Sunday, September 14, 2014


For most people, love is lost not because it is said, but as it remains unsaid.

Expression is something that only humans can do with their words. Yet, many of us still do not express as freely as we are supposed to. There can be any number of excuses for the inexpressiveness of us, yet it is the most valuable thing we are losing without our knowledge. In reticence, lies ignorance and in expression lies innocence and life. I firmly believe this and I am so happy that the film is so much of expression and expressive people. The beauty and essence of an expression is lost there is slight thought before expression. Thankfully our director-writer Homi Adajania, does not seem to be so thoughtful and expresses very freely what he wants to. He has done a commendable job in keeping the film out of mainstream and yet has lured the mainstream actors smartly. For his smartness in casting alone, I salute him.

The technical aspects are wonderful. The cinematography is superb in capturing the beautiful Goan landscapes sans the beaches and the sea. The Goan culture is brought to the fore by his characters, their costumes and their lifestyles. So there was no need to pull in the streets, the markets, the beaches to authenticate the place. The production design was terrific as I thought it was a rich commercial film with the film being more life-like than cinema-like. I loved the costumes and everyone seems so colourful that the costumes in themselves speak about the characters in a way.

It's been a while since I have seen a good screwball comedy coming from India since "Andaz Apna Apna". This one is well made screwball comedy with 5 oddballs. Written extremely well, this film has some real cheesy as well as corny lines. To write witty lines, one has to be clever and I suppose the director was extremely good to write and even have those.

The film is not about the destination of anything but more about the journey and the journey here is endearing. One thing that has to be highly praised is the acting by the cast. Of all the 5 I loved Naseeruddin Shah. He was at his cutest best. Pankaj Kapur showed what he was made of. From luring to painting, he made me believe that he was a special actor. Dimple Kapadia seemed very natural in postures and in emotions, simply flawless. Now, the other two that is Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor use the ample screen space and time they have been given wonderfully. I must say it's a treat to watch the film just for these 2 actors who have put their best effort. Thankfully this is an English film made in India, where I never craved for the Hindi Dialogues. The dialogue delivery is pretty awesome I must say.

Also, the editing by Sreekar Prasad (my favourite editor) has made this film look breezy in 93 minutes. 

It's a film that will linger long after we have come out of theatre, mostly for it's lines and some good moments. Having said that, it's not a film that will make me run and watch again. The repeat value is less. But for the first time you shall see, you will be smiling all the way through. 

This is not a laugh out loud film, but the one where we can be smiling from beginning till the end. A 3/5 for a definitely good film and I recommend this to be seen in theatres.

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