Thursday, January 9, 2014


Happy to have caught this film while it is theaters. I liked it's many moments and it is surely recommended.

This film is a simple subject, with nativity filled and some emotions which can strike a chord. It thus gives a winner. This film is about "Bava Maradalla Gilli Kajjalu" as we call in Telugu. The subject is age-old and indeed now Telugu Industry seems to be running out of new subjects and are trying to give us old-wine in new bottles. But who cares, as long as the wine is good. So, we have a film whose subject is old but the treatment is refreshing and it's very simplified. 

I must say, this actor Raj Tarun would go a long way if he is careful in choosing films and does not fall prey to the predator called "Telugu Film Industry". He has done exceedingly well as Soori, and the way he displayed some emotions are wonderful. His slang suits the dialect of the film and he seems effortless in dialogue delivery. We have a bunch of those film actors sons or relatives who struggle to complete a sentence and here we have a very unknown face who seems to be saying dialogues as fast as he can. In fact, it was tough for me to catch up with his pace.

Avika Gor  has done a good job as Uma Devi, I just wish that she was told the feeling well rather than merely asking for an expression. I felt her expressions were not apt at certain moments and were out of place. But overall, she has done a fine job in emoting wherever needed. I loved one scene where she decided to take rounds as Soori breaks coconuts. She runs so fast just to reach a point to see Soori and then on walks slowly. She did it wonderfully, though there was very little to do in this specific scene.

Among many technical aspects, the best part in the film is casting. Every small character is played out well. So, more than half of job was done by selecting the right actors. Kudos to the casting department of this. My second biggest thumbs up is to the cinematography and I will have to contact the cinematographer Vishwa D B to say, man you have done a remarkable job. I need to learn so many things from you. 

I have a few reservations in editing as I feel, a few scenes might have been kept out but since this film in itself is of two hours, I have reservations and no big qualms. The music I wish was used more aptly. The one song I loved which is the title song is ill-timed, I wished there could have been a better way to create the mood of this wonderful song. The music and background score were OK, and I will have to watch it again if I were to judge. The theatre, kept the background so heavy that I missed out on lyrics for songs as only the music was heard. 

The director who is also the writer has done a commendable job in treating this story with simplicity and with no over the top scenes or acts. The dialogues are good at many places, presenting a sample of two.

"Entha Rajamouli Ainaa, Magadheera Teeyali Ante Ramcharan Oppukovaali Kadaa"

"Deeni Prema Antaaro, Doma Antaaro Naaku Teliyadu Kaani, Nuvvu Lekunda Undalenu"

Love in fact is one of the most abstract and a highly complex feeling which cannot be conveyed very simply, it's an emotion that needs a heart more than mind or words. This film surely has that very heart in the right place. 

I thanks the producers who have the film it's due in getting it released in considerable number of screens. Also, I hope it does not get lost in the frenzy of the upcoming big films. If it stays there in halls despite the flood, then surely Telugu Film Industry can hope for good days. Should this be taken down, then the drought shall continue as film audience like me will keep avoiding Telugu Films, coz good films are not adequately encouraged.

So there you have it, there are many good things that you can see the movie for. From the first recording dance sequence to the last marriage scene, there are many fun moments that go with the flow of the script. Yet, I am not sure if this can be watched many times over as it has nothing great or new to offer. For that reason, I am going with a 3/5. I liked it for sure.

Please go see in theaters and do encourage good cinema which seems to be a rarity in a garbage called Telugu Film Industry. 

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