Sunday, September 7, 2014


A wonderful Telugu film. Indeed, one of the finest in last 20 years. 

Bapu and Ramana (Mullapudi Venkata Ramana) are pioneers in presenting traditionalism of telugu people with subtlety. They earlier did it in films like 'Mutyala Muggu' and they have presented the same style here. Just because I can relate to the characters more than any other Bapu film, I love this film. 

Rajendra Prasad was an actor for the common man, and thus he suited the role of Balaji perfectly well. He was considered to be an actor whose primary skill was comedy and humour. But in this film, he evoked all emotions as needed. Aamani is simply superb in her role as Jhansi as a traditional woman with a modern outlook. These two as couple had wonderful chemistry and echoed the middle class subtleties beautifully.

The plot is very simple of role reversals of man and woman. Now to weave a story of a family around this and present it interestingly is a huge challenge. Bapu and Ramana have greatly succeeded in the challenge. Even 20 years later today, this film stands tall for the authenticity and simplicity of Telugu dialogues. 

Editing is wonderful and this film did not have a dull moment. Cinematography is apt. The costumes are just perfect be it for the mythological or be it for social characters. Even the acting by the two kids and a host of other characters is wonderful. The music adds moments of romance and even humour too. My favorite song is 'Sogasu Chooda Tarama' 

It's 5/5 for one of my favourite Telugu films.
And indeed a film that is pristine and I hope its untouched as it means respect. Thanks to Bapu and Ramana again.

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