Monday, January 20, 2014


Lovely music and good acting are just not good enough for a Coen Brothers film. There has to be something intriguing.

This film is good, but its not great. That is the disappointing part of a Coen Brothers film. If it's good, then it will just not work. This film specifically is a bout a musician and his cat. The cat plays an interesting role in the film.

This is a musical, as there is lot of music and the protagonist is musician himself. Based in 1960's folk music, the music is just too good. Be it "Hang Me"or "Five Hundred Miles". Thanks to the artists Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and others.

Production design and Cinematography are immaculate which is very much expected. The writing is good too. But it's actually the acting that made the lines good. Oscar Isaac shines as Llewyn Davis. But it's John Goodman who stole the film for me. His performance is so so good.

This film triggered an interesting debate between me an my friend, as to why the end and the beginning are similar. Is it a metaphor or placed deliberately or is it something else. I missed it completely but when I reflected upon what I saw, it was interesting for me.

So there are interesting aspects, but yet lot of the film is obvious. And if the expectation is a of a typical Coen Brothers film, you may be tad disappointed. Yet, definitely, this film is worth a watch. A 3/5 for this.

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