Thursday, January 16, 2014


A complex story of separation in a family. A fine film that adds intrigue to the complications.

A wife and a husband are going through a tough phase and invariably, children are affected. The child is determined not to let go and seek reasons for their considered break up. It triggers a kind of family drama which might happen in any home. Sanity is a state of mind and insanity is a mere perception.

Asghar Farhadi has made a film called "A Separation" on similar lines and it was powerful. Though, "The Past" is not as good as his previous venture, it still strikes the right chords. In terms of story, emotions of characters, the lines and the ending. It all goes well and the good part is it does not conclude. It ends as if it was meant to ask questions. As if it was made for us to introspect how we interpret emotions.

With the heart in the right place, this film knows how to melt hearts too. With brilliant performances by all, especially Paulene Burlet as Lucie, the film depicts the true emotions of characters which are true. The emotions can be run within a family that is running through the tough phase. Also, this film shows on a realistic plane how a separation might affect the kids in a family. It's sad but true that it is the kids who go through a lot of pain.

Technically, few frames in this film are composed poetically and I appreciate the cinematographer Mahmoud Kalari for that. At 2 hours and 10 minutes, this film goes through an intrigue right from the word go, and the flow is good too. Yet, I have only one crib in writing, that is how come a human take extreme step, without understanding or seeking clarification from anyone she loves. Barring that, this film is good.

A 3/5 for a good film and it falls a bit short from expectations from a director who gave a greater film on similar lines.

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