Monday, January 6, 2014


One of the finest films. It is inspiring and needs to be seen just for sheer writing. 

Well written and wonderfully acted, this film does that something, which many films on teenagers fail to do. It inspires us to go out and live a life. To LIVE is a great deed for a teenager who will be missing out on life, in the run for the rot. The rot includes fulfilling aspirations of parents which are way different from his own, it include running for the marks and grades, it includes missing out on fun which we are supposed to have as teenagers, it essentially includes that we do not identify our dream and shall be living others dreams. Teenagers or adolescents do not know what they want to be in many cases, they figure that out as they grow. This can be because of influence by friends or by the college teachers or even an idea he just got or maybe a talent which he would have recognised just then. But before realising that, they are pushed in many cases by parents into a corner and the parents squeeze what they want them to be. It is a failure and many teenagers succumb to this pressure and even give up life. The more than half, ordinary guys follow the aspirations of their parents which they believe is good for them. Because of the more or less universal thought that "Parents think for the good of their kids". Though in many cases it is true, it is a big lie in few cases.
I take my life as an example, I wanted to do arts, but I was pushed into engineering. Now, I am not a good artist nor a considerable engineer. I am bad at both and I attribute the failure of this, to the choice done by my elders, who have not tried to figure out my aspirations and simply let me be what I want to be. Such, is the life of  Neil Perry (played by Robert Sean Leonard) who wants to be an actor, while his father does not want him to be that.
Acted wonderfully by Robin Williams, who plays the part of John Keating this film speaks volumes of how good an actor Robin is. His eyes and his mere sigh do tell a lot, which so many histrionics could not have said. This is a very controlled performance by Robin, and in this film and "Good Will Hunting" I rate his acting as his best ever till date.
But the best part is not Robin Williams here, it is Peter Weir the director, who makes the scenes so personal and they can be related to many teenagers. We had fantasies in our teens, we wanted to be something big and something different, we wanted to acquire talents that will take us forward in our lives. So it is very easy to relate to any teenager or an adult who seems to have missed his teens.
The another best or great part if Tom Schulman, who wrote the screenplay, giving us the wonderful lines and scenes that shall be etched in our memory long after we have watched it. this is one of the few films, I fall back on when I look for some inspiration, it essentially helps us write.
Like in one scene, Robin Williams gives his students an Onion and asks them to see if they can write a poem on that. Damn, good it is.
I am going with 5/5, this is wonderful and I like it, in fact Love it. My favourite dialogue is the most famous line of Robin "Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraoridnary"

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