Thursday, January 2, 2014


What is life for, if death is not worthy enough. And salute those who live in the hearts of others whose lives are touched by the grace of a good human.

We all live as morons more or less and even I lived like one for better part of my life and now I but now I aspire Clint Eastwood. He made this film at 78 and it does have the strength and shows the guts of this man. Powerful is word that might undermine the strength and the impact it may have on audience. I now see a reason for this film being rated high by many. Coz I just the saw film and felt awestruck. Few are films that make you believe that at times sacrifice is worth. Gran Torino is precisely that. 

I am such a selfish human that I put myself above everybody else. I seek my own happiness and do not care about others much. Now, this film touched me also and put my prejudices towards sacrifice into question. This film does dare to do something detailed in establishing love and then dares to hurry the climax and the film seems to have ended too soon, The climax compensates all the lost where I have felt as to where is all this going. It comes to a wonderful end, albeit tragic, it raises thoughts and ask questions about the purpose of existence itself. 

You may be theist, atheist, agnostic or anything but above all you are human being. Being human in itself is great responsibility but the tragic part is very few understand that and even among these very very few people heed to that. In such times, this gentleman called Matt Kowalski played superbly by Clint Eastwood stands tall for his neighbours. There is a point where he realises that he does not love his own family as much as he loves his neighbours. Now, when you love somebody, you need to show when the time comes. He does not show up his love, but he does much more than that. 

Ok, now the film is named as Gran Torino which is a car model. Why is the film  named after a car, when it''s not a car race nor an automobile related movie. Coz, the car acts as a protagonist in itself by taking the movie forward. The car brings Thao and Walt together. Now, Thao is a hmong american who is the neighbour of Walt Kowalski too. So, I better not reveal much about them. 

I saw this and I am indebted to Clint Eastwood for giving me this. It's not all flawless and great. Though it has it's own share of flaws, the goodness covers all of them. It's a 4/5 for this film. 

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