Saturday, January 18, 2014


Classic Film making. I wish it could have been done so well, without some uncalled for dialogues.

Yes, there is a plot, there is a twist and there is more to add to characters than what they are, and there is style. This is what classic films are made of. Interesting characters, good plot and good production values. Yet, there is something missing called good dialogue and good screenplay, that would have made this good film a great film.

I liked it, but I was OK with it and did not feel any better after watching this. The dialogues are made up of nail polish and hairstyles which seem so irrelevant actually. Yet, they are made to fit into the plot. What role will a nail polish play in a con man's life. Indeed I dozed off midway through the first hour and when I woke up 10 minutes later, nothing changed, I could catch up with the film pretty easily. That's the pace of the film. It's slow and involves lot of talking. 

I have no problem in listening to dialogue, but dialogue of this kind is tough to bear. The plot is about money and the dialogue seems to deviate all that. So that's the main thing that did not work for me. Else, unquestionably it is a good film technically. The art direction, costume design, make up are wonderful. Cinematography was good but at times, there was noise on screen. My biggest crib is editing. Was it deliberately made into such a long movie? I am sure if I were the editor, it would have been considerably less in time. 

The best part though is acting. All the actors have performed exceedingly well. From Christian Bale as Irving, the protagonist to Robert De Niro who comes in a guest role. It is terrific acting. I do not want to say anything about the plot, but just giving the meaning of hustle here. 

The music used was also good, the Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" is in Arabic and is nice. Others songs are also good. 

hustle : To obtain something by deceitful or illicit means; practice theft or swindling. 

A 3/5 will be just for this. There are many better movies in terms of writing and direction. 

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