as it turns out. They feel imprisoned in their own lives, they have learnt to embrace the shortcomings of what we call is an imperfect world, they speak more fluidly and are more comfortable with each other s they already had a meeting earlier. 

Richard Linklater seems to be a master in telling what he would like to tell and in his own inimitable style. He has got aides in Ethan Hawke as Jesse and Julie Delpy as Celine who have added so much to dialog in what is primarily a conversational movie. Can you believe that the whole movie is shot the way the characters speak out, that is as they speak for an hour long, the movie is precisely that much duration only. Now, so many interesting things come up in this conversation.

Going with 5/5 this time too and I love this so much to have a repeat watch.

Céline: I was thinking...for me it's better I don't romanticize things as much anymore. I was suffering so much all the time. I still have lots of dreams, but they're not in regard to my love life. (Cut to interior of the car.) It doesn't make me sad, it's just the way it is.
Jesse: Is that why you're in a relationship with somebody who's never around?
Céline: Yes, obviously, I can't deal with the day to day life of a relationship. Yeah, we have, you know, this exciting time together and then he leaves, and I miss him, but at least I'm not dying inside. When someone is always around me, I'm like suffocating!
Jesse: No, wait, you just said that you need to love and be loved...
Céline: Yeah, but when I do it quickly makes me nauseous! It's a disaster... I mean I'm really happy only when I'm on my own. Even being alone...it's better than...sitting next to a lover and feeling lonely. It's not so easy for me to be all romantic. You start off that way and after you've been screwed over a few times...you...you…you forget about all your delusional ideas and you just take what comes into your life. That's not even true I haven't been...screwed over, I've just had too many blah relationships. They weren't mean, they cared for me, but... there were no real...connection or excitement. At least not from my side.
Jesse: God, I'm sorry, is it...is it really that bad? It's not, right?

Céline: (Shaking her head with eyes nearly watering.) You know...it's not even that. I was...I was fine, until I read your fucking book! It stirred shit up, you know? It reminded me how genuinely romantic I was, how I had so much hope in things, and now it's like...I don't believe in anything that relates to love. I don't feel things for people anymore. In a way...I put all my romanticism into that one night, and I was never able to feel all this again. Like...somehow this night took things away from me and...I expressed them to you, and you took them with you! It made me feel cold, like if love wasn't for me! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Seen this many a time just to fall in love with it. 

It's easily one of the best romantic movies I have ever seen. Now romance need not be just physical but conversational, and this movie drives all way through in conversation between a couple, a pair. When I saw it first time my enthusiasm was only if the boy-girl be together or part. Once I saw if for first time, each time I was more in love with the conversation they had. 

The story, the plot is simple its a boy meets girl and we have got to see a romance budding like a blossoming flower that is gonna be so very beautiful the next dawn. Now, had the conversation be kiddish and childish as they happen in our marriage looks (typically indian marriage looks) where the boy and girl as each other their interests, their likes and dislikes, this could have been a bore, the conversation is so very intriguing ranging from what pisses you off to how we dream our own world to be.

It's all about Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) and what a day of a lifetime it was for them so it shall be for us, I promise for us if we care to watch such movies with a ear and a heart.  

Now, there are so many subdued underlying themes in this that can be found if we sit and just explore even a poem on milkshake seems to be saying something about a lifestyle. This movie is more about life than about anything else. It's a must watch for all those who just love the love we want to have or we are already having in our own lives. Just have time for this and get your ears for words seem like music all through.

Just love it and will keep loving it. It's 5/5 for one of the best romances ever.

Take this for a dialog
Jesse: Um... (Pauses, then sits down.) I want to keep talking to you, you know. I have no idea what your situation is, but, uh, but I feel like we have some kind of uh, connection. Right?
Céline: Yeah, me too.
Jesse: Yeah, right, well, great. (Speaking very quickly.) So listen, so here's the deal. This is what we should do. You should get off the train with me here in Vienna, and come check out the town.
Céline: (Surprised by the question, and smiles.) What?
Jesse: Come on. It'll be fun. Come on.
Céline: What would we do?

Jesse: Umm, I don't know. All I know is I have to catch an Austrian Airlines flight tomorrow morning at nine-thirty, and I don't really have enough money for a hotel, so I was just going to walk around, and it would be a lot more fun if you came with me. And if I turn out to be some kind of psycho, you know, you just get on the next train.
(Céline smiles, still unsure.)
Jesse: Alright, alright. Think of it like this. Umm-uh, jump ahead, ten, twenty years, okay, and you're married. Only your marriage doesn't have that same energy that it used to have, you know. You start to blame your husband. You start to think about all those guys you've met in your life, and what MIGHT have happened if you'd picked up with one of them, right? (Céline starts laughing a bit.) Well, I'm one of those guys. (Points at himself.) That's me, you know, so think of this as time travel, from then, to now, uh, to find out what you're missing out on. See, what this really could be is a gigantic favor to both you and your future husband, to find out that you're not missing out on anything. I'm just as big a loser as he is, totally unmotivated, totally boring, and, uh, you made the right choice, and you're really happy. (Motions toward the door with both thumbs, and mouths the words “Come on.”)
Céline: (Thinks.) Let me get my bag.
Jesse: (Whispering under his breath.) Yeah!


It's comic, dramatic, satirical and yet moving.

Wow to a movie that is realistically written, dialog is great and characters are just next door kind. No over the board romance, songs or comedy in this, it's just plain simple subtle and yet convincing. All appreciation to Vamsy, the writer director of the movie. 'To tell the truth, is a real tough thing' its shown very nicely that's what this movie achieves. 

We need not have serious takes on messages and over the top long dialog to convey what we ought to say we can have strong characters and make them realistic with humor and then also say it, now Vamsy precisely does that here with his characters. The setup more importantly is superb too, the backdrop is railway quarters of a town Rajamundry. Now we have eccentric characters, we have realistic backdrop and we have a huge hero in Diwakaram (Rajendra Prasad) who takes the toll of speaking truth to win his love.

There is a underlying plot and a big climax where Diwakaram has to answer himself a question, if it is to save his mother or gain his love. Yet, it's the sub plots that make this a very interesting watch. Too many characters to name here be it a Bhagyam or Chinna Rao or his two wives or anyone, they are humor filled except for one charatcer that is Gopi Chand.

Coming to acting, go all out for Rajendra Prasad who carries roles with a style of his own that is not matched even today. It's so tough to play such realistic middle class roles and he was the pioneer and still is for movies of that kind.

Going with 4/5 this is a gem by Vamsy and acted superbly by Rajendra Prasad. Please do watch it.


Power packed, enthralling and a must watch.

This is a movie that is inspired from a song "yeh duniya" from Pyaasa (1957) and comes out completely powerful and gripping. The director Anurag Kashyap is playful with his symbolism and his characters. Symbolism is really a tough thing to decipher and that's what makes this one each time enjoyable when I watched it.

Let me go through symbolism, Piyush Mishra refers to John Lennon as "His Highness Imagine Singh". "Nihilism" is written on black board of a law classroom, now how do we interpret each thing and why were such things placed. Even Ardhnaari is a character that is just inexplicable and yet symbolic perhaps to underachievers.

Coming to characters, each one has a flavor from and impertinent Bhati to all important Duki Bana and even the ladies have their say. Kiran among all ladies is so very underplayed and yet comes out as the most powerful woman. From a flamboyant Rananjay to a dogmatic and naive Dileep Singh, each one has been outstandingly written and equally well portrayed.

A story of fighting for separate state has never been darker and interesting than this one. All kudos to Anurag to have perceived this story and told it so well. Now to add to the color of the movie, comes in Piyush Mishra who not only acts but also provides music and writes the songs for this and makes this tale poetically beautiful. How can the already superb song "yeh duniya" be re interpreted, how can a powerful song as "sheher" be placed at funeral.

Listen to the music and it's not just poetically beautiful, there it's satirical and even philosophical. Indian Ocea too gives a song with "Yaara Maula" that says how students are being handed weapons instead of books. Just can't get over the music of this film.

Watch out for more, for one of the most powerful movies and thanks to Kay Kay, who does an outstanding job as Duki Bana. I love Rananjay more though as a character..

Watch it watch it watch it. Its 4/5 and one of the best movies of the decade.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A familiar cop story told interestingly.

It's the story of Sadhu Agashe as an encounter specialist and when he encounters a loss and then becomes more cold blooded and from cop to fugitive becomes lethal. Written and directed well by Shimit Amin, a director who writes well and directs the same superbly, this was his debut and how? Taking a well treaded path and make it more interesting and exploring a few niche things. 

The plot isn't original but the taking is. The way the climax is held and even 5 minutes before that, I did not expect it to end so menancingly as it is done, I must applaud the director here. The cinematography is too very stereotypical and follows its predecessors like Satya and others. The art direction, the costumes and the background score are good and simple, background went a bit overboard at times yet its just there aptly.

Now Sadhu Agashe is a character that was as said 'inspired' from real life encounter specialist Dayanak just that the whole plot is fictionalised to take us through an engaging ride. Sadhu Agashe and for that matter most cops here are shown as sensitive and humane, like the Commissioner of police asking Sadhu, "how is your son's fractured hand?". Not sure if police are so humane but I will give in to most of such eccentricities in  a plot that is a cold blooded revenge act. 

It has got a psychological thing as Sadhu Agashe tells his story through the induction a new cop into his team. More psychological would have more it less accessible and more interesting though, I liked it still the way it stands out now. Had production values been enhanced this was for sure then been a better watchable film.

I will go with 3/5 for a good movie that could have been so much more. Watch it for Nana Patekar nevertheless

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I wish to comprehend what is a message about
That we do message when feelings sprout
And also do send one when in doubt

Its help to clear I think dark clouds between hearts
And brings them closer in a tender way
And it’s a message that helps them bind and stay


A girl wanted lots of money
A girl wanted to lie down with her honey
A girl wanted many dresses
Another wanted passionate kisses
Each girl is in a hurry
To get what she wants is her only worry
To get a man, is the easy thing
Coz he will arrange her each and every thing
So the girls think of a man
Listing down with priority each choice
And to the one man who can
She says, "I love you" in a sweet voice

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