Friday, January 17, 2014


A well done fake film. It's overtly formulaic and over the top action. I do not like action movies for some unless there is a story worth rooting for. This has action that is technically brilliant but it does not have a have worth rooting for. It's all open and shut from the word go. We know the heroes, the villains, the conflict. It's how they overcome is what shall be projected differently.

Technically you may say it's brilliant. I will agree to that only partially coz greatest technology devoid of human concern will not work. Similarly, there is more of commerce in this than concern for heart. So it did not work for me. How greatly you will project the conflict and how shall it be made with thorough 3d technology is what was looked into. Now this disappointed me.

Considering that this a film of Guillermo Del Toro who gave us 'Pan's Labyrinth' earlier it irks me more. I am not happy with what I have seen in this film. 

You may like it or love it. I just did not in many ways. This is strictly mediocre in content and high on technology. A 2/5 would be the best I can give this film. See it if you like some action packed scenes and high quality graphics. 

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