Monday, September 8, 2014


One of the greatest silent pictures ever.

It's a film that's mostly made on a train. The name of the protagonist is "The General". Well, the protagonist is non other than the train itself. So "The General" is the name of the train and not of our hero Buster Keaton who is named as Johnnie Gray.

The storyline is pretty simple, it's a lover's test to prove his love. He applies for a job in military during the civil war of 1860's and is rejected. His girlfriend thinks he is unfit. He must disprove this and win his lover. The train acts a protagonist and the binding force in their love story. It's the one that brings them together. How? Well, go watch the film and I am sure you will have a laugh out loud them. I recommend that it's a must watch and please do it with all your family together. 

It's a laugh riot and a meaningful one. There are layers to this, emotions, love and above all a cute silliness that can be embraced effortlessly. 

Buster Keaton performs all the stunts by himself and stands tall in each one of them. Considering the fact that this was made in 1926, the content is original and we have seen only films inspired by this and made many years later. So this is one of the first films made entirely on a vehicle and the trip is not just fun, it's funny, lovely and supremely wonderful.

I loved this film and will watch it many times over and will pass on to the next generation too. A 5/5 for one of the greatest films made in the history. There are many that will be made, but this will be the original.

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