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Before I began reading this I was skeptical with the title “Secret of Leadership” I have rarely found secret associated with the word leadership. Secret refers to a mystic characteristic while Leadership is an evident characteristic. So I was doubtful before I began as to what secrets it would tell me. I have found some wonderful points. These are told hundreds of times all through the life and re-emphasized in this book.

When I am down in life, I need something to pull me up. Although, I am not low still it’s good if something pulls me up. This book is one such thing that happened. I was told to read this book by my boss and my boss is right all the time. There are many insights on leadership and it is a pretty easy read.  

Cricket, is something that we as Indians relate easily. In this book, there are many cricketing stories and many memorable ones and they are in a unique leadership style. The author Prakash Iyer I am sure is a huge cricket enthusiast and thus the cricket references.
As an example, the VVS Laxman and Ishant Sharma Partnership of Mohali 2010 against Australia showed how entrusting responsibilities on less capable team members might work wonders.

There are numerous examples as mentioned above. Rahul Dravid giving the foreword is add-on and overall this is a book that is worth a read.

Lessons worth noting from “The Secret of Leadership”

  •   Find my mountain that is worth the climb.
  •  Become Passionate, Have Hunger, Practice Discipline
  •   I need to run my race
  •  It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up
  •  Develop the habit of perseverance.
  •  Perseverance pays.
  •  Always find what works for and go with it.
  • Stop focusing on obstacles and start focusing on opportunities
  • To achieve something in this lifetime, wake up early.
  •  Hope is not good enough. I need to take responsibility and action.
  • Learn to forgive. Don’t carry grudge.
  • Whatever I am, must be a good one.
  •  Be careful what I say when I am angry.
  • Writing down goals is the first and most significant step towards achieving success
  • Excellence is an attitude.

Write down things to do for the day each morning and do them. This is the simplest mantra to success but the toughest thing to do. Those who practice such work ethic and discipline become leaders. Now, this is just a start and there are many other characteristics that we shall acquire once we have discipline in place.

It’s a push I need and I hope to write things down and accomplish them each day. 
A 3/5 for a good book.

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