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It was a night where three humorous plays were played, here is the date time and venue.

Date - 29th (Friday) & 30th (Saturday) November 2013
Time  - 07:30pm
Venue -  Lamakaan

It was a night where three humorous plays were played, here is the date time and venue. Before I review each play, I would just give a briefing, which I received in my mail. 

About The Play This play captures the unique trip of Yamraj (The Lord of death) to earth in order to collect the soul of his next candidate on the list, which leads to a `Hell` lot of confusion, miscommunication and global entertainment

Review : 
This was an interesting play, but I might have missed the interesting part, I got to know this, after a briefing with my actor-friend Rutwik. (Rutwik, played the role of Yamraaj in this play). The interesting part is that at one point Yam asks the guy who is considered as thief "Telangana Aayega Kya" and the guy responds "Baigan, mere ko kya pata". Now, these guys in English and is African, but only this line he utters in Hindi. So I wanted to know if it was impromptu or deliberate and got to know it was a deliberation. The timing of this was just immaculate. Overall, I liked a few parts of the play, and while others were there as if to fill time. I liked it, but cannot say I loved it. 

"Tamilian mismatch and marital twist"
About The PlayTamilian Mismatch and the Marital Twist takes you along a story, which will show you the stark realities of female foeticide in our country and the after-effects. A Tamilian family where Maniyachi and his parents are worried about their Romba son`s marriage, while girl`s family has the privilege to demand orthodoxically, as per their whims and fancies.

Review : 
A short play that had a message. It's about getting a guy engaged to a girl. But here, the guy must listen to all the girl's parents and girl specifically say. Coz, it's a girl ruled land now. Acted well, specifically by the guy who played the groom, this play is good till the last minute. Only at the end, guy's father comes up with a speech to preach to the audience about the hazards of female foeticide. Except for that speech, which has already been said so many times in various forms, all the rest was good. Yet, I liked this one too just could not love it. 

"Ammi Bane Mother-in-law"
About The Play Ammi Bane Mother-in-Law is a fast-paced comedy about a young man and his extremely loud-mouthed, Hyderabadi mother. She gives him a surprise visit as he tries hard to keep a dirty secret under wraps.

Review : 
This was the best play among the three and it was superbly written and acted. Naren Yadav stole the show in his role, as the son. And the actor who played Ammi is superb. Written by Naren himself, this play had some great lines. The setup was fun, the dialogues were funnier. To top that, the comic timing was perfect. It seemed, everything fell into place for this play. It went well. Yes, I loved this one. Also, credit to the girl who plays Naren's wife. She did her part well too. 

I apologize as I do not remember the character names. I can say this, it was an enjoyable night for me. Love being part of such plays. Wish to attend more interesting plays.

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