Monday, September 22, 2014


An anthology film that shows a slice of reality in Telugu films, a welcome change.

This film is about multiple stories and many characters and each one has something to offer. Different life styles, indifferent attitudes, there are many things in this film but primarily each one here is driven by hope. Hoping that something will happen and make their lives better. 

Since this is an anthology of many stories, there is tough to derive a protagonist for the film but for me it was the writer. Poignantly, HOPE is what he ends the writing with. My favourite story is the one I related to, that is of Venkateswara Rao (Krishnudu) who is unmarried nearing 30. But I keep myself more in the shoes of the writer and was seeing the world in a similar point of view as his. A writer is one of the best observers of life, he observes, takes it all in, and puts it out adding his own perspective. The better the quality, the better writer you are. But quality being a highly subjective topic it's tough to judge what is good writing.  So to make it easy, what we like is good and what we do not like is not so good. 

Ok, coming to the film, it has got some really good production qualities. Firstly the ensemble cast is stupendous and the director Praveen Sattaru has to be credited a lot for roping in such a wide range of artists. Though I did not like a few actors, overall it's a tough job to put many good actors in one and he really did a fine job. 

The taking was different sans commercial elements and some real good writing of dialogues. Yes, most dialogues seem like cliche but they are well placed making it meaningful. The cinematography is commendable and at 2 hours and 20 minutes, the film seems breezy with so many stories. The culmination is debatable for a few, but for most it's convincing. 

A 3/5 for that rare non-commercial film that has to be appreciated despite it's flaws. I hope more such films come out in future.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


It's a film that began the great march of the sphagetti western cowboy films with a distinct style.

This film is not so great in itself when compared to other films of the same director Sergio Leone and even the actor Clint Eastwood. But it's instrumental in starting up the legacy of the Western films in a way that was not seen before. The cinemascope view, the stylish and less speaking man with No Name. The precise editing and the landscapes mostly set in New Mexico state or there about in America. The soundtrack that is signature guitar and has some strings and chorus of Ennio Morricone and brought him to Hollywood.

This film was made prior to the great film "The Good The Bad and The Ugly" and this film is great in it's own right. There were Westerns being made before this film too, but this set a precedent in style which was to inspire many film makers later and still continues to inspire. 

The format of the film as I have read in references follows Akira Kurosawa's "Yojimbo". Perhaps, the format was already present but Clint Eastwood certainly took this film to another level. There is lot of curiosity he generated whenever he had the hands on his gun, when he lit a cigar, when he rode the horse. clint Eastwood began a style that shall be there forever in cinema. The walk, the look, the minimal dialogue speaks a lot for itself. 

I loved the music of Ennio Morricone which is a big part of Sergio Leones films and this soundtrack is supreme. This film is only around 100 minutes and I suppose is the shortest of all other Sergio Leone Western films. So the editing is terrific too. 

A 4/5 for this great Western. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014



The wittiest, funniest and the cleverest autobiography I ever read. 

You can read on Wikipedia page as to who Groucho Marx is but you must read this book to understand what a sense of humor he has. This is one of those books that seems more like a comedy movie than an autobiography. So little of his personal life is mentioned and so much of his personal experiences are fed which are mostly hilarious. 

This book is path-breaking in terms of autobiographical-writing. This does not follow chronology as a pattern and flows freely with time. It does not boast of accomplishment and does not have any serious tone either. 

This is the only autobiography where the author does not seem to be serious and more-so pulling the leg of the editor and even the readers at times. 

There are many Delaney moments (Delaney is the name Groucho uses to refer to someone about whom he does not want to reveal). So a friend, a co-film producer they all are named Delaney. The name itself evoked laughter for me. 

Groucho Marx is one of the cleverest comedians of his time and he rates his fellow comedians like Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and others greatly. There is a sense of gratitude that this book brings. Also, there are umpteen hints of the state of the economy of the country USA. Also, the hints of history like prohibition in America are fun. 

There is also something I learned about love. Here are a couple of lines from the book

"I believe, however, that real love only appears when the early fires of passion have cooled off and the embers just lie there smoldering."

Let's turn the whole thing over to the master, G.B.S (Shaw to you), and I quote: "When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive and most transient of passions, they are required to swear they will remain in that excited, abnormal and exhausting condition continuously until death do them part."

It's funny, witty, charming and there is a profound smile all through. A masterpiece in itself from the master of humor. It's a 5/5. I wish this is taken as a sample to write autobiographies.

Here I am just giving a glimpse of Groucho in his own words in the book.

“I once asked, "Mom, why do you wear that tight corset and that silly wig? They're uncomfortable and, besides, everybody knows they're phony."

 "Julie," she would answer, "you don't understand. When a lady goes out for the evening she likes to look nice."

 "I know, Mom, but as soon as you get to someone's house you remove the wig and corset."

 "Naturally," -she replied. "I take them off because they're uncomfortable. But look how nice I look when I arrive!"

 I couldn't follow this logic, but to her it made sense.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

आपका नूर

शबनम को शोला बनाना शायद आपका दस्तूर है 
कहेंगे नहीं ज़ालिम तुम्हे, इस अदा में भी आपका नूर है

बेमदद मरीज़

इश्क़ में ज़ख़्मी हो कर जी रहा ये बेमदद मरीज़ 
इश्क़ कि दवा पिलादे हमें बनाकर अपना अज़ीज़

मेरी सीरत नहीं

प्यार को निभाने की आदत छोड़ दी तुमने 
पर तुम्हे ज़ालिम केहना मेरी सीरत नहीं 
इलज़ाम तो हम भी दे सकते है 
पर इतनी ज़ुल्मी तेरी सूरत नहीं 


हर शेर हमारा आज ख़ास है
आलम-ए-दर्द का जो एहसास है
इसे मिटने की आस मत रखियो
दर्द से ही निकलती मेरी हर साँस है 


ज़ुल्म-ए-उल्फत की सज़ा काँट रहा हूँ 
टूटे दिल के टुकड़े जमा रहा हूँ 
किसी को ऐसी सज़ा न मिले 
ये टुकड़ों को लेकर यही दुआ मांग रहा हूँ 

ख़ास वजह चाहिए

मेरी शायरी को हसीन मकाम चाहिए 
किसी के दिल में ख़ास जगह चाहिए 
अगर मर भी गए तो गम नहीं 
मरने के लिए ख़ास वजह चाहिए 

हैसियत ही कहा

इश्क़ की कदर न करो तुम,
तेरी हैसियत ही कहा उसे समझने की 
हम तो सही समझे इश्क़ को 
पर मेरी हैसियत ही कहा उसे पाने की 

किसे बया करू

सैकड़ो बातें है दिल में 
पर सुनाने के लिये धड़कन नहीं 
किसे बया करू इस उलझन को 
जब सुनने के लिये साजन नहीं 

नयी ज़िन्दगी की एलान

सन्नाटा छायी है मुकम्मल 
धड़कन थम गया और रूह है बेकल 
आज तो हम मौत में ही जी लिये 
एक नयी ज़िन्दगी की एलान होगी कल 

मिलकर जियेंगे कफ़न में

जश्न में हूँ आज, तुम्हे जो पानेवाला हूँ जीवन में 
लोग कहते है तुम मर गयी, हम तो मिलकर जियेंगे कफ़न में

आपकी तारीफ़

शायर बना दिया आपने मुझे,
पर आपकी तारीफ करने के लिए शायरी भी काम है 
कितने भी लफ्ज़ पेश करू,
आपकी तारीफ़ कर नहीं सकते यही तो ग़म है

प्यार के आगे

हसीन मुकदमा, सुहाना सज़ा, वफ़ा का मसलन 
प्यार के आगे सब छोटे है, यही केहता है धड़कन

अज़ीज़ को याद

अज़ीज़ को याद करके रोना भी एक मज़ा है 
जब अज़ीज़ ही न हो तो ज़िन्दगी एक सज़ा है

मेरी आलाप

न समझे आप, न समझे माँ बाप 
जब अज़ीज़ ही न समझे, 
तो मौत क्या समझेगी मेरी आलाप 

सन्नाटे में ख़ामोशी

क्यों नहीं चाहती हो पास आना 
क्यों नहीं चाहती हो संग रेहना 
वजह कुछ तो बताओ
मुश्किल है सन्नाटे में ख़ामोशी सेहना

Sunday, September 14, 2014

हुस्न का साया

सजे है फूल आँगन में 
बजे है शेहनाई धड़कन में 
छाया है तेरा हुस्न का साया मुझ पर 
मजे है सारे, ज़िन्दगी के दामन में 


For most people, love is lost not because it is said, but as it remains unsaid.

Expression is something that only humans can do with their words. Yet, many of us still do not express as freely as we are supposed to. There can be any number of excuses for the inexpressiveness of us, yet it is the most valuable thing we are losing without our knowledge. In reticence, lies ignorance and in expression lies innocence and life. I firmly believe this and I am so happy that the film is so much of expression and expressive people. The beauty and essence of an expression is lost there is slight thought before expression. Thankfully our director-writer Homi Adajania, does not seem to be so thoughtful and expresses very freely what he wants to. He has done a commendable job in keeping the film out of mainstream and yet has lured the mainstream actors smartly. For his smartness in casting alone, I salute him.

The technical aspects are wonderful. The cinematography is superb in capturing the beautiful Goan landscapes sans the beaches and the sea. The Goan culture is brought to the fore by his characters, their costumes and their lifestyles. So there was no need to pull in the streets, the markets, the beaches to authenticate the place. The production design was terrific as I thought it was a rich commercial film with the film being more life-like than cinema-like. I loved the costumes and everyone seems so colourful that the costumes in themselves speak about the characters in a way.

It's been a while since I have seen a good screwball comedy coming from India since "Andaz Apna Apna". This one is well made screwball comedy with 5 oddballs. Written extremely well, this film has some real cheesy as well as corny lines. To write witty lines, one has to be clever and I suppose the director was extremely good to write and even have those.

The film is not about the destination of anything but more about the journey and the journey here is endearing. One thing that has to be highly praised is the acting by the cast. Of all the 5 I loved Naseeruddin Shah. He was at his cutest best. Pankaj Kapur showed what he was made of. From luring to painting, he made me believe that he was a special actor. Dimple Kapadia seemed very natural in postures and in emotions, simply flawless. Now, the other two that is Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor use the ample screen space and time they have been given wonderfully. I must say it's a treat to watch the film just for these 2 actors who have put their best effort. Thankfully this is an English film made in India, where I never craved for the Hindi Dialogues. The dialogue delivery is pretty awesome I must say.

Also, the editing by Sreekar Prasad (my favourite editor) has made this film look breezy in 93 minutes. 

It's a film that will linger long after we have come out of theatre, mostly for it's lines and some good moments. Having said that, it's not a film that will make me run and watch again. The repeat value is less. But for the first time you shall see, you will be smiling all the way through. 

This is not a laugh out loud film, but the one where we can be smiling from beginning till the end. A 3/5 for a definitely good film and I recommend this to be seen in theatres.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

अश्क़ों के सैलाब

बुने थे ख्वाब कई 
पर मिले अश्क़ों के सैलाब कई 
रो रो कर ऐसी हालत हुई अपनी 
अब आँसू बेहते नहीं, लगता है  
सूख गये जहाँ में तलाब कई 

सजाने की कोशिश

हिजाबों को सजाने में सब लगे है 
पनाहों को उठाने की कोशिश में हम है 
गुलाबों को तोड़ने में सब लगे है 
गुलशनों को सजाने की कोशिश में हम है 

मिले होते

खुशियों के ख़ज़ाने मिले होते 
सुहाने अफ़साने मिले होते 
अगर आप हमे मिले होते 
जीने के बहाने मिले होते 
ख़ुशी से आँसू बहाने मिले होते 
अगर आप हमे मिले होते 
हसीन अपने सिलसिले होते 
ताज़े ताज़े गुल खिले होते 
अगर आप हमे मिले होते 

Friday, September 12, 2014


It's a good film definitely but something that could have been much better. 

Racism is what this film is about I can say. But the debates are equally interesting. It's tough to debate on anything without having much knowledge about the topic. If we were to debate then we must have full knowledge of what we are talking about. The actors here have precisely done that, they seem to be in control of a good director and make us believe that they are fully aware of the topic of the debate.

Denzel Washington is the director and also acts in the movie and I am sure this was the toughest thing to do. To act is much easy than directing, but to do both and still make it good is terrific. I am happy that Denzel almost pulled it off with neat direction.

Yes, I have qualms from this movie. It's very nicely packaged but at the end leaves a void and leaves us with a wish of how much could this have been. I wish it was more about debates than about personal turmoil and conflict. There is a love story, a parent-child relationship and the relationship of teacher and students. Except for the love-story, the other things are fine. I wish still that this love-story that was between Samantha Booke (played by Jurnee Smollet) and Nate Parker (played by Henry Lowe) was not needed.

It's a film based in 1930's and the production design, the art direction have worked well. They are pretty decent and seem to take us through that period of 1930's. The cinematography was just good, but I believe there was lot much scope in this film and considering that film was made in 2007, I suppose full potential of camera was not used. My biggest crib is editing though, there are few scenes that I believe were not needed and cut have been cut. The second biggest crib is in writing, I suppose that the material given was good, but not enough to make an interesting movie. So, I think that's the reason why uncalled from drama and relationships had to be added up in the screenplay.

Surely, this is a good film, but some deep down thought and more focus on debating would have made it a great film. A 3/5 for a good film. For others, it's up to them to decide.

Monday, September 8, 2014

प्यार नहीं मुझ पे

न रहो यु खफा खफा अगर प्यार नहीं मुझ पे 
न सहो मेरी तंग को अगर प्यार नहीं मुझ पे 
न बहो बेवजह अगर प्यार नहीं मुझ पे 
पर कहो तो ज़रूर की प्यार नहीं मुझ पे 
तेरे लफ़्ज़ों की बारिश तो होने दो मुझ पे 


The greatest Japanese film I have ever seen.

Firstly, I must admit that I have seen very few Japanese films. But I must admit that in grandeur and magnanimity, very few will match this film. Akira Kurosawa the master director made this magnum opus which I believe set a precedent in terms of various themes. 

Recruiting men for a purpose. A recruit romancing a local woman. A team taking up a task and accomplishing successfully with few sacrifices. These are just a few to name. This I believe is a film that has major influences from the far east to the far far west. Though made in Japan, there was a film called "Magnificent Seven" which was the remake of this film. That film was setup in the far far west where the Samurai were replaced by gunslingers. 

After watching this film, I can clearly understand what influences Kurosawa had on the likes of the film makers of later years from Steven Spielberg to Francis Ford Coppola to many Indian film makers.

The themes in this film are subliminal to the extent of conflict. The conflict is even greater and is perhaps one of the earliest conflicts that spans for more than an hour. The whole fight between bandits and the villagers lasts for as many minutes as you can see. Yet, there are many things that happen in that and is almost made a war-like situation. I really doubt even in war movies, real war was shown for this long and with such intensity. 

The passion shown by Kurosawa is surely unmatched. In terms of set-design, casting of actors, choreography of the conflict, the cinematography with so many cameras and the finesse in editing that shows each frame beautifully. He is one of the few asian directors who had that zeal and had that invested their whole lives in film making. 

Too much to learn from the first watching of this film and I am sure, I will revisit this film time and again to understand the composition of frames and many many things. From the beginning to the end this film is high on drama and has less comic content, except for the maverick Toshiro Mifune (Kikuchiyo), but the high volume drama almost left me breathless and kept me engaged all the way.

The writing is immaculate and the detailing is something that has inspired many film makers and will continue to do so. A 5/5 for one of the greatest films ever made.

सबको सिखाता हुआ सागर

लेहरों से बेहेकता हुआ सागर 
अंबर के पानी से भरता हुआ सागर 
शायरों को तड़पाता हुआ सागर 
कई दिलों को बेहलाता हुआ सागर 
साहिल को नये पानी से सजाता हुआ सागर 
चांदनी रातों में हसीन ख्वाब दिखाता हुआ सागर 
वफ़ा क्या है सबको सिखाता हुआ सागर

मन आया

आज फिर से लिखने का मन आया 
खोगए जो लफ्ज़, उनसे मिलने का मन आया 
वजह सोचो नहीं इस पैगाम का 
बस यूँही कुछ केहने का मन आया


One of the greatest silent pictures ever.

It's a film that's mostly made on a train. The name of the protagonist is "The General". Well, the protagonist is non other than the train itself. So "The General" is the name of the train and not of our hero Buster Keaton who is named as Johnnie Gray.

The storyline is pretty simple, it's a lover's test to prove his love. He applies for a job in military during the civil war of 1860's and is rejected. His girlfriend thinks he is unfit. He must disprove this and win his lover. The train acts a protagonist and the binding force in their love story. It's the one that brings them together. How? Well, go watch the film and I am sure you will have a laugh out loud them. I recommend that it's a must watch and please do it with all your family together. 

It's a laugh riot and a meaningful one. There are layers to this, emotions, love and above all a cute silliness that can be embraced effortlessly. 

Buster Keaton performs all the stunts by himself and stands tall in each one of them. Considering the fact that this was made in 1926, the content is original and we have seen only films inspired by this and made many years later. So this is one of the first films made entirely on a vehicle and the trip is not just fun, it's funny, lovely and supremely wonderful.

I loved this film and will watch it many times over and will pass on to the next generation too. A 5/5 for one of the greatest films made in the history. There are many that will be made, but this will be the original.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


A wonderful Telugu film. Indeed, one of the finest in last 20 years. 

Bapu and Ramana (Mullapudi Venkata Ramana) are pioneers in presenting traditionalism of telugu people with subtlety. They earlier did it in films like 'Mutyala Muggu' and they have presented the same style here. Just because I can relate to the characters more than any other Bapu film, I love this film. 

Rajendra Prasad was an actor for the common man, and thus he suited the role of Balaji perfectly well. He was considered to be an actor whose primary skill was comedy and humour. But in this film, he evoked all emotions as needed. Aamani is simply superb in her role as Jhansi as a traditional woman with a modern outlook. These two as couple had wonderful chemistry and echoed the middle class subtleties beautifully.

The plot is very simple of role reversals of man and woman. Now to weave a story of a family around this and present it interestingly is a huge challenge. Bapu and Ramana have greatly succeeded in the challenge. Even 20 years later today, this film stands tall for the authenticity and simplicity of Telugu dialogues. 

Editing is wonderful and this film did not have a dull moment. Cinematography is apt. The costumes are just perfect be it for the mythological or be it for social characters. Even the acting by the two kids and a host of other characters is wonderful. The music adds moments of romance and even humour too. My favorite song is 'Sogasu Chooda Tarama' 

It's 5/5 for one of my favourite Telugu films.
And indeed a film that is pristine and I hope its untouched as it means respect. Thanks to Bapu and Ramana again.


A terrific film that intensifies the suspense superbly and holds it till the end.

This is widely known as one of the greatest noir films. I would submit to that opinion too. Orson Welles comes late in the film and from then on, takes the film on its head. I can say that Orson Welles is flawless as an actor.  

It's a classic film that has all the ingredients to be contemporary as well. The soundtrack that uses only zither, the cinematography that seems grand and great, the production design that is immaculate are all superb. Especially the climax that takes place in the tunnel is one of finest moments in the history of cinema. Above all, the plot, the taking, the direction and the presence of a terrific Orson Welles make this a sublime thriller that we know, yet there are so many questions that are answered bit by bit. 

I will not say this is an edge of the seat thriller or that the suspense is so intense that it will make a viewer fall of his seat. But, I would say that is one of a thriller where we know many things, yet we are curious about the reason behind their happenings. Even now as I watched it, I felt it made now. The thriller element and the colour that is black and white might be a thing of the past. But the dialogues, the execution, the emotions, and even the fear which Orson Welles as Harry Lime depicts make the film as it was it made in our times.

Carol Reed the director must be credited for directing another director of the caliber of Orson Welles with such finesse. I have never seen Orson more vivid than I saw him in this film (I am not talking about films which are directed and written and acted by himself) in a film directed by someone else.

Kudos to all the makers and actors and also for those who have kept this film highly rated in the noir film.  It's the rating that has generated the curiosity and made me watch this. I am going with 5/5 and for sure, this one of the greatest films ever made.

शरारती को सलाम

रात आयी दिन ने लिया आराम छोड़ कर तुम्हारा नाम 
ये किसकी शरारत है, मालूम नहीं पर मैं करता हूँ उस शरारती को सलाम


Your looks kill me
I am ready to die for you
Your lips seduce me
All the above said are true

एक आस है

कितना भी नफरत करो, तू रहेगी मेरी यार 
खफा तुम करो, हम तो करते रहेंगे तुमसे प्यार 
एक दिन तू समझेगी इस बात को, यही एक आस है 
दूर रहो नज़रों से, पर हमेशा तू इस दिल के पास है 

मेरी मेहबूब

न जाने तुम्हे किसने बनाया जो भी हो, बहुत खूब बनाया 
शुक्र गुज़ार हूँ उसका, जिसने तुम्हे मेरी मेहबूब बनाया

कहने से डरते है

बातें तो हम बहुत करते है 
पर जब दिल की बात आयी, तो हम कहने से डरते है 
बहुत समझाया दिल को 
पर अब तक समझ नही पाया, कि हम ऐसा क्यों करते है

तेरे ख़याल से भरी हुई

शर्म नज़र तेरी, होंठ गुलाल से भरी हुई 
नाख ऐसी की दुनिया के कमाल से भरी हुई 
गाल जलते है धुप में, लाल से जो भरी हुई 
दिल कबका पागल है, दिमाग तेरे ख़याल से भरी हुई 


A terrific film on the cold war espionage that is shoot in an era of cold war and seems extremely real.

Perhaps, all this was real. Though this was an adaptation from the fiction novel of the same name written by John Le Carre. It depicts cold bloodedness and the brutality of the cold war era (1945-1991) when it was at it's peak in 1950's and 1960's. The writing is impeccable and sharp. To make a complex novel which involves many characters, most of whom are not in the scene but are mere references who will never be shown is a challenge in itself. We never know, who the actual Control was, the actual English spies were. 

There is a whole lot of verbiage that seemed new to me. Despite the fact that I have seen a similar film called "TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY" based on the same novel by the same novelist John Le Carre. I suppose Carre is a supreme writer of the cold war espionage films and his ability and detailing are unmatched. 

The acting is supreme by an ensemble cast led by Richard Burton. The cinematography and the production design were great and the style shall be replicated in many espionage films going forward too. But it's the writing and the acting above all that make this a must watch. 

I am happy to have seen this though years later. Also, I am intrigued more now by what have happened to those spies and what all went on in that era between, the british, the germans and the Russians. 

A 4/5 for this film. 

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


A glorifying story was trivialised and fictionalised to an uncomfortable level.

It was a disappointment but not totally unwatchable either. It's a story where a small-town girl becomes a champion against all the odds. The odds are scattered and not etched out well. There seems to be no or rather little struggle in the making of this champion. So it was totally appalling to see such an inspirational personality being cowed down because of lazy writing and directing. I am not interested in her love story and the birth of her kids. I was more concerned with how she became a world champion, what it took and what did she go through. Surely there is no feeling whatsoever that this film evokes. Apart from generating a couple of laughs, this film actually made me feel nothing.

The film more or less seemed to be promoting products like Sugarfree and Iodex and other brands liberally and at will. I wish it stuck to content and story telling than these uncalled for promotions.

I thought that the precedent was set superbly by Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and films like these would take the mantle further by bringing us close to the lives of such athletes. If, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag to me is an inspirational film, this seems to be a like a page in the history, where scenes are written based on the material available on Wikipedia page.

Sad to say that this a Bhansali production and what is more saddening is that he is the creative director also. So his creativity comes up in set designs, dramatising things when not needed, bringing conflict just for the sake of it, and even making people stand for a national anthem in theater. I am primarily away from the likes of Karan Johar, Sooraj Barjatya and even Bhansali and I have gone to this film unmindful of the fact that this is a Bhansali production. No wonder, I returned home disappointed.

Priyanka Chopra does not look like Mary Kom, but looks more like a made up plastic fighter. She has not got into the spirit of the athlete itself. More than the actress, I blame the writers and directors for doing such a pathetic job.

This is your average fare, which can easily be missed. Any boxing fan want to watch a great boxing film, go for "RAGING BULL". For the average film going audience this can be tried for killing time mercilessly. A generous 2/5 for this.

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