Monday, September 22, 2014


An anthology film that shows a slice of reality in Telugu films, a welcome change.

This film is about multiple stories and many characters and each one has something to offer. Different life styles, indifferent attitudes, there are many things in this film but primarily each one here is driven by hope. Hoping that something will happen and make their lives better. 

Since this is an anthology of many stories, there is tough to derive a protagonist for the film but for me it was the writer. Poignantly, HOPE is what he ends the writing with. My favourite story is the one I related to, that is of Venkateswara Rao (Krishnudu) who is unmarried nearing 30. But I keep myself more in the shoes of the writer and was seeing the world in a similar point of view as his. A writer is one of the best observers of life, he observes, takes it all in, and puts it out adding his own perspective. The better the quality, the better writer you are. But quality being a highly subjective topic it's tough to judge what is good writing.  So to make it easy, what we like is good and what we do not like is not so good. 

Ok, coming to the film, it has got some really good production qualities. Firstly the ensemble cast is stupendous and the director Praveen Sattaru has to be credited a lot for roping in such a wide range of artists. Though I did not like a few actors, overall it's a tough job to put many good actors in one and he really did a fine job. 

The taking was different sans commercial elements and some real good writing of dialogues. Yes, most dialogues seem like cliche but they are well placed making it meaningful. The cinematography is commendable and at 2 hours and 20 minutes, the film seems breezy with so many stories. The culmination is debatable for a few, but for most it's convincing. 

A 3/5 for that rare non-commercial film that has to be appreciated despite it's flaws. I hope more such films come out in future.

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