Saturday, January 4, 2014


Is this film, even worth my review, I think NO. But still for my own discipline, I will review.

Four youngsters plan a heist and end up as heroes. Is it real? Definitely not, it is unreal but then why try to be so real. The biggest flaw of the film is that it takes itself very seriously. It tries to be funny, it tries to be satirical. And in this, trying to be something it fails miserably. 

Firstly, it is having no point and yet cooks up something and tries to entertain. Damn, this is now how any film is made. You do not try to entertain, it has to be organic and embedded within the script. Though, it derives a few laughs, for most part it's because of their stupidity and not because of genuinity. 

I am going to keep the review extremely short as primarily this is does not deserve my review and yet, I am writing that I felt awful seeing this film. There are loopholes of the size of a gigantic manhole and yet I see people laughing over them. Maybe, what others need is nothing but senseless humour and that is what this exactly has. It is nonsensical and puerile. 

I am appalled to have seen this, I did not like a bit, except of few sparse laughs, this has got nothing to give or take. A 1/5 would be generous for this. Thanks for the makers and sorry, Raj and DK you disappointed me this time by even helping this script and this film.

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