Sunday, September 7, 2014


A terrific film that intensifies the suspense superbly and holds it till the end.

This is widely known as one of the greatest noir films. I would submit to that opinion too. Orson Welles comes late in the film and from then on, takes the film on its head. I can say that Orson Welles is flawless as an actor.  

It's a classic film that has all the ingredients to be contemporary as well. The soundtrack that uses only zither, the cinematography that seems grand and great, the production design that is immaculate are all superb. Especially the climax that takes place in the tunnel is one of finest moments in the history of cinema. Above all, the plot, the taking, the direction and the presence of a terrific Orson Welles make this a sublime thriller that we know, yet there are so many questions that are answered bit by bit. 

I will not say this is an edge of the seat thriller or that the suspense is so intense that it will make a viewer fall of his seat. But, I would say that is one of a thriller where we know many things, yet we are curious about the reason behind their happenings. Even now as I watched it, I felt it made now. The thriller element and the colour that is black and white might be a thing of the past. But the dialogues, the execution, the emotions, and even the fear which Orson Welles as Harry Lime depicts make the film as it was it made in our times.

Carol Reed the director must be credited for directing another director of the caliber of Orson Welles with such finesse. I have never seen Orson more vivid than I saw him in this film (I am not talking about films which are directed and written and acted by himself) in a film directed by someone else.

Kudos to all the makers and actors and also for those who have kept this film highly rated in the noir film.  It's the rating that has generated the curiosity and made me watch this. I am going with 5/5 and for sure, this one of the greatest films ever made.

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