Friday, January 17, 2014


Appalling and it is shamelessly appalling. I expected this to be over the top and loud. But this was cheap overacting.

I loved some moments like the way ranbir utters "picture main bhi dekhta hoon bhaai saab". Yet these are few and far and in the meanwhile we are given over acting and to digest it would be a serious challenge.

It made Ranbir the talented to Ranbir the tortuous. Sadly this film does not do justice even to the generally wonderful pair Rishi and Neetu kapoor. 

Without writing much as I save my precious words for other activities, I can just say "now its not on streets anymore" so watch only if you have absolutely nothing worthy to do. 

A 1/5 would be generous. That 1 is for the laughs it tries to evoke.

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