Tuesday, January 14, 2014


One of the most simplistic films by the master director Woody Allen. It makes you love it very easily.

Uncomplicated, humorous and yet tragic, this film is a simplistic vision of the Woody Allen into a life of a girl who has lost her everything. Cate Blanchett depicts the role wonderfully as Jasmine and fits the bill perfectly. 

It's a story of Jasmine, who loves a man, gets married and he turns out to be a cheat and she seems lost. She develops some complications in health and even in relationships too. This is the most easiest line, Woody Allen has picked for a story in a long time. With his earlier films like "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Midnight In Paris" have taken on much varied themes and were successful in dealing varied themes, "Blu Jasmine" become a real and a relatable film.

This kind of story can happen to anyone and it is actually boring if it happens. Indeed there is nothing much to do or seek in life after a point. Exactly, that is what played here. What if, there is nothing to do in life and each time you try to move on in life, the past gets back and halts your march. Woody used this cleverly and has woven a normal script with wonderful dialogues.

So much is already said about the genius and yet I have just one thing to say, he is a genius of Dialogue and I want to award him with an honorary award for the dialogues he has written in every film. If the film did not have smart dialogue, it would have fallen flat. But Allen knows what to do with such a story and he cleverly does that.

Also, the screenplay intercuts are smart and they just go with the flow. Infidelity which is a common theme in almost all of his films surfaces in this one too and it does not take much time to establish that. Infidelity comes and destroys a life as if it were a silent killer. No nonsense and simply put, it is dealt deftly by Woody Allen.

I am appalled that Indian Censors have not let to remove the "Smoking Is Injurious To Health" tag for a film, which does not have smoking in the first place and has only a few drinks. Woody Allen chose, if they do not remove that tag, I better not allow my films to be presented. A decision which has to be applauded.

If the health ministry is overtly concerned about smoking and drinking, ban tobacco and alcohol, don't relish the money it makes and then propagate it is injurious. Sick and Hypocritical India we seem to be living in and it makes me sad.

A 3/5 for this. Yes, it is loving but it does not rise to be that masterful Woody Allen film. It's nevertheless good but just not as great as so many other Woody Allen films.

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