Monday, January 6, 2014


One of the finest films from Pawan Kalyan. It is flawed yet so adorable because of the societal relevance it has.

I like this man called Pawan Kalyan for his choice of films and subjects. Specifically this one, where he takes on the political system by being a journalist. I loved his dialogues more and his delivery of dialogues seems to have been considerably improved. I suppose that he loves saying words which will add value to his personality and also give back something to the society. I have learnt in the past few days that he is a philanthropist who does his philanthropy silently. Exactly, that is how the film begins with, and it was refreshing to see a hero condemn the super macho role, and be humane in at least a few aspects.

Yes, he can pop up a dance and beat as many villains as possible, if I forgive that part, I felt there are many good areas in the film. The climax speech he gave for calling upon people to support him, the last dialogue he tells about his background and his mother and even the wonderful dialogue he tells about girls. Actually, girls are very ordinary but the way a boy looks makes them extraordinary. So, I liked many dialogues and aspects of the character. 

Puri Jagannadh just writes dialogues on anything he is given, from a tissue paper to a super computer, he can get words from anywhere and that too most of them are really good and indeed pertinent. They offer something to say. I have disliked many of his films, even the hits like "Pokiri" and "Businessman" but I liked this above those. Mind you, I say I like this film and not loved it. Also, I think that this film is way above rest in the recent Pawan Kalyan films.

I liked this film, and am going with a 3/5 for this one. It is watchable just because there is Pawan Kalyan who seems so natural and at ease. He seems to play himself here and also if anyone else would have done this part, the following the film created within, would not have been justified.  

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