Monday, January 27, 2014

HER (2013) - ENGLISH

A heart touching love story where the girl is not to be seen, only heard. It's music to ears.
Lover or loner this will suffice the needs of both.

 Though I watched this film as a download earlier with the fear that it may not release, I was supremely happy to see it release and watched it alone amdist lovers. Was wondering if there can be a better date than such a romantic movie on a full moon night.

I am a loner and a happy one,Now, as I say I am a loner, I have 3 indeed 4 women to make love with, that's Movies, Music and Books added with my Camera. I am happy coz these do not expect anything back from me and just keep giving me joys. Expectations are the root cause of most disappointments and thankfully I have been less subjected to them. Companionship brings joys for sure but if it does not go well life is ruined miserably. However strong a company maybe through phone or chatting, unless it becomes physical and culminates organically, it is vulnerable and there is fear of falling apart too. So just let me rephrase what I said, I am a lover and a happy one too and yet I go through a fear of falling apart. Companionship is a prime most desire of any human being and after a certain age most humans desire a companion who can satisfy the physical desires. 

Spike Jonze is the first person, I would like to speak about in my review. And this  not for his direction but for his screenplay. He wrote a script himself and has used wonderful scenes to make it interesting. 

Theodre Twombly the character played superbly by Joaquin Phoenix is a character who is seeking company in his life. He gets Samantha (voice of Scarlett Johansson), an advanced operating system that is artificially intelligent, as his company. Their relationship hits all the right notes and blossoms beautifully. I must say just for the voice of Scarlett Johannson, she must be given best voice over award. The fine nuances of emotions are expressed superbly in voice modulations.

Shot superbly by Hoyte van Hoytema and put together wonderfully by 2 editors, this is beautiful, but the pace is a bit slow and it takes time to sink in.

This is not a feel good film but is extremely romantic film. There a lot of romantic moments in the film but they are shot with Joaquin alone as there is only voice of the girl. I loved the dialogues between them and they are so connecting too. Most of us would have through such moments in relationship. 

A 4/5 for this, except being tad slow I am all for love and romance. Kudos to Spoke Jonze for perceiving it and then making it uncompromisingly with his own unique vision.

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