Sunday, January 5, 2014


Filth, profanity and excessive debauchery. It adds up to make one of the most fearless uncompromising films of our time.

The master director Scorsese and the wonderful actor Leonardo DiCaprio collaborate to give us the life of Jordan Belfort, a stock broker. The collaboration is fearless and it is produced by these two guys themselves, that is Scorsese and DiCaprio. Thus, it gave them the freedom to go full throttle and never for a moment hinder any thing nor go for uncompromising lines or scenes. 

Thankfully, they did go the full throttle and gave us a charming film. Yes, since this is India, probably a few scenes were censored, but thanks to censor board here who have not cut the film for the language it uses. If the dialogues were cut, the film would not have even one scene in the first places. Almost every dialogue uses the "F" word. The best part is that they use it as if it was something divine and never even care of show any displeasure. That's what is called madness and passion when you are relentless in pursuing something you believe in. Scorsese pursues this film as if its is a new toy given to him and he must explore ways of playing with it. 

The acting was superb by everyone. Leonardo steals the show like never before playing an out and out protagonist that involves all kinds of histrionics. Also, the other actors like Jonah Hill who plays Donny and Matthew McConaughey in that wonderful restaurant scene.

I am astonished by the editing department. It would have been really tough for them to edit this film. Though, it is nearly 3 hours it is not long because most moments are interesting and endearing. The dialogue makes the scenes wonderful and thanks to writing by Jordan Belfort and the screenplay writer Terence Winter. 

Mind you, there is lot of drug abuse and physical romance involved apart form the language used. Yes, it's profane and there excessive debauchery and that's why I call it fearless film making. So beware of these and if you are willing to give a way a few things like, your prejudices and even hypocrisy you will enjoy this film. It's completely for open-minded audience and if you are one. Please go and enjoy this wonderful film. It does not seem long and tickles bones even in the most awkward moments. 

A 5/5 and still this would be so less for the master "Martin Scorsese" his body of work speaks of genius and this stands along with his finest work. Thanks to Leonardo, man you have made a place in the hearts of people who love great acting earlier and with this one, you are a man of great interesting subjects and you proved it producing this.

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