Friday, January 31, 2014


Anguished, I shall be in your presence
But to rend my heart by your looks, do come
You can leave me alone and walk away again, 
But to keep the unfulfilled promises, do come
To whom, shall I convey the reason for our parting,
So to please the world for one last time, do come
The candles are glowing in hope of your return
But even to blow the last flames of hope, do come
Just give me an illusion that you did respect my love
To showcase our love was just a mirage, do come
If to hide love, is love then I have hidden it
But even to take away my hidden soul, do come
Perhaps, you shall not come when I live, or even die
But as my ashes are scattered in waters,
So to let me go, by your tender touch,
And to touch my ashes, please do come

Inspired by Ahmed Faraz's ghazal "Ranjish Hi Sahi". Though it's a translation, for the most part, the last few lines have been added. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

HER (2013) - ENGLISH

A heart touching love story where the girl is not to be seen, only heard. It's music to ears.
Lover or loner this will suffice the needs of both.

 Though I watched this film as a download earlier with the fear that it may not release, I was supremely happy to see it release and watched it alone amdist lovers. Was wondering if there can be a better date than such a romantic movie on a full moon night.

I am a loner and a happy one,Now, as I say I am a loner, I have 3 indeed 4 women to make love with, that's Movies, Music and Books added with my Camera. I am happy coz these do not expect anything back from me and just keep giving me joys. Expectations are the root cause of most disappointments and thankfully I have been less subjected to them. Companionship brings joys for sure but if it does not go well life is ruined miserably. However strong a company maybe through phone or chatting, unless it becomes physical and culminates organically, it is vulnerable and there is fear of falling apart too. So just let me rephrase what I said, I am a lover and a happy one too and yet I go through a fear of falling apart. Companionship is a prime most desire of any human being and after a certain age most humans desire a companion who can satisfy the physical desires. 

Spike Jonze is the first person, I would like to speak about in my review. And this  not for his direction but for his screenplay. He wrote a script himself and has used wonderful scenes to make it interesting. 

Theodre Twombly the character played superbly by Joaquin Phoenix is a character who is seeking company in his life. He gets Samantha (voice of Scarlett Johansson), an advanced operating system that is artificially intelligent, as his company. Their relationship hits all the right notes and blossoms beautifully. I must say just for the voice of Scarlett Johannson, she must be given best voice over award. The fine nuances of emotions are expressed superbly in voice modulations.

Shot superbly by Hoyte van Hoytema and put together wonderfully by 2 editors, this is beautiful, but the pace is a bit slow and it takes time to sink in.

This is not a feel good film but is extremely romantic film. There a lot of romantic moments in the film but they are shot with Joaquin alone as there is only voice of the girl. I loved the dialogues between them and they are so connecting too. Most of us would have through such moments in relationship. 

A 4/5 for this, except being tad slow I am all for love and romance. Kudos to Spoke Jonze for perceiving it and then making it uncompromisingly with his own unique vision.

Monday, January 20, 2014

చిట్టి చెవులు

రోజు చేసే ప్రయాణంలో ఓ సన్నివేశం 
కలిగించెను మదిలో ఆలోచనల సమావేశం 
తండ్రి బండి నడపగా, తల్లి ఎత్తుకోగా 
అ పసి కళ్ళలో చెణుకులు 
అందించింది నాకు మధుర సందేశం 
అమ్మ పాటలు వింటూ హాయిగా నిదురించే ఆ వయస్సు 
శబ్దానికి అర్ధం తెలియని మనస్సు 
ఈ శబ్దాల రొద ఎలా భరిస్తోంది 
ఆ చిట్టి చెవులు ఎంత రోదిస్తున్నాయో 
ఎవరు వీరంతా ఎందుకున్నారు ఇక్కడ
ఈ ప్రయాణం ఏమిటి, మరి గమ్యం ఎక్కడ 
ఇలా ఎన్నో సందేహాలు ఆ బుజ్జి మనసుకి


Lovely music and good acting are just not good enough for a Coen Brothers film. There has to be something intriguing.

This film is good, but its not great. That is the disappointing part of a Coen Brothers film. If it's good, then it will just not work. This film specifically is a bout a musician and his cat. The cat plays an interesting role in the film.

This is a musical, as there is lot of music and the protagonist is musician himself. Based in 1960's folk music, the music is just too good. Be it "Hang Me"or "Five Hundred Miles". Thanks to the artists Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and others.

Production design and Cinematography are immaculate which is very much expected. The writing is good too. But it's actually the acting that made the lines good. Oscar Isaac shines as Llewyn Davis. But it's John Goodman who stole the film for me. His performance is so so good.

This film triggered an interesting debate between me an my friend, as to why the end and the beginning are similar. Is it a metaphor or placed deliberately or is it something else. I missed it completely but when I reflected upon what I saw, it was interesting for me.

So there are interesting aspects, but yet lot of the film is obvious. And if the expectation is a of a typical Coen Brothers film, you may be tad disappointed. Yet, definitely, this film is worth a watch. A 3/5 for this.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

ఏవి ఏవి

ఏవి ఆ సహజ సిద్ధమైన పర్వతాలు 
ఏవి ఆ ప్రక్రుతి ఐరావతాలు 
మన పండుగలు ఏమయ్యాయి, మన పద్ధతులు ఎలా మారాయి 
పల్లె పిల్లల కొంటె పనులు, ఆ కోటి కొమ్మొచ్చి ఆటలు 
వసంతాన కోయిలమ్మ పాటలు 
వెన్నెలలో ఆడుకునే సయ్యాటలు 
లంగా ఓణీలు కట్టుకుని మురిపించె పడుచు పిల్లలు 
ఊరంతా పండగలా జరిగే మన పెళ్ళిళ్ళు 
ప్రతి పండగకు హారతులు పట్టే చెల్లెళ్ళు 
ఏడిపించి ఊరిస్తూ తిరిగే కొంటె మరదళ్ళు 
ఏమయ్యాయి మన సంప్రదాయాలు, వైభోగాలు 
మళ్ళీ ఆ రోజులు వస్తాయి అని ఎన్నో ఆశలు 
అవి రావి అని తెలిస్తే మరల నిరాశలు 
నాలుగు పైసల కోసం ఏమేమి కోల్పోయాం 
అన్నీ సంపాదించి ఆనందాన్ని కోల్పోయాం 
ప్రతి రోజునీ ఒక పరుగులాటగా మార్చుకున్నాం 
ఎటు నుంచి ఎటు వచ్చాం 
ఇంకా ఇటు నుంచి ఎటు వెళ్తాం 

నీ హాయి

ఈ వేకువ నీ మోము నూతనంగా ఉందేమి?
అన్ని సోయగాలు కలిగి అధునాతనంగా ఉందేమి?
ఏమి కలలు కన్నావో నిన్నటి రేయి 
నా గురించే అన్న భావనలో ఎంతో హాయి 
నావి కాదు అని తెలిసినా, నీ కలలు నిజమవ్వాలి 
నీ హాయి కలకాలం నిలవాలి

तेरे बिना जी नहीं सकता

तेरी बातों से जुदाई सेह नहीं सकता 
तेरे बिना एक पल भी रेह नहीं सकता 
कैसे बयान करू मेरी मजबूरी 
कि तेरे बिना जी नहीं सकता

मुश्किल है दूर रेहना

फुर्सत नहीं मुझे तेरे खयालों से 
राहत नहीं तुम्हारी यादों से 
मुसीबत इससे बड़ा जाना नहीं 
बहुत मुश्किल है दूर रेहना तेरी बातों से 

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Uncompromising direction and superb acting take this film to great heights.

I went to this movie coz there is a fine actor in the film. His name is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He is man to watch out for and I hope that he continues doing some great work. His body of work till now is nothing short of greatness. It includes some great films made in last 10-15years. He continues to do and explore more realms by sticking to his good choices.

It saddened me that there were hardly anybody in the theatre. Maybe some 8-10 people in all, in a whole theatre to a film which was presented in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Understandably, normal film going audience may not be understood. But do we have so very few aficionados. It is baffling and indeed threatening if anybody considers making in an offbeat film.

From the poster to the titles to every frame, the setting is reminiscent of the 1980's. It is near flawless art direction and kudos to the whole art team for achieving an incredible feat. The sound-design is immaculate too.

There are surely some disturbing things and even simple logic was missing at times. But I forgave all that, coz there was an attempt of honesty I saw behind this.

Surely, the film is questionable in many aspects. But this is not a film for everyone. Nevertheless, I liked it. If you ever try to watch, just beware. It may shock you or surprise you. A 3/5 for this.


Classic Film making. I wish it could have been done so well, without some uncalled for dialogues.

Yes, there is a plot, there is a twist and there is more to add to characters than what they are, and there is style. This is what classic films are made of. Interesting characters, good plot and good production values. Yet, there is something missing called good dialogue and good screenplay, that would have made this good film a great film.

I liked it, but I was OK with it and did not feel any better after watching this. The dialogues are made up of nail polish and hairstyles which seem so irrelevant actually. Yet, they are made to fit into the plot. What role will a nail polish play in a con man's life. Indeed I dozed off midway through the first hour and when I woke up 10 minutes later, nothing changed, I could catch up with the film pretty easily. That's the pace of the film. It's slow and involves lot of talking. 

I have no problem in listening to dialogue, but dialogue of this kind is tough to bear. The plot is about money and the dialogue seems to deviate all that. So that's the main thing that did not work for me. Else, unquestionably it is a good film technically. The art direction, costume design, make up are wonderful. Cinematography was good but at times, there was noise on screen. My biggest crib is editing. Was it deliberately made into such a long movie? I am sure if I were the editor, it would have been considerably less in time. 

The best part though is acting. All the actors have performed exceedingly well. From Christian Bale as Irving, the protagonist to Robert De Niro who comes in a guest role. It is terrific acting. I do not want to say anything about the plot, but just giving the meaning of hustle here. 

The music used was also good, the Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" is in Arabic and is nice. Others songs are also good. 

hustle : To obtain something by deceitful or illicit means; practice theft or swindling. 

A 3/5 will be just for this. There are many better movies in terms of writing and direction. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

आँसू निकलते नहीं

गुलशन में फूल मेहकते नहीं 
सागर में लेहर मचलते नहीं 
ये सिर्फ हैरत है या क़यामत है 
भीगे अखियों से आँसू निकलते नहीं

कहना तो चाहते है

चाहने से कोई चीज़ अपनी नहीं होती 
हर आँसू गम की नहीं होती 
कहना तो चाहते है बहुत कुछ 
कभी अलफ़ाज़ तो कभी ज़ुबान साथ नहीं होती 


Appalling and it is shamelessly appalling. I expected this to be over the top and loud. But this was cheap overacting.

I loved some moments like the way ranbir utters "picture main bhi dekhta hoon bhaai saab". Yet these are few and far and in the meanwhile we are given over acting and to digest it would be a serious challenge.

It made Ranbir the talented to Ranbir the tortuous. Sadly this film does not do justice even to the generally wonderful pair Rishi and Neetu kapoor. 

Without writing much as I save my precious words for other activities, I can just say "now its not on streets anymore" so watch only if you have absolutely nothing worthy to do. 

A 1/5 would be generous. That 1 is for the laughs it tries to evoke.


A well done fake film. It's overtly formulaic and over the top action. I do not like action movies for some unless there is a story worth rooting for. This has action that is technically brilliant but it does not have a have worth rooting for. It's all open and shut from the word go. We know the heroes, the villains, the conflict. It's how they overcome is what shall be projected differently.

Technically you may say it's brilliant. I will agree to that only partially coz greatest technology devoid of human concern will not work. Similarly, there is more of commerce in this than concern for heart. So it did not work for me. How greatly you will project the conflict and how shall it be made with thorough 3d technology is what was looked into. Now this disappointed me.

Considering that this a film of Guillermo Del Toro who gave us 'Pan's Labyrinth' earlier it irks me more. I am not happy with what I have seen in this film. 

You may like it or love it. I just did not in many ways. This is strictly mediocre in content and high on technology. A 2/5 would be the best I can give this film. See it if you like some action packed scenes and high quality graphics. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


It was a night where three humorous plays were played, here is the date time and venue.

Date - 29th (Friday) & 30th (Saturday) November 2013
Time  - 07:30pm
Venue -  Lamakaan

It was a night where three humorous plays were played, here is the date time and venue. Before I review each play, I would just give a briefing, which I received in my mail. 

About The Play This play captures the unique trip of Yamraj (The Lord of death) to earth in order to collect the soul of his next candidate on the list, which leads to a `Hell` lot of confusion, miscommunication and global entertainment

Review : 
This was an interesting play, but I might have missed the interesting part, I got to know this, after a briefing with my actor-friend Rutwik. (Rutwik, played the role of Yamraaj in this play). The interesting part is that at one point Yam asks the guy who is considered as thief "Telangana Aayega Kya" and the guy responds "Baigan, mere ko kya pata". Now, these guys in English and is African, but only this line he utters in Hindi. So I wanted to know if it was impromptu or deliberate and got to know it was a deliberation. The timing of this was just immaculate. Overall, I liked a few parts of the play, and while others were there as if to fill time. I liked it, but cannot say I loved it. 

"Tamilian mismatch and marital twist"
About The PlayTamilian Mismatch and the Marital Twist takes you along a story, which will show you the stark realities of female foeticide in our country and the after-effects. A Tamilian family where Maniyachi and his parents are worried about their Romba son`s marriage, while girl`s family has the privilege to demand orthodoxically, as per their whims and fancies.

Review : 
A short play that had a message. It's about getting a guy engaged to a girl. But here, the guy must listen to all the girl's parents and girl specifically say. Coz, it's a girl ruled land now. Acted well, specifically by the guy who played the groom, this play is good till the last minute. Only at the end, guy's father comes up with a speech to preach to the audience about the hazards of female foeticide. Except for that speech, which has already been said so many times in various forms, all the rest was good. Yet, I liked this one too just could not love it. 

"Ammi Bane Mother-in-law"
About The Play Ammi Bane Mother-in-Law is a fast-paced comedy about a young man and his extremely loud-mouthed, Hyderabadi mother. She gives him a surprise visit as he tries hard to keep a dirty secret under wraps.

Review : 
This was the best play among the three and it was superbly written and acted. Naren Yadav stole the show in his role, as the son. And the actor who played Ammi is superb. Written by Naren himself, this play had some great lines. The setup was fun, the dialogues were funnier. To top that, the comic timing was perfect. It seemed, everything fell into place for this play. It went well. Yes, I loved this one. Also, credit to the girl who plays Naren's wife. She did her part well too. 

I apologize as I do not remember the character names. I can say this, it was an enjoyable night for me. Love being part of such plays. Wish to attend more interesting plays.


A complex story of separation in a family. A fine film that adds intrigue to the complications.

A wife and a husband are going through a tough phase and invariably, children are affected. The child is determined not to let go and seek reasons for their considered break up. It triggers a kind of family drama which might happen in any home. Sanity is a state of mind and insanity is a mere perception.

Asghar Farhadi has made a film called "A Separation" on similar lines and it was powerful. Though, "The Past" is not as good as his previous venture, it still strikes the right chords. In terms of story, emotions of characters, the lines and the ending. It all goes well and the good part is it does not conclude. It ends as if it was meant to ask questions. As if it was made for us to introspect how we interpret emotions.

With the heart in the right place, this film knows how to melt hearts too. With brilliant performances by all, especially Paulene Burlet as Lucie, the film depicts the true emotions of characters which are true. The emotions can be run within a family that is running through the tough phase. Also, this film shows on a realistic plane how a separation might affect the kids in a family. It's sad but true that it is the kids who go through a lot of pain.

Technically, few frames in this film are composed poetically and I appreciate the cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari for that. At 2 hours and 10 minutes, this film goes through an intrigue right from the word go, and the flow is good too. Yet, I have only one crib in writing, that is how come a human take extreme step, without understanding or seeking clarification from anyone she loves. Barring that, this film is good.

A 3/5 for a good film and it falls a bit short from expectations from a director who gave a greater film on similar lines.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


One of the most simplistic films by the master director Woody Allen. It makes you love it very easily.

Uncomplicated, humorous and yet tragic, this film is a simplistic vision of the Woody Allen into a life of a girl who has lost her everything. Cate Blanchett depicts the role wonderfully as Jasmine and fits the bill perfectly. 

It's a story of Jasmine, who loves a man, gets married and he turns out to be a cheat and she seems lost. She develops some complications in health and even in relationships too. This is the most easiest line, Woody Allen has picked for a story in a long time. With his earlier films like "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Midnight In Paris" have taken on much varied themes and were successful in dealing varied themes, "Blu Jasmine" become a real and a relatable film.

This kind of story can happen to anyone and it is actually boring if it happens. Indeed there is nothing much to do or seek in life after a point. Exactly, that is what played here. What if, there is nothing to do in life and each time you try to move on in life, the past gets back and halts your march. Woody used this cleverly and has woven a normal script with wonderful dialogues.

So much is already said about the genius and yet I have just one thing to say, he is a genius of Dialogue and I want to award him with an honorary award for the dialogues he has written in every film. If the film did not have smart dialogue, it would have fallen flat. But Allen knows what to do with such a story and he cleverly does that.

Also, the screenplay intercuts are smart and they just go with the flow. Infidelity which is a common theme in almost all of his films surfaces in this one too and it does not take much time to establish that. Infidelity comes and destroys a life as if it were a silent killer. No nonsense and simply put, it is dealt deftly by Woody Allen.

I am appalled that Indian Censors have not let to remove the "Smoking Is Injurious To Health" tag for a film, which does not have smoking in the first place and has only a few drinks. Woody Allen chose, if they do not remove that tag, I better not allow my films to be presented. A decision which has to be applauded.

If the health ministry is overtly concerned about smoking and drinking, ban tobacco and alcohol, don't relish the money it makes and then propagate it is injurious. Sick and Hypocritical India we seem to be living in and it makes me sad.

A 3/5 for this. Yes, it is loving but it does not rise to be that masterful Woody Allen film. It's nevertheless good but just not as great as so many other Woody Allen films.

Friday, January 10, 2014

खयालों में नज़र

न बातें होती है उनसे, न मिलते है वो आज-कल
फिर भी खयालों में नज़र आती है वो हर पल

मेरा इनाम

लिखे थे कल, लिख रहे है आज और लिखेंगे कल भी यही पैग़ाम 
हर लफ्ज़ में बसा है आपका नाम, अगर आप जाने ये तो वही है  मेरा इनाम 

पहेली है आप

दुनिया है आप, जिसमे बुराई नहीं 
दफ्तर है आप जिसमे बुरी सौदाई नहीं 
किस्मत खूब है हमारी, आप जो मिले 
पहेली है आप जिसमे कठिनाई नहीं 

बेताब है आप

हुस्न का जवाब है आप 
शबाब का सैलाब है आप 
हसीनों का जनाब है आप 
अभी खिली हुई गुलाब है आप 
हकीकत में ख्वाब है आप 
पर हमारे लिए बेताब है आप

Thursday, January 9, 2014

मत करना

मरगया ये भरत आज, कभी सोचने कि तकलीफ भी मत करना
मौत को गले लगा लिया आज, कभी मिलने की उम्मीद भी मत करना
क्यों हुआ ऐसा? क्या हुआ हमको ? ऐसे बेकार सवाल भी मत करना
वजह तुम या कोई और नहीं, और होने का ख़याल भी मत करना
चल पड़े हैम कफ़न को यु, लौट के आने का इंतज़ार भी मत करना 

दिल में बेक़सूर

घायल कर के दिल को चलीगयी निगाहों से दूर 
जाने के बाद भी रहगयी दिल में बेक़सूर 

दूरी में एहसास

दूर हो निगाहों से, पर नज़दीक हो दिल के 
दूरी में एहसास हुआ प्यार पर डरता हूँ कहने को खुल के 

तेरे ही खयालों में

जब तू है मेरे साथ तो न जाने इस दिल को क्या होजाता है
जब तुम नहीं हो मेरे पास, तो भी ये दिल तेरे ही खयालों में खोजाता है 

अपनी अमानत

क़यामत के वक़्त भी अपनी अपनी अमानत को रखता हूँ सही सलामत 
दुआ करता हूँ खुदा से, कि जन्नत दे उसे अगर कर न सका उसकी हिफाज़त 

मंज़िल, गर्मी हो या बरफ

मंज़िल कही दिखाई नहीं दे रही है, पर जा रहा हूँ उसके तरफ 
इस सफ़र में महसूस नहीं कर पा रहा, चाहे गर्मी हो या बरफ 


सौगात इतनी खूबसूरत है, कि उसे देखकर होगया तुझपे फ़िदा 
जो बहार लायी हो ज़िन्दगी में, अब कहना मत मुझे अलविदा 

तेरी होठों से बात

तेरी होठों से जो बात निकली, करदिया वो मुझे पागल 
अब न दूर जाना मुझसे और न करना मेरे दिल को घायल 

हम तुमपे मरते सनम

अगर आप कहे तो हैम ले सकते है दूसरा जनम 
लेकिन उस जनम में भी हम तुमपे मरते सनम 

प्यार का क़र्ज़

ज़िंदगी भर चुका नहीं सकता, आपका प्यार का क़र्ज़ 
लेकिन हिफाज़त कर सकता हूँ आपका मानकर अपना फ़र्ज़ 


Happy to have caught this film while it is theaters. I liked it's many moments and it is surely recommended.

This film is a simple subject, with nativity filled and some emotions which can strike a chord. It thus gives a winner. This film is about "Bava Maradalla Gilli Kajjalu" as we call in Telugu. The subject is age-old and indeed now Telugu Industry seems to be running out of new subjects and are trying to give us old-wine in new bottles. But who cares, as long as the wine is good. So, we have a film whose subject is old but the treatment is refreshing and it's very simplified. 

I must say, this actor Raj Tarun would go a long way if he is careful in choosing films and does not fall prey to the predator called "Telugu Film Industry". He has done exceedingly well as Soori, and the way he displayed some emotions are wonderful. His slang suits the dialect of the film and he seems effortless in dialogue delivery. We have a bunch of those film actors sons or relatives who struggle to complete a sentence and here we have a very unknown face who seems to be saying dialogues as fast as he can. In fact, it was tough for me to catch up with his pace.

Avika Gor  has done a good job as Uma Devi, I just wish that she was told the feeling well rather than merely asking for an expression. I felt her expressions were not apt at certain moments and were out of place. But overall, she has done a fine job in emoting wherever needed. I loved one scene where she decided to take rounds as Soori breaks coconuts. She runs so fast just to reach a point to see Soori and then on walks slowly. She did it wonderfully, though there was very little to do in this specific scene.

Among many technical aspects, the best part in the film is casting. Every small character is played out well. So, more than half of job was done by selecting the right actors. Kudos to the casting department of this. My second biggest thumbs up is to the cinematography and I will have to contact the cinematographer Vishwa D B to say, man you have done a remarkable job. I need to learn so many things from you. 

I have a few reservations in editing as I feel, a few scenes might have been kept out but since this film in itself is of two hours, I have reservations and no big qualms. The music I wish was used more aptly. The one song I loved which is the title song is ill-timed, I wished there could have been a better way to create the mood of this wonderful song. The music and background score were OK, and I will have to watch it again if I were to judge. The theatre, kept the background so heavy that I missed out on lyrics for songs as only the music was heard. 

The director who is also the writer has done a commendable job in treating this story with simplicity and with no over the top scenes or acts. The dialogues are good at many places, presenting a sample of two.

"Entha Rajamouli Ainaa, Magadheera Teeyali Ante Ramcharan Oppukovaali Kadaa"

"Deeni Prema Antaaro, Doma Antaaro Naaku Teliyadu Kaani, Nuvvu Lekunda Undalenu"

Love in fact is one of the most abstract and a highly complex feeling which cannot be conveyed very simply, it's an emotion that needs a heart more than mind or words. This film surely has that very heart in the right place. 

I thanks the producers who have the film it's due in getting it released in considerable number of screens. Also, I hope it does not get lost in the frenzy of the upcoming big films. If it stays there in halls despite the flood, then surely Telugu Film Industry can hope for good days. Should this be taken down, then the drought shall continue as film audience like me will keep avoiding Telugu Films, coz good films are not adequately encouraged.

So there you have it, there are many good things that you can see the movie for. From the first recording dance sequence to the last marriage scene, there are many fun moments that go with the flow of the script. Yet, I am not sure if this can be watched many times over as it has nothing great or new to offer. For that reason, I am going with a 3/5. I liked it for sure.

Please go see in theaters and do encourage good cinema which seems to be a rarity in a garbage called Telugu Film Industry. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

सोजाओ गुड़िया

सोजाओ गुड़िया, खोजाओ सपनों की दुनिया में 
हसीन ख्वाब आये तुम्हे जो पूरी हो इस दुनिया में 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Powerful tribute to a tragic story. This is an adaptation of "Othello" and indeed it is Indianised and is made interesting too.

Before, I even begin reviewing this, let me talk about the performance of Saif Ali Khan as Langda Tyagi. He is given the best performance of his life here. It is a flawless performance, from the cunning giggle to the broken trudge. He has the tenacity and the anguish in his eyes and his demeanor. From costumes to accent to the body language, he fits the role perfectly and also adds a new dimension to it. The greed for power exhibited by him is a rarity to see in a film that is powered by many genuine actors, be it Konkona Sen, Ajay Devgan or Naseeruddin Shah. They are considered to be superior with the body of work they have done prior to this film. Yet, it is for Saif Ali Khan alone you can watch the film.

The film starts with him and ends with him. The opening dialogue "Chootiye aur Bewakoof mein, dhaage ka farak hota hai" means so much as the film goes on. Wonderful Saif for what you have done.

The next most important person is the director Vishal Bharadwaj. I placed Saif above him, because I suppose Saif has added a new dimension to this. Vishal enabled Saif to do so, and Saif took it way further. So thanks to Saif and to Vishal too. This is a rare instance where I place an actor before the director.

I loved the film, but I did not like the ending which was not like the original "Othello" what if evil wins over good and Langda Tyagi becomes ruler. Ah, I wish that was the kind of ending it had.

This has strong dialogue from Bharadwaj and his writers, who have wonderfully incorporated the dialect that is mostly not used in the mainstream Hindi Films. It works and brings a kind of authenticity too.

The music is one that has to be praised. With wonderful tunes from Vishal Bharadwaj and superb lyrics from Gulzar, this is an album where all songs are good. My favorites are "O Saathi Re" and "Naina" and "Laakad".

I am giving a 4/5 simply for the performance of Saif and for the music direction and film direction itself. Thanks Vishal for a wonderful adaptation of Shakespeare's "Othello". 

Monday, January 6, 2014


One of the finest films from Pawan Kalyan. It is flawed yet so adorable because of the societal relevance it has.

I like this man called Pawan Kalyan for his choice of films and subjects. Specifically this one, where he takes on the political system by being a journalist. I loved his dialogues more and his delivery of dialogues seems to have been considerably improved. I suppose that he loves saying words which will add value to his personality and also give back something to the society. I have learnt in the past few days that he is a philanthropist who does his philanthropy silently. Exactly, that is how the film begins with, and it was refreshing to see a hero condemn the super macho role, and be humane in at least a few aspects.

Yes, he can pop up a dance and beat as many villains as possible, if I forgive that part, I felt there are many good areas in the film. The climax speech he gave for calling upon people to support him, the last dialogue he tells about his background and his mother and even the wonderful dialogue he tells about girls. Actually, girls are very ordinary but the way a boy looks makes them extraordinary. So, I liked many dialogues and aspects of the character. 

Puri Jagannadh just writes dialogues on anything he is given, from a tissue paper to a super computer, he can get words from anywhere and that too most of them are really good and indeed pertinent. They offer something to say. I have disliked many of his films, even the hits like "Pokiri" and "Businessman" but I liked this above those. Mind you, I say I like this film and not loved it. Also, I think that this film is way above rest in the recent Pawan Kalyan films.

I liked this film, and am going with a 3/5 for this one. It is watchable just because there is Pawan Kalyan who seems so natural and at ease. He seems to play himself here and also if anyone else would have done this part, the following the film created within, would not have been justified.  


A fine sequel but not as charming as the predecessor.

Many sequels get lost or get rotten by showing the same thing over again in a new package. The packaging is different but the contents are more or less the same. This film too, follows a similar path just that it deviates to introduce more themes or plots. Like, the sub plot of Gru (played by Steve Carell) and his girlfriend Lucy (played by Kristen Wiig).

The villain is new, the gags are new and the action is also new, yet the soul remains unperturbed or changed. So that's a bit of disappointment if you expect something radically different in this. If you loved the earlier one indeed there are higher chances that this one shall also be loved. I am saying this, as actually there are more moments of laughter and fun.

The minions, who had a lesser role in the prequel play a big role in holding the film together and helping the hero achieve to win over the villain. I ain't gonna reveal anything more than this, concerned to the plot. Of course, the kids who were there in the earlier film are part of this too.

I like it but not to an extent as I liked the first one. Yet, it's watchable and hilarious too. I am going with a 3/5. Yes, it's surely a well done animated film. But for me, I got a feeling of been there and seen that.


A highly entertaining animated film. 

When I see an animated film, I am drawn to comparisons with the wonderful PIXAR films. This film takes many clues form those and packs it up nicely and gives a film which is entertaining and nice. I can simply say. it's a nicely done formulaic animated film. It's formulaic coz we have seen such stories, a normal getting acquainted with kids and then going overboard to keep them happy. This reminded me Monsters Inc and even Finding Nemo.

The purpose is different and so is the approach, but the crux remains the same and yes there is wonderful animation to admire. The army of minions is a treat to watch. The films has some wonderful moments too, where we feel something, we root for Gru, the supposed best villain of the planet, voice given by Steve Carell. Also, there are moments of hilarious laughter, cannot simply mention one but many.

Essentially, there is a hero and there is a villain, the hero wins over villain. As simple as that this film can be pigeonholed, yet it gives the humane touch of feeling for one's own kids. A bad human trying to be good with those he loves. These themes are embedded well into a rather cliched script and they make it interesting. Although, I did not die for it, I can safely say I like it, maybe I will not get back to this film, but any kid who would watch this, will more or less appreciate it. But since we are now acquainted so many films that such themes and have great quality. Those aspects might be demeaning this film.

All the way down, I was mostly comparing the film, let me take it as a single film, now I love it. I love many things about this. The detailing of the characters, their brow to legs and even that wonderful story of Gru and the ballet story. Nice, and wow.

Only that since it makes me compare films and lets me down by some bit, I am going with 4/5. This film is surely like able and for a few it may be even wonderful. Perspectives differ, yet the content remains the same.


One of the finest films. It is inspiring and needs to be seen just for sheer writing. 

Well written and wonderfully acted, this film does that something, which many films on teenagers fail to do. It inspires us to go out and live a life. To LIVE is a great deed for a teenager who will be missing out on life, in the run for the rot. The rot includes fulfilling aspirations of parents which are way different from his own, it include running for the marks and grades, it includes missing out on fun which we are supposed to have as teenagers, it essentially includes that we do not identify our dream and shall be living others dreams. Teenagers or adolescents do not know what they want to be in many cases, they figure that out as they grow. This can be because of influence by friends or by the college teachers or even an idea he just got or maybe a talent which he would have recognised just then. But before realising that, they are pushed in many cases by parents into a corner and the parents squeeze what they want them to be. It is a failure and many teenagers succumb to this pressure and even give up life. The more than half, ordinary guys follow the aspirations of their parents which they believe is good for them. Because of the more or less universal thought that "Parents think for the good of their kids". Though in many cases it is true, it is a big lie in few cases.
I take my life as an example, I wanted to do arts, but I was pushed into engineering. Now, I am not a good artist nor a considerable engineer. I am bad at both and I attribute the failure of this, to the choice done by my elders, who have not tried to figure out my aspirations and simply let me be what I want to be. Such, is the life of  Neil Perry (played by Robert Sean Leonard) who wants to be an actor, while his father does not want him to be that.
Acted wonderfully by Robin Williams, who plays the part of John Keating this film speaks volumes of how good an actor Robin is. His eyes and his mere sigh do tell a lot, which so many histrionics could not have said. This is a very controlled performance by Robin, and in this film and "Good Will Hunting" I rate his acting as his best ever till date.
But the best part is not Robin Williams here, it is Peter Weir the director, who makes the scenes so personal and they can be related to many teenagers. We had fantasies in our teens, we wanted to be something big and something different, we wanted to acquire talents that will take us forward in our lives. So it is very easy to relate to any teenager or an adult who seems to have missed his teens.
The another best or great part if Tom Schulman, who wrote the screenplay, giving us the wonderful lines and scenes that shall be etched in our memory long after we have watched it. this is one of the few films, I fall back on when I look for some inspiration, it essentially helps us write.
Like in one scene, Robin Williams gives his students an Onion and asks them to see if they can write a poem on that. Damn, good it is.
I am going with 5/5, this is wonderful and I like it, in fact Love it. My favourite dialogue is the most famous line of Robin "Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraoridnary"


Your eyes are like two moons on earth
Wonder should I in the sky, there is such dearth
I wait today for your smile
Coz, it's been a while since I got one
So, give me a giggle when you are done
And let me pass in peace to heavens
While I trudge with a heavy heart
As leaving you in the lurch, I did depart
Tears rolled from your moons as I left
Your heart became numb with pumping bereft
The emotions faded slowly set into the shade
The shade of those evenings, where we made love
I am alone here and waiting
And till your moons join my eyes again,
I keep every moment counting

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Indeed it is exhilirating, but above all it is mind boggling and seriously genius.

I am lucky to have seen Charlie Kaufman films. And I love this film as I did many of his other films too. Mind you this film may well boggle the mind literally.

Kaufman's earlier films were all about mind and this one is no different in that aspect. Yet, he merely wrote his earlier films but he took the mantle of direction with this one. Thus, this film is much more tough to decipher or even blatantly comprehend. 

There is lot of symbolism involved as I started to learn more about the film I realise more of it. Example is that the name of the protagonist is Caden Cotard and he feels as if he were dead already and life is a dream. There is in actuality a Cotard delusion. 

There are many more things that I keep learning as I see this many more times. This is precisely my 5th time I saw and each time I see this there are surprises. Everything is more complicated than I thought. This makes the film interesting and also open for interpretation. 

Kaufman stands to his quality of writing great films and this stands right up along with his finest works. Acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman is great. He plays Caden Cotard with a comfort and clarity as if he has understood all the complications of the character. This is a great testimony of the capacity and capability if this fine actor and I wish that gets the appreciation he deserves. Catherine Keener does a fine job and is so understated. The performances are very poised in this superlative film. 

I am still not confident whether I did comprehend the film in the right way or even if there is one way to interpret or not. I can only say this much they I loved this film and will continue to do so. 

This is a 5/5 for one of the most challenging films ever made. It takes gut and lot of thought to pen it down. Thanks to producers for backing this worthy endeavour. Thanks to Charlie Kaufman above all else.

A special mention to Jon Brion and his music. I am pasting the lyrics of the song "Little Person", this one is one of my favorites.

I'm just a little person
One person in a sea
Of many little people
Who are not aware of me

I do my little job
And live my little life
Eat my little meals
Miss my little kid and wife

And somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I'll find a second little person
Who will look at me and say

"I know you
You are the one, I've waited for
Let's have some fun."

Life is precious every minute
And more precious, with you in it
So let's have some fun

We'll take a road trip way out west
You're the one I like the best
I'm glad I've found you
Like hangin' 'round you
You're the one I like the best

Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I'll meet a second little person 
And we'll go out and play


Filth, profanity and excessive debauchery. It adds up to make one of the most fearless uncompromising films of our time.

The master director Scorsese and the wonderful actor Leonardo DiCaprio collaborate to give us the life of Jordan Belfort, a stock broker. The collaboration is fearless and it is produced by these two guys themselves, that is Scorsese and DiCaprio. Thus, it gave them the freedom to go full throttle and never for a moment hinder any thing nor go for uncompromising lines or scenes. 

Thankfully, they did go the full throttle and gave us a charming film. Yes, since this is India, probably a few scenes were censored, but thanks to censor board here who have not cut the film for the language it uses. If the dialogues were cut, the film would not have even one scene in the first places. Almost every dialogue uses the "F" word. The best part is that they use it as if it was something divine and never even care of show any displeasure. That's what is called madness and passion when you are relentless in pursuing something you believe in. Scorsese pursues this film as if its is a new toy given to him and he must explore ways of playing with it. 

The acting was superb by everyone. Leonardo steals the show like never before playing an out and out protagonist that involves all kinds of histrionics. Also, the other actors like Jonah Hill who plays Donny and Matthew McConaughey in that wonderful restaurant scene.

I am astonished by the editing department. It would have been really tough for them to edit this film. Though, it is nearly 3 hours it is not long because most moments are interesting and endearing. The dialogue makes the scenes wonderful and thanks to writing by Jordan Belfort and the screenplay writer Terence Winter. 

Mind you, there is lot of drug abuse and physical romance involved apart form the language used. Yes, it's profane and there excessive debauchery and that's why I call it fearless film making. So beware of these and if you are willing to give a way a few things like, your prejudices and even hypocrisy you will enjoy this film. It's completely for open-minded audience and if you are one. Please go and enjoy this wonderful film. It does not seem long and tickles bones even in the most awkward moments. 

A 5/5 and still this would be so less for the master "Martin Scorsese" his body of work speaks of genius and this stands along with his finest work. Thanks to Leonardo, man you have made a place in the hearts of people who love great acting earlier and with this one, you are a man of great interesting subjects and you proved it producing this.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Is this film, even worth my review, I think NO. But still for my own discipline, I will review.

Four youngsters plan a heist and end up as heroes. Is it real? Definitely not, it is unreal but then why try to be so real. The biggest flaw of the film is that it takes itself very seriously. It tries to be funny, it tries to be satirical. And in this, trying to be something it fails miserably. 

Firstly, it is having no point and yet cooks up something and tries to entertain. Damn, this is now how any film is made. You do not try to entertain, it has to be organic and embedded within the script. Though, it derives a few laughs, for most part it's because of their stupidity and not because of genuinity. 

I am going to keep the review extremely short as primarily this is does not deserve my review and yet, I am writing that I felt awful seeing this film. There are loopholes of the size of a gigantic manhole and yet I see people laughing over them. Maybe, what others need is nothing but senseless humour and that is what this exactly has. It is nonsensical and puerile. 

I am appalled to have seen this, I did not like a bit, except of few sparse laughs, this has got nothing to give or take. A 1/5 would be generous for this. Thanks for the makers and sorry, Raj and DK you disappointed me this time by even helping this script and this film.

Friday, January 3, 2014


For all the film buffs and film historians, this movie is a testament on cinematography. I say this precisely because it covers many years of films. From 1930's to 1990's and beyond, it shows an array of history of cinema itself.

Actually titled as CAMERAMAN - THE LIFE AND WORK OF JACK CARDIFF, I put the title as simply CAMERAMAN. 

Jack Cardiff, is considered by many as the greatest cinematographer ever and this film, which is a documentary shows us glimpses of the work of Jack Cardiff and why is he essentially considered as great by many. 

Sprinkled with interviews from, Martin Scorsese, Kirk Douglas and many many varied film personalities, this documentary shows us scenes from various films. Most of the scenes are actually known to us, and here we see the work that went to make that scene. 

There is wonderful information in this film and also, the humility of the great man is presented wonderfully, in his own words, he seems to be lost and unrecognised for much of the time. He mentions, that in premieres, people would ask "Who's that?" and they will say "Oh, he's nobody"
Many moments like this give us insights into this great man and his body of work. 

This is a documentary that should be watched by film buffs. Also, did I mention that he is first cinematographer to have been given an honorary Academy award. So, boy how he did all of that is worth knowing. A 4/5 for this wonderful documentary by Craig McCall. I am told, it took nearly two decades to complete this. Salute to the sheer amount of effort kept by Craig and his team. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014


What is life for, if death is not worthy enough. And salute those who live in the hearts of others whose lives are touched by the grace of a good human.

We all live as morons more or less and even I lived like one for better part of my life and now I but now I aspire Clint Eastwood. He made this film at 78 and it does have the strength and shows the guts of this man. Powerful is word that might undermine the strength and the impact it may have on audience. I now see a reason for this film being rated high by many. Coz I just the saw film and felt awestruck. Few are films that make you believe that at times sacrifice is worth. Gran Torino is precisely that. 

I am such a selfish human that I put myself above everybody else. I seek my own happiness and do not care about others much. Now, this film touched me also and put my prejudices towards sacrifice into question. This film does dare to do something detailed in establishing love and then dares to hurry the climax and the film seems to have ended too soon, The climax compensates all the lost where I have felt as to where is all this going. It comes to a wonderful end, albeit tragic, it raises thoughts and ask questions about the purpose of existence itself. 

You may be theist, atheist, agnostic or anything but above all you are human being. Being human in itself is great responsibility but the tragic part is very few understand that and even among these very very few people heed to that. In such times, this gentleman called Matt Kowalski played superbly by Clint Eastwood stands tall for his neighbours. There is a point where he realises that he does not love his own family as much as he loves his neighbours. Now, when you love somebody, you need to show when the time comes. He does not show up his love, but he does much more than that. 

Ok, now the film is named as Gran Torino which is a car model. Why is the film  named after a car, when it''s not a car race nor an automobile related movie. Coz, the car acts as a protagonist in itself by taking the movie forward. The car brings Thao and Walt together. Now, Thao is a hmong american who is the neighbour of Walt Kowalski too. So, I better not reveal much about them. 

I saw this and I am indebted to Clint Eastwood for giving me this. It's not all flawless and great. Though it has it's own share of flaws, the goodness covers all of them. It's a 4/5 for this film. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Just one half of Niagara is so full and vast. Loved the view. Clicked at Niagara Falls, USA in 2010.


This rainbow is formed each day at Niagara Falls, USA. Clicked when I visited in 2010.


First post of 2014 is a Rose, clicked at floating gardens of Xochimilco, Mexico. Hope this year blossoms as Rose did.

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